SHOT 2013 Preview: Winchester Model 94 in .30-30 Winchester and .450 Marlin

Winchester Model 94 Trails End Takedown

We have another release from Winchester and again it’s right up my alley. Hey boss, why do I get all the guns designed before 1900? You get a degree in history, restore old guns, write about old guns, read about old guns, love old guns, and look what you get—a great job and the chance to write about a legend—the Winchester Model 1894 is back on the shelves!

Winchester Model 94 Trails End Takedown
Winchester Model 94 Trail’s End Takedown

These beauties are known as the Trail’s End Takedown and come in the respectable and faithful .30-30 and as well as the monstrous .450 Marlin. I am a little sad that it was not the .45-70 Government but the design of the .45-70 cartridges made it healthier for the .450 Marlin chambering. And what a ride it must be to crank off a lever-action rifle in .450 Marlin, definitely not for the faint of heart. With the straight stock and extended magazine, it has that classic saddle-gun look.

Like the Winchester Model 73 being released, this is a step back into the past and I am happy to say I am very excited to see firearms that are not made from food storage containers. Way to go Winchester!

Specifications and Features

  • WALNUT STOCK—satin finish, authentic straight-grip styling and a blued steel forearm cap offer a nostalgic look
  • TRIPLE-CHECKED BUTTON RIFLED BARREL—the ultimate in accuracy and precision
  • ROUND LOCKING BOLT TRUNNIONS—ensures a smooth, quick lever throw
  • TOP-TANG SAFETY—easy to see and operate
  • REBOUNDING HAMMER—provides an added margin of safety
  • BOLT RELIEF CUT—reduces hammer drag for smoother cocking
  • RADIUSED LEVER EDGES—givems added protection to your fingers
  • HAMMER—drilled and tapped for knurled hammer spur extension to aid in cocking and decocking the hammer when a scope is mounted
  • STEEL LOADING GATE—smoother loading
  • ARTICULATED CARTRIDGE STOP—improves feeding reliability without damaging cartridges
  • DRILLED AND TAPPED FOR SCOPE MOUNTS—easily attach your favorite optics
  • BARREL LENGTH—20 inches
  • OVERALL LENGTH—38 inches
  • LENGTH OF PULL—13 ½ inches
  • DROP AT COMB—1 ¼ inches
  • DROP AT HEEL—1 ¾ inches
  • WEIGHT—6 lbs., 12 oz.
  • CALIBER—.30-30; .450 Marlin
  • MSRP—$1459.99
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Comments (3)

  1. Guys I just bought the Marlin 45-70 and am looking to get this ammo for less than $1.25 per bullet. Cheaper than Dirt seems to be the only place to buy this ammo. or do I have to make my own reloads?
    Advice would be helpful.

  2. Really stupid it is not in 45/70 as usual the 450 Marlin was a trying to reinvent the wheel because a hot loaded 45/70 is about the same thing and 45/70 brass is cheaper and easier to come by. Considering they were bringing back a classic in the 30/30 they should have made the big bore a 45/70. When I bought my guide gun there was no decision making at at it was 45/70 all the way.

  3. So good to know… you can still get value for a price.
    You certainly do have a great job,and you do it well.

    Both “THUMBS UP!” for this article. Thanks!

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