SHOT 2015—Springfield XD Mod.2

The Springfield XD side by side with the new Mod.2

Concealed carry enthusiasts are no strangers to Springfield’s XD Series of pistols. Starting with the XD, they soon clamored the XD-M and later the single stack XD-S. For 2015, we all wondered how Springfield would top what many had already perceived as perfection. Would it be new colors? Perhaps Springfield would merely slap on a new feature and try to squeeze yet another season from same old fare?

Side by side comparison of the Springfield XD and the new XD Mod.2
The Mod.2’s redesign places your hand higher in the grip along with a softer, more comfortable grip texture.

Anyone familiar with Springfield knows better than that.

For 2015, Springfield has another winner that will leave nothing but empty shelf space and retailers screaming for more. The Springfield XD Mod.2 with Grip Zone is a concealed carry dream. I had the opportunity to run the Mod.2 through its paces at the 2015 Media Day at the Range. While the pre-show hype was impressive and left the XD as a must shoot, once on the range with the first to magazines empty, I was seeking more.

The GripZone continues the XD Series reputation of point and shoot reliability, making it an ideal concealed carry pistol. The GripZone features three distinct textures working in unison to offer the maximum hand purchase while reducing felt recoil. Springfield designed and located each texture for a specific purpose. The XD Mod.2 differs from its predecessors with a slimmer frame—optimal for smaller hands and easier to conceal. The High-Hand grip relief and beavertail enable you to position your hand as high as possible toward the barrel bore. This greatly reduces the pistol’s felt recoil.

Chambered in your choice of 9mm or .40 S&W, the XD Mod.2 3-inch barrel packs a serious punch—for anyone caught on the business end. However, for me—the shooter, it purred like a kitten. The DX Mod.2 was so soft shooting, I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for the self-defense knock-down power offered by premium 9mm or 40 S&W loadings but with a recoil more inline with a .380 than the 9mm I tested.

Tell us what you think about Springfield’s new XDs in the comment section.

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Comments (5)

  1. I’ve just purchased the XD MOD 2 .40 Cal sub-compact.
    At this time I have only taken it to the range once and I am very pleased!
    I will admit it is a bit larger than my carry, S&W Shield which is very comfortable to conceal, but once I find the right holster it will be an alternate carry due its 9 and 12 round magazine compared to the Shields 6 and 7 round magazines in .40.

  2. I have a full size Springfield 1911A1 45 and Love it. We need a small one for concealed carry though. I would purchase it immediately if my pension would allow the income. Please consider my families protection when deciding on the give away!
    Danial Kleczka
    1622 Tracy Ave.
    Lady Lake, Fl. 32159
    352-259-1675 Shop
    352-702-6514 Cell

  3. A friend bought the Springfield XD S in 9mm. We took it to the range for the first time last week. This is a very sweet shooting gun. It has a super trigger. We were shooting 3″ groups on first try. Great gun! The only negative is that it is a little too big and heavy for in-the-pocket carry in short pants in Florida.

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