SHOT 2015—Kalashnikov Announces U.S. Factory and 3-Gun Shotgun

Walking along the booths at SHOT Show, you would expect to see many AK rifles. However, with the recent sanctions against Russia, you wouldn’t expect to see any booths from “Kalashnikov.” Enter Kalashnikov USA. RWC Group, LLC, the exclusive importer of Kalashnikov Concern, Saiga, and Izhmash firearms since 2012 announced they are opening a factory in the USA some time this year. For years, RWC Group imported parts of Russian Kalashnikovs, matched those parts with enough American-made parts to make them 922(r) compliant, and then sold the finished rifles under the names Saiga, Kalashnikov Concern, and Izhmash. Now, all of the parts will be made here in United States.

Though we could debate on the authenticity or quality of these new firearms, we’ll leave that to the comment section and show what the new Kalashnikov USA has to offer:

Will American-made Kalashnikovs be better or worse than their Russian counterparts? Let us know in the comment section.

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  2. I hope that the factory will be in Arizona for Kalasknikov USA. we got the expertise in metro Phoenix, and would love the work.

  3. I’m less than impressed. I was hot for a Saiga 20 gauge shotgun until
    I started reading about their reliability problems and problem getting
    additional magazines. Before that I had been somewhat put off by the
    weight of the piece, but could have lived with that. So, perhaps the USA
    made pieces will be an improvement. I hope so.

  4. It’s about time! The Russian companies have lost a lot of revenue because Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Yugoslavia have sold theirs here for years.

  5. Thank you. Never heard of that round. I find that it may be difficult to obtain in quantity and that a .44 mag is comparable in external and terminal ballistic performance. A rifle in that caliber may be more practical, unless your goal is to hunt with a suppressor and subsonic round.

    If you’re into exotics for the buzz, the world is your oyster.

  6. But will they have CHF barrels at a better price than the Galil ACE? The rep was making noises about an AK9. The 9×39 cartridge leaves .300BO in the dust.

    1. Would you please clarify your comments. You’ve suggested that the 9mm pistol cartridge is superior to a 30 caliber rifle cartridge? Unless you’re involved in CQB evolutions, i.e. room clearing, etc.,, where would that 9 out shine the 30? Certainly not while boar hunting.

    2. The 9mm pistol cartridge is 9×19 mm whereas Kelly mentioned a 9mm x 39mm which would be more like a AK 47 round with a bigger bullet.

    3. The nine millimeter pistol cartridge is 9×18. He clearly stated .9×39 as in the same cartridge length as the 7.62×39 with a .9 diameter bullet.

    4. To further clarify, 9mm equates to .354 or 35 caliber. The 300 Blk. Is a thirty caliber bullet which is 7.62mm. A 9×39 would allow for heavier bullets like those loaded in 35 Whelen or 35 Remington. If you confuse caliber with case length or powder load you might argue that 9mm parabellum has more energy than 8mm Mauser.

  7. They can keep thier mutant us barrel and recivers
    knock offs, just send a few 100 thousand of thier unhappy women, that are all college edjucated, and want real men, a fresh start from commie block abusive men..Maybe our spoiled choices here would change their tempo,,

    1. Sorry Mat, but they might need to send us a few real men to satisfy the number of your imported women that fail to find suitable companions here. Generally the US has produced soft males in the last 3 generations. Look at the current crop of youth coming up. All show, no substance in the manliness department. Too many single mother households and video gaming boys that have failed to be exposed to what it takes to develop into men.

    2. whenever i see this rant, i always wonder what manliness credentials the ranter believes he brings … then i realize i don’t care.

  8. Im in for lwrc new line already have all saigs all veprs.. unless they bring a cheap 9mm or double stack 45acp smg semi auto for kel-TEC PRICING or a true Akm or aks

  9. ak 47s built by us americans?? would it be like when guys made cars and left “little surprises” inside the door panels etc., to make rattling noises to drive the poor owner crazy??? nope in my book. leave the building to the frickin russkies. but opinions are like assholes….we all have 1. and the fuc–ng gov is going to do whatever they please anyway.:( :(…so…

  10. My question is whether they are paying the Russian firm for use of the name. If so, I would never buy one. I have no interest in supporting the Russian economy in any way, shape form or fashion. That said, the design is solid, my son has the CZ Variation, the Vz58 and it shoots great.

    1. I’m very excited. Hell, you cant even change the stock on an sks without having to worry about 922r. Here are AKs that will be ready for any attachment, stock, or whatever you want to change (mall ninja) or whatever with American made parts and labor. Hell yeah! Beats paying for beat up former Soviet block pieces resembled by the drunken monkeys at Century (JK, I love century despite my canted sight).

  11. Great idea Didn’t Glock same with the 42? This same thing is how the PPK and others managed to stay available to us. As John Hammond said in Jurassic Park, “Life will find a way”.

    1. They’ll have some new products, but they just announced the new factory this week. They should be rolling out with products over the next year or two, so stay tuned!

    2. I hope so, too. I have the saiga-12 and have 922(r)’d it, and i love it.

      i would absolutely like to see the 20, too.

      And if they build to US quality standards, instead of having to worry about vodka fridays and hangover mondays not being gassed to spec, or aligned properly, i’m in for at least one.

  12. look-the ak is an old dated design and I dont care if Americans make itMy killed earliest memories of the Ak go back to Vietnam-50000 kids many who were killed with russian aks.Even today Isis uses aks to murderwomen children and unarmed men.Russians who come to this country dont give a crap about us and I question their motives.Remember they are still suppying our enemies.F-em.

    1. Like any firearm, a human being must take control of it and pull the trigger. And, humans do that with either good or bad intentions. It doesn’t matter if the gun is made in Russia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium or here in the US. If you set an AK, AR-15 or SCAR on the ground, with a round in the chamber, pull up a chair, start a timer and let me know when it stands up and starting shooting people.

    2. Each to his/her own. But frankly, I look at the Kalashnikov like the JMB 1911, a design that lives on because it works. My S-12s, out of the box, could handle high-brass as well as any AK-47 eats 7.62×39. Worked over, i can mix birdshot, buckshot, and slugs in a 20 round drum and, well, it’s the most fun you can have with your … never mind.

      ISIS has plenty of M-4s and other US stock, too, so don’t blame the inanimate object.

    1. That’s chafing Obama’s butt enough reason to build the AKs here. He can write executive orders but the American spirit of ingenuity is still alive and well and so is the determination to keep the right to bear arms, and that’s any arms of our choice. And, this will get rid of the 922r problem.

  13. The basic design of the AK makes it easy to manufacture such that it is hard I feel to really make it less than a reliable weapon. Even the Romanian AKs where they changed some design and dimensional elements still works fine.

  14. Well guys this does it.An anti-American “president”,pro marxist IRS,timid congress,down graded military,under assault Police departments and anti Constitutional Supreme Court.AK-47 s here?why not invite thecastro bros and putin to oversee production while obama takes daily briefings from his personal imam. Im disgusted.

    1. steve,
      while I agree with your first sentence, I see no reason for us to do what you said in your second sentence. actually, I think this shows that capitalism is not yet dead, since the company recognizes they still have a market in our country and are doing what they can to adapt to the obstacles our politicos dream up. if AK’s weren’t banned in my state I’d be on their wait list with a pre-order!

    2. Hey, look at it this way, every modern revolutionary force since it was invented has waved around AKs, the way we are going, why should we be any different?

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