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SHOT 2013 Preview: Smith & Wesson Model 41 Target

Smith & Wesson Model 41 Pistol

With multiple competitive records to its credit, the S&W Model 41 remains one of the most classic .22 LR pistols ever produced. Now, the coveted handgun is available in an optics ready platform available only from Smith & Wesson.

Smith & Wesson Model 41 Pistol
The Model 41 is ready for your favorite optic or you can use the removable front and adjustable rear iron sights.

Delivering pinpoint accuracy and unmatched reliability, the Performance Center Model 41 is ready to take on any course of fire right out of the box. The full-size pistol—chambered in .22 LR—features a carbon steel frame and slide along with a 5.5-inch barrel. Measuring 10.5 inches in overall length, the semi-automatic pistol has an unloaded weight of 41 ounces. Across the top of the slide, the Performance Center pistol comes fitted with an integral Picatinny-style equipment rail for easy installation of optics. Other standard features include an external thumb safety on the left side of the frame, custom wood target grips and a blue finish.

To aid in precise shot placement when an optic is not in use, the Model 41 features a removable front sight and an adjustable rear sight. The Performance Center Model 41 comes standard with a 10+1 magazine capacity along with Smith & Wesson’s lifetime service policy.

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  1. I just purchased a 41 and today is the third time i used it. It has already been back to the factory for a problem with ejection and stove pipes. Same problem today. This gun is supposedly hand assembled and in limited production. Well, forget it. My CZ 75 kadet outperforms it without a problem. The 41 is very accurate, but who cares when it won’t shoot. I would give a lot of thought to a purchase of this gun. When i went to the gun center to try one out, it also didn’t eject but they blamed in on not being cleaned properly. Go try one out at the gun shop and pay attention to any malfunction. I love the feel and its accuracy but, guys, its a dog.

  2. Just picked one up today! 2.29.13. What a great shooting gun. Only had time for 50 rounds, what a nice fitting grip for folks like a larger grip.

  3. Spoke with the factory today in an effort to find out if production has started. S&W employee would not provide information other than to say they were still receiving distributor orders. Did not get a warm & fuzzy customer response.

  4. Nice article but it dosen’t say when or if it will be available to the public The model 41 itself is a very hard gun to find!!!

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