SHOT 2015 – IWI US UZI Pro Pistol

IWI US has had many different announcements this year. From the Galil ACE to the return of the Jericho Pistol, Israel Weapon Industries has been busy making new products available to their US customers. Among these new products is the new UZI Pro Pistol in 9mm.

This new UZI pistol is the latest incarnation of the Israeli open bolt submachine gun. Designed in the late 1940s by Major Uziel Gal and put into service with the Israel Defense Forces in 1956, the UZI gained worldwide attention for its inexpensive construction and versatility in combat engagements. The UZI became infamous from ubiquitous appearances in many late-80s action movies, usually as a “bad guy” gun. Over the years, IMI/IWI offered multiple models from full-length carbines to the compact Mini-UZI and even smaller Micro-UZI.

Despite the lengthy lineage, the new UZI Pro Pistol has improved substantially. Like its predecessor the Micro-UZI, the new UZI Pro pistol is chambered in 9x19mm. The UZI Pro pistol features a semiautomatic, blowback operated action with the signature side-charging handle. The polymer hybrid pistol features a manual safety, a firing pin block and a grip safety. To accommodate the modern shooter, the UZI Pro pistol sports a threaded barrel and two accessory rails: a long picatinny rail on the top for optics to support the integrated iron sights, and a smaller rail slung under the barrel for lights, lasers or rail-mounted bayonets. IWI designed this new pistol to be more ergonomic and appealing to consumers, with a redesigned grip and enlarged mag release. Along with many of the other tactical pistols offered this year at SHOT, the UZI Pro features an optional side-folding pistol stabilizing brace that can be strapped to the forearm for better control. The UZI Pro will ship with one flush-fitting 20-round magazine and an extended 25-round magazine.

The UZI Pro Pistol one of the newest offerings from IWI.
The IWI Uzi Pro Pistol is chambered in 9mm.

What do you think? Is this version of the UZI the best yet? Tell us in the comment section!

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Comments (5)

  1. Well, since nobody can get one in full auto, what good is it? It’ll just panic the gendarmarie and get you randomly perforated without a permit…

  2. I don’t know about you, i see a very bad trend here, all going plastic and striker fed. i loved the older all metal uzi’s, worse case you can always repair them with welding or easy parts kits.

    now they are junk after a shrt time. all plastics break down, no matter how good they are, also there is nothing you can do to rejuvinate them, just replace.

    it is bad enough that electronics and everything else is throw away, now our firearms too? sadly when things will be needed the most, they won’t be around. many arosales can break down or soften these weapons..

    I will never get the new models.

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