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SHOT 2015—B Lit Light Mount

B Lit Light Mount attached to a hat

The ultimate, versatile hands-free lighting system, B Lit securely holds many different types of flashlights. From practical to tactical, this system is highly customizable to meet your ever-changing lighting needs.

We are all familiar with flashlights, and the B Lit offers unprecedented hands-free functionality. Clip it on hats and apparel. Stand it on flat surfaces as a spotlight.

Hang it with the built-in hook. You can also use the super-strong neodymium magnets to mount your light to steel. The sky’s the limit with the uses for this handy little gadget that’s made in the USA.

The hands-free B Lit Light Mount works with common, everyday flashlights to provide flexible lighting options for virtually any situation.

Accommodating flashlights between .5-.9 inches in diameter, one of the two light mounts will work for you.

If your light takes AA or AAA batteries in a single line it will fit in the B Lit. Many tactical flashlights using lithium batteries will work with the B Lit also. Made from a flexible, strong proprietary material the B Lit Light Mount will flex and adjust to your flashlight.

The uses for the B Lit Light Mount are numerous, from outdoor adventures—camping, grilling, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, running, boating—to special projects and repairs—automotive, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, painting, inspections. Simply store your light in a convenient location for emergency uses. From practical to tactical, the B Lit has you covered.

Tell us how you would use the B Lit Flashlight Mount in the comment section.

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