SHOT 2014 — Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350

Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow

The beginning of the year is typically the time companies roll out their new products, which is worthy news. However, this time it is a new company that has piqued our interest. Southern Crossbow is built on the idea of integrating age-old American resourcefulness and perseverance with modern equipment. These one-of-a-kind, tactical crossbows are different than the typical genre of the traditional crossbow market. With a matte black finish instead of a camouflage print, Southern Crossbows incorporate the style and customizable traits of a tactical weapon’s platform with an innovative crossbow structure. Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow “Southern Crossbow provides solutions that enhance the crossbow hunting experience,” said Product Development Manager Jonathan Horton. “We are utilizing lessons learned in the tactical market and integrating them into our crossbow design, providing hunters more effective choices. This is just the beginning to a promising future for Southern Crossbow.” Southern Crossbows are equipped with a state-of-the-art, customizable AR platform, allowing users to mount flashlights, lasers, night vision riflescopes or any other tactical accessory that can be applied to an AR platform. Along with collapsible stocks, swinging stocks, and ergonomic grips, Southern Crossbow offers a modular crossbow system users can customize to their needs. The crossbows include arrows, a scope and a detachable quiver, everything needed for an ultimate crossbow experience.

Its quiet cams, low draw weight and high arrow speed make these crossbows effective and efficient. Hunters and rifle shooters who enjoy speed and the thrill of the chase, but want the experience of a compound bow, can benefit from Southern Crossbow’s product line.

Do you have a tactical itch for a horizontal bow? Share your impression of tactical crossbows in the comment section.

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Comments (3)

  1. I have one of your SouthernCrossbows Risen XT, but the foot stirrup doesn’t quite fit my size 15 boot. Do you have any recommendation on another stirrup I could get that would it the Smoke and be a bit bigger so my boot could fit?

    1. That is a tough one. MY guess would be that your best course of action would be to have a metal shop craft something custom. It would be an easy bend once they determined the size you need. ~Dave Dolbee

  2. This is the same PoeLang crossbow as the (discontinued) PSE Smoke.

    Not that that is a problem. The only potential issue I see with this crossbow is weight, and that’s not really a problem either in my opinion. I own a Smoke, and it is a terrific weapon. Fast, very accurate, compact, customizable, and it looks good too. Can be drawn by hand, and the trigger is smooth and the safety and anti dry fire components work well.

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