SHOT 2015—Benelli’s First Over Under Shotgun The 828U

Wood stock over/under shotgun made by Benelli with nickel-engraved receiver

Like last year’s release of the award-winning Ethos, Benelli does it again. For 2015 Benelli introduced its first over-under shotgun at Media Day—the Benelli 828U and became one of the top stars of the show. This is Benelli’s first time to ever make an o/u shotgun.

Despite what you may think by just looking at it, the 828U is nothing like a traditional over and under. Benelli completely reimaged what the over/under could be and came up with an innovative shotgun that is lightweight, simpler, safe and a flat-out joy to handle.

Wood stock over/under shotgun made by Benelli with nickel-engraved receiver
This is the 828U—Benelli’s first ever over/under shotgun.

At its core, is a brand new operating system never before seen on an over and under shotgun. The Benelli 828 Upland has a moveable breech face that locks into the monoblock. This seals all of the pressure inside the monoblock, reliving any stress on the shotgun’s receiver. This means that Benelli could add a lightweight alloy receiver without sacrificing durability. Further reducing the weight on the 828U is the carbon fiber rib and free-floating cryogenically treated barrels—known as Crio barrels.

Benelli also redesigned the cocking lever, which is mounted on top of the receiver behind the chamber. The cocking lever recocks the hammer as well as breaks open the barrel.

Two other innovative features make sure the Benelli 828U is a winner is the removable trigger group and 40-position adjustable drop and cast.

Inside the walnut buttstock is Benelli’s patented Progressive Comfort System which minimizes recoil and muzzle rise. The gel cheek pad helps minimize felt recoil, as well.

The Benelli 828U swings nicely; shouldering it feels natural; the balance is just right and the fiber optic front sight helps shoot point of aim.

At Media Day at the Range 2015, the Benelli busted clays all day long and everyone who shot it say it is going on their “do-want” list. Even though it is specifically made for field use and hunters, it also appeals to skeet shooters.

The Benelli 828U will be available in July 2015 in either a nickel-engraved or black anodized receiver with 26-inch or 28-inch interchangeable barrels. Both only weigh a light 6.5 pounds. Benelli is telling us the nickel-engraved model is priced at around $3,000, while the black anodized will be a little less.

Were you at Media Day? If so, did you get a chance to shoot the new Benelli? Tell us what you thought about it in the comment section.


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  1. Might be a pleasure to carry all day bird hunting at 6.5#, but that would beat you black and blue on the skeet field or sporting clays range.

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