SHOT 2013: HiViz Shooting Systems Releases New Fiber Optic Sight

Using the key tool, you can quickly and easily swap out LitePipes for a different color.

HiViz listened to consumer concerns and created a new option for shooters. HiViz, known for making fiber optic sights of all kinds for nearly every type of gun, has had two main problems: either the sight allows in a good amount of light and is vulnerable to damage, or the sight is reinforced but more difficult to see. This year at the SHOT show, HiViz released a happy medium. The new sight has a skeletal steel frame that allows in a maximum amount of light while still protecting the fiber optic LitePipe™ from external damage.

Using the key tool, you can quickly and easily swap out LitePipes for a different color.
Installing a new LitePipe into the HiViz sight is easy.

For those of you unfamiliar with HiViz sights, these replacement sights are either magnetically attached to a firearm or come with model-specific attaching devices. What makes HiViz a leader in the industry is the mechanism to easily swap out the LitePipe if one becomes damaged or difficult to see. The LitePipes come in Green, Orange, and Red, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance the view for individual guns and shooters. By using the provided key, you can quickly switch out the old LitePipe for a new one.

The LitePipe installed in the front sight.
The new HiViz fiber optic sight has a skeletal frame to protect the LitePipe while allowing for maximum visibility.

HiViz also offers two other great accessories, the recoil reducing XCoil, and the magazine protecting Mag-Sto. The XCoil slips onto the end of the stock of nearly any firearm and reduces felt recoil. The non-slip texture allows for proper gun position after multiple shots. HiViz makes the Mag-Sto magazine covers out of durable neoprene and can keep your handgun magazines free of dirt, debris, and water when not in use. The convenient pull-tab allows for simple and quick removal. Mag-Sto covers are available in black, pink, and green colors.

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