SHOT 2015–Big Announcements and New Products from SIG Sauer

SIG Sauer P320

SIG Sauer has been very busy this past year. Spurred on by continuing success in the handgun, rifle and gear markets, SIG Sauer made a series of announcements and introduced many new products.

SIG Sauer Expands P320 Line

Last year, SIG Sauer introduced their new modular polymer-framed striker-fired handgun line, the P320. The P320, originally introduced with 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG models, is adding a .45 ACP model according to SIG Sauer in a SHOT Show 2015 announcement. The new .45 ACP version utilizes the same modular fire control group as the rest of the family; allowing the shooter to select grip sizes, barrel lengths, and trigger pull adjustments.

In addition to releasing a .45 caliber option, SIG also announced they will offer a subcompact model to the P320 line. The Subcompact joins the already released Full-size, Carry, and Compact models already on the market. The new Subcompact measures 6.67 inches long and 1.06 inches wide, making it easy to carry and conceal. The 9mm model holds 12 rounds and can accept magazines from the other models. With the magazine, the Subcompact weighs in at only 24.9 ounces. The Subcompact, like the other models, features standard SIGLITE night sights or contrast sights.

Finally, SIG Sauer added two new finish options to the P320 line. Formerly only available in black, you can now dress your P320 in Flat Dark Earth or a Two-Tone FDE. The FDE model is finished in PVD flat dark earth with matching grip modules. The Two-Tone FDE option sports a flat dark earth frame with a Nitron slide finish. The new finishes are interchangeable with the rest of the P320 line.

SIG Sauer Releases New P220 in 10mm

The P220 might be a bit old school, however, SIG has brought it into the 21st century. The P220–the pistol that served as a basis for the rest of P220 line, including the popular P226–was developed in the 1970’s and chambered in .45 ACP. Fans of SIG Sauer have been requesting SIG build a 10mm version of the P220 for years; SIG has followed up by giving the masses what they want—and more! Instead of just one model, SIG is offering four different models of the P220 10mm this year: The two-tone Match Elite, Elite Nitron, Stainless Elite and the camo finished Hunt Ready P220. The Hunt Ready model comes standard with a red dot sight and retails for $1,713. MSRP for the Match Elite, Elite Nitron and Stainless Elite is $1,422.

SIG Sauer Joins the .300 BLK Market

These days, it seems nearly every ammo manufacturer is creating a new .300 AAC Blackout/Whisper round. SIG Sauer is no different. SIG Sauer introduced their new Elite Performance ammo line in 2014, and in 2015 they are adding .300 Blackout Elite Performance Match Grade Centerfire ammo to its growing catalog. This is the first rifle round added to SIG’s line of ammo, and it surely won’t be the last. Developed for use in the AR-15 platform, SIG’s Elite Performance .300 BLK features a subsonic 220-grain Open Tip Match projectile made from SIG’s proprietary lead/alloy core. SIG designed the cartridge to give the utmost accuracy when used with a suppressor. SIG also stated they are releasing a supersonic .300 BLK load and other rifle calibers later this year.

SIG Sauer Debuts New Silencer Division

As if SIG did not have enough announcements, they decided to create a new division to develop, manufacture and sell silencers. SIG’s new silencer division will release rimfire, centerfire pistol, and centerfire rifle suppressors. The new suppressors will feature a host of innovations such as tubeless designs, Taper-Lok mounting systems for fast attachment, and machined wrench flats to aid in removal.

To develop these new suppressors, SIG Sauer completely rethought the modern use of silencers. Once thought used by elite operators, spies, and hitmen only, suppressors are now in use by target shooters, hunters and casual plinkers. Many civilian shooters use one can for multiple firearms, so SIG developed a two-piston system for attaching one silencer to multiple thread sizes. The SRD45 suppressor works on .45 ACP handguns with either .578×28 TPI or M16x1LH threads.  The SRD22 fits on rimfire guns with either 1/2×28 or M9 threads. 9mm and .40 S&W pistons are also available.

Among other innovations, SIG developed a system to secure a snugger fit and reduce Point of Impact (POI) shift that can greatly affect accuracy. This system includes a tapered direct thread design that eliminates the need for a crush washer, self-centers on the bore and increases contact surface area. In addition, SIG uses the tapered design in the new Taper-Lok quick detach mounting system. This system allows the user to swap out muzzle devices without the need to remove the mount from barrel or timing to the barrel. The suppressors also feature a secondary retention switch and wrench flats to aid in removing when heavily fouled after a long day of shooting.

The SIG Sauer suppressors feature 100 percent 17-4 stainless steel baffles, comparable to aluminum in weight, yet much easier to clean and have increased durability. You can use the suppressors “dry” or “wet,” disassemble for cleaning, and even clean in an ultrasonic cleaner!

SIG Sauer Launches Optics Division

Not to leave a stone unturned, SIG Sauer announced they are launching a new Electro-Optics division to engineer and manufacture premium, high-quality optics. Aiming for the same quality and performance standards as their firearms, SIG has pulled together a team of engineers, gunsmiths, military, law enforcement armorers and sport shooters. This team will develop and produce an exceptional line of rifle scopes, battle sights, handgun sights, red dot and reflex sights, as well as rangefinders, binoculars and spotting scopes. SIG is naming the new products after letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

The “Tango” series of riflescopes meet MILSPEC requirements and are perfect for law enforcement and tactical shooters. The “Whiskey” riflescope series features rugged durability and superior long-range optical performance ideal for hunters. The “Bravo” series of prismatic battle sights have unique tactical design and offers up to 50 percent greater field-of-view than similar battle sights.

The “Romeo” series of red dot sights are perfect for a tactical black rifle and the smaller Romeo1 reflex sight makes a great addition to a side arm. SIG stated that many of their 2015 pistols will ship with the Romeo1 pre-installed. For big game hunting or extreme long-range shooting, SIG developed the “Kilo” rangefinder series, the “Victor” spotting scope line and the “Zulu” binocular series. The “Kilo” rangefinder can reach out to 1600 yards and features an auto-dimming display. To see some of the products from SIG Sauer’s new Electro-Optics division check out this video:

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  1. I would like to buy a p320 9mm carry or subcompact with the pre installed Romeo 1 optic. Has anyone seen them in a shop or store? What’s the price? Thanks

  2. Where are all the p320 subcompacts in 40 s&w , I keep hearing there released it in 45 cal, the only ones I have seen are 9 mm, no dealers have them , it been nearly a year since there announced release where are the guns, we deserve a answer from Sig !!

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