SHOT 2014 — Laser Devices New Mk7 BATTLE LIGHT

Laser Devices Mk7 BATTLE LIGHT

SHOT Show is always fun. There are vendors from all over the world touting their latest greatest gear. For a gun enthusiast, it’s the high point of the year for sure. However, as thousands of booths start bleeding together and your stack of business cards becomes unmanageable, it’s only the truly innovative ideas that end up sticking out in your mind. For me, the Laser Devices Mk7 Battle Light was one of them.

Mk7 Battle Light Right Side
Mk7 Battle Light Right Side

I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone want a light or any accessory that mounts past the muzzle? Trust me, it won’t matter. Some people believe that shot traveling out of the shotgun will spread out and damage anything sticking out past the end of the gun. This is simply not true. The shot only spreads apart about 1.5 inches per yard on a cylinder bore 12 gauge. You would have to have a very long weapon mounted light to cause any damage.

The Mk7 is a compact lightweight supercharged mini light that packs the power of a larger, full-size flashlight. The Mk7 spouts out 350 lumens and features a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This system provides a stunning white beam with no shadows or dim areas. The optional end cap allows the Mk7 to screw directly into the magazine tube, replacing the weapon’s existing end cap and providing the user with high-density white light on target. At any time, you can detach the light and use it as a standard flashlight. Laser Devices precision machined the Mk7 from aerospace aluminum, and they MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized it for durability. The battery is a CR123A and the entire system weighs in at just over four ounces. They will produce the Mk7 in both black and desert tan.

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