SHOT 2013 Preview: Redring Rail Adapter for Shotguns and ARs

Redring Optical Sight

Fans of Redring’s optical shotgun sight will take particular interest in its new Picatinny Rail Adaptor. The Redring Picatinny Rail Adaptor fits on any tactical shotgun or rifle with a Picatinny rail. Made of rugged, anodized aluminum, it quickly mounts on any Picatinny rail platform with just two screws. The adaptor and Redring do not affect the balance of the gun or your visual plane. In fact, the Redring sight allows officers or security professionals to keep both eyes open while performing room-clearing scenarios.

Redring Rail Adapter
Redring’s Rail Adapter fit any shotgun or AR-15 with a Picatinny rail.

Attached to a patrol or tactical shotgun or rifle, the Redring sight provides the added edge in a fast-paced environment where individual officers are performing room entries or moving through close quarters. Another important feature of the Redring sight for law enforcement or security operations is the sight adapts to light conditions; in low light the ring light is weaker and during bright sunlight the ring light is stronger and more visible.

The Redring was originally introduced to help beginner and seasoned shotgun shooters hit more targets successfully through acquiring a better sight picture on a moving target. The Redring is not a sight for aiming but for fast, instinctive shooting by providing you with another reference point to confidently hit the target.

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  1. I don’t know a thing about these new holographic type sights, but would like to know more, and possibly utilize one or two of some sort on a couple of shotguns, and an AK-47 which will be used for defensive CQB. I’m not familiar with any of these type sights, and want to do more research, and talk with others to determine what each has to offer.

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