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SHOT 2015—RIA .22 TCM 9R GLOCK Conversion Kit

Three pistols, one GLOCK with a .22 TCM 9R conversion kit

We have been fans of the Armscor/Rock Island Armory .22 TCM since its introduction. The necked-down 9mm case with a .22-caliber bullet is really fast—up to 2,000 feet per second—with very low recoil and double the impact of a .22 Long Rifle. For 2015, RIA presents the .22 TCM 9R conversion kit for the GLOCK 17 Gen 1, 2 and 3 pistols. Not to be confused with the .22 TCM, the .22 TCM 9R is a brand new round.

Three pistols, one GLOCK with a .22 TCM 9R conversion kit
The conversion kit is on the GLOCK at the back. Photo courtesy A.T Faust.

The kit comes with drop-in parts. You get the barrel, guide rod and recoil spring. Because the cartridges are so similar, you can use GLOCK 9mm magazines. However, in order to fit in 9mm GLOCK magazines, Armscor had to shorten its .22 TCM—hence the new designation.

Though Armscor/RIA has released an MSRP of $399, representatives at the booth say the kit is not quite finalized. They do hope to have working production models within the next few months, with a full release by June.

On Armscor/Rock Island’s website the company writes of a .22 TCM conversion kit for 1911 pistols as well:

“The kit will include Rock Ultra FS & MS slides that once installed properly, allow full functionality and feeding of the .22 TCM cartridge. The slides will be slightly oversized in order to accommodate measurement variants. The kit is priced at $399 and set for midyear 2015 availability.”

Leaks of an upcoming polymer pistol chambered for the new .22 TCM 9R called the REV and more info about the .22 TCM 9R cartridge and the conversion kit can be found on

What do you think of this round? Tell us in the comment section.


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Comments (4)

  1. I’ve had my 22TCM for over a year and I loved it the first time I ever fired it!
    I had mine refinished, even though it was new, in black Serakote (frame & slide) and all the small parts in gold Serakote and had a pair of real ivory grips made for it. It is a showpiece of a pistol and a bad-assed performer to boot! When the “gun snobs” figure out what this is, watch what happens.

  2. I wish you guys would get the cartridge info straight. The 22 TCM is a shortened .223 Remington case, now its own animal, and from I was reading on the Armscor web site, the 22 TCM9R is simply has a re-shaped 40 grain slug. It is shorter and less aerodynamic than the straight 22 TCM slug.
    Other than that, great article. I’m hoping that they come out with a conversion kit for the Ruger SR9c.

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