SHOT 2013: SilencerCo. SWR 7.62 SPECWAR

I was lucky enough to shoot some offerings from SilencerCo in March 2012; I was thrilled with their performance. Now for SHOT Show 2013 they are introducing their new SWR 7.62 SPECWAR. I would be hard-pressed to believe this would not be as awesome as the cans I shot with last year from this company.

SilencerCo / SWR is pleased to announce the launch of the 7.62 SPECWAR at the 2013 SHOT Show. The SPECWAR 5.56 and 7.62 are SWR’s workhorse centerfire rifle suppressors. The entire SWR SPECWAR line of suppressors are intended to be working cans… We fully expect people to use and abuse their SPECWAR.

This can comes with the patented Active Spring Retention (ASR) to ensure it will not come loose under heavy use. The bore of the silencer has the SilencerCo TrueBore system giving it additional strength over the long haul.


Finally, it comes with the RS Flashhider platform. This platform keeps the hider from ringing like a tuning fork and offers superior flash reduction.

If you are looking for strength, versatility, performance and industry leading support, the SPECWAR series is the workhorse for you.

With an MSRP of $899 with mount. All the new SWR Products will be at the 2013 SHOT Show in booth #8403 and #8409.

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  1. I own 5 cans and there is a significant reduction in sound. When using a 22lr pistol and a suppressor there is more sound from the action than the firing of the round, 9mm is not much louder. When using a bolt action 22lr rifle and subsonic ammo it is quieter than my pump bb gun. A .38 out of an H&R Handi Rifle will shock you when the round impacts 150 yards down range and the impact is much louder than the discharge of the round at your ear.

    The only time there is still a great deal of sound is when a high velocity round like the 5.56 is used. The sound from the muzzle is dramatically reduced, still not as loud as the action (AR platform) but you will hear the supersonic crack as the bullet flies down range. This sound is not uncomfortable at all.

    Look up some you tube videos and check out manufacturers websites. Liberty Suppressors, Advance Armament Corp., SWR, SilencerCO. Also check out Silencertalk and NFA Talk online forums.

  2. I’ve read articles that said that there isn’t very much of a reduction in the level of noise. If this is true, why have one?

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