Making an appearance at the Charles Daly booth at the 2012 SHOT Show and at the recent National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Show, IWI, US, Inc. officially announced the arrival of a United States civilian version of the Israeli bullpup battlefield rifle, the IWI TAVOR.

Shooting the IWI TAVOR

Already in service with Israeli Defense Forces and other special forces around the world, the TAVOR will finally be available in the United States, with a few adaptations specific to the American market.

All come with a full-length Picatinny rail, the TAVOR SAR will be available in a variety of models with either a 16.5- or an 18-inch barrel. There are two models with a bayonet lug, one left-handed model, one with an integrated reflex sight and two available in Flat Dark Earth. All TAVOR bullpup models shoot .223 Remington with a 9mm and 5.45x39mm conversion kit for separate purchase. The rifle holds 30 rounds and uses standard AR-15 magazines.


A truly unique design, the IWI TAVOR sets itself apart from other popular bullpup designs with its truly 100-percent ambidextrous design, quick-release barrel and brass deflect. Placement of the magazine and bolt release make magazine changes quick and one-handed.

Every TAVOR has a MIL-Spec chrome-lined cold-hammer forged CrMoV barrel with a 1:7 RH twist. It operates on a gas-piston system with rotating locking bolt. The rifle has integrated flip-up sights, with the front sight including a tritium insert. The IWI TAVOR bullpup is a true battlefield rifle, going from long-distance to close quarters combat without losing accuracy.

Reports coming in from Media Day are that the TAVOR is more comfortable to shoulder and shoot for longer periods than the M4.

Assembled using both Israeli- and U.S.-made parts, the TAVOR will ship out of IWI’s U.S. subsidiary plant.

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  1. @JMB–

    No, these are not imported by Kahr Arms or its subsidiary, Magnum Research. This operation is based in Harrisburg, PA (about 20 minutes away from me!) by Charles Daly Enterprises. They made a bit of a name for themselves some years ago when they first imported the Zastava CZ/EZ pistols from Serbia, which are now imported by either EAA or Arsenal. To my knowledge, Charles Daly was primarily an importer, until they got the contract with IWI. As the article mentions, some of the parts of the US-spec models are being manufactured in-house in Harrisburg, with the rest being imported from Israel.

  2. Thanks for the prices and link, did not think to check out the website. This looks so awesome and if it works as good as it looks I sure do want one.

    1. SHOT Show is where manufacturers and vendors announce their new products. Pricing is not always set or available. We will include suggested MSRP if that information is available.

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