SHOT 2014 — Colt’s LE6920MP-B — Your Next Must Have AR-15!

Colt_LE6920MP AR-15 rifle with brown Magpul furniture

I know many of you love the M4; many have trusted their lives to the marvelous Colt, either here in the states or abroad. Why? Simple: It is reliable, effective and proven. Colt’s reliability and performance have been the cornerstone on which the Armed Forces has relied to successfully complete many missions around the world—and every serious shooting enthusiast should have at least one.

Colt LE6920 AR-15
The Colt LE6920 AR-15 is quite simply a must-have rifle.

To be clear, the M4 is the military designation, a version not generally available to civilians. However, the M4 has a little brother—a civilian version known as the LE6920. The LE6920 is so close to the M4 that many lowers come stamped with M4 inside the lower receiver. Colt aficionados are already familiar with the LE6920 and many of its variants, but they may not know that Colt recently introduced a model—the LE6920MP-B.

The LE6920MP-B shares many of the same features of its combat-proven brother. In fact, the heart of this new carbine is its 16.1-inch chrome-lined barrel. Thanks to Colt’s decision to design and build the LE6920MP-B’s barrel with a 1-in-7-inch twist, your ammo choices are virtually unlimited. This is great news for a leisurely afternoon of plinking at the range or in a SHTF scenario when you have limited ammo choices or have to use whatever you can scrounge. With the recent ammo shortage, many of us already are scrounging. Other features include an adjustable front sight post for elevation; flip-up, wind-adjustable rear sight; 32-inch collapsed and 35.5-inch extended length; direct gas system; and locking bolt.

We all love furniture and customizing an AR to make it our own. Of course, the innovative minds over at Magpul bring us some of the most highly sought changes to existing platforms. That fact has not eluded Cheaper Than Dirt!’s hardcore enthusiasts or the designers at Colt. Instead of shelling out for an AR and then having to up the ante with a bunch of Magpul furniture, Colt put a few greenbacks back in your wallet (for ammo) by outfitting the LE6920MP-B with Magpul MOE handguards, MOE carbine stock, MOE pistol grip, MOE vertical grip and a Magpul back-up sight. That is pretty sweet—and it all comes standard.

Colt_LE6920MP AR-15 rifle with brown Magpul furniture
Thanks to Colt’s decision to design and build the LE6920MP-B’s barrel with a 1-in-7-inch twist, your ammo choices are virtually unlimited. This is great news for a leisurely afternoon of plinking at the range or in a SHTF scenario when you have limited ammo choices or have to use whatever you can scrounge .

If you have been on the sideline waiting to purchase your first LE6920, Colt has eliminated all excuses with an outstanding package. If you already own one or more of these or more Colts, the LE6920MP-B should top your list of must-have rifles. Either way, this is one package on which you simply cannot lose.

Do you have or want a ’6920? Tell us your top pick in the comment section. (It’s OK if you can’t choose just one …)

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Comments (7)

  1. I’ve read a lot of info on Colt M4s and this “ad” didn’t do much other than make me want to shoot one like any other ad about any other firearm.
    I am familiar with the Ruger AR15, Aero, DPMS oracle and a few other cheaper brands but it’s my understanding that the Colts are the benchmark to which others strive to become. A grand is a little steep for an M4 AR and hell even an AM given the basic simple construct of the design and the troves of them around, it has to be all about the quality .
    I need a solid AR just to have around for what not.
    I just prefer the .308 or 7.62×39 for hunting though.
    The Gilboa looks to fill that void for me.

  2. I bought a Colt LE6920 in November 2015. Out of the box using Military zero target, it was off 1 Click left and 1 Click up. Moed th sights 1 Click each way, fired 3 more rounds and dead center mass. This was with the iron front and Magpul rear sights. Its the best shooting rifle EVER!! I did shoot supported, but this Colt is the best!

  3. I’m waiting with anticipation my new Colt LE6920MP. At $1,024 it seems like a bargain! Colt guts and Magpul accessories. I’ve used the Colt M-4 in the military and state police and like the way it handled. I see no downside to the marriage…

  4. I am a Colt AR-15 owner and have several issues with this article.
    What is the current price tag? What is the current availability?
    Why is there no information given about the way the rifle handles/fires?
    Did this author even fire this gun?
    The lack of journalism in this article makes me think that this is nothing more than an advertisement. Am I missing something?

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