SHOT 2013: Les Baer Custom 1911 .38 Super Stinger

If you are like me, you love the 1911 frame. However, after 2011, the 100 year anniversary, you may have been overrun by them. I carry one every day and can’t get enough of them. However, even the 100 year mark weighed in on me. It seemed like every manufacturer had to crank one out.

Les Baer Super Stinger .38 Super
Les Baer Super Stinger .38 Super

Les Baer, the Cadillac of 1911s, has released yet another 1911. Ho-hum. Wait a minute; this one is in a very interesting caliber with some historical precedence-.38 Super. I have to admit, if I could afford one of their guns, this would be one I would like to have. The .38 Super was born just a few years after the 1911 and subsequently the .45 ACP the gun was designed around. Few may know that the .38 Super had a run at being the chosen caliber for this 1911 American icon.

Another appealing point to this weapon is in hauling around a compact—but loaded—.45 ACP daily. After a while it can weigh on my hip. My gun may be light but the ammo is heavy, even in an officers size frame. This new Les Baer is in that same frame and some of that weight may be trimmed down, especially if you carry extra magazines. The .38 Super still gives you the load of a very hot 9mm +P cartridge so it is not a pocket pistol caliber.

As of this time the price is to be determined. I can tell you, if you can afford to get a Les Baer you will not be disappointed; I am sure this is the case with this new offering.

Features and Specifications

  • 34 ounces, empty
  • All Steel frame
  • Adjustable Night Sights with Trijicon inserts
  • 3”+ barrel (Officers Frame)
  • 3 8-round stainless steel magazines
  • 8+1 capacity
  • Wood checkered grips
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