SHOT 2013: Heizer HD1, .410 pocket shotgun

Heizer HD1 Pocket .410

Okay, this one is interesting-a single shot derringer. Still with me? A single shot derringer in .410 shotgun. If that does not get the job done then you have two more chances with .45 Colt stored in the handle. Sound familiar in some way? Yes it does. Remember the Double Tap? and for those who really like firearms history, the Liberator, this will sound vaguely familiar.

Heizer HD1 Pocket .410
Heizer HD1 Pocket .410

Double Tap and Heizer are still not playing nice in the sandbox and they each brought their own concept to SHOT this year. The Heizer HD1 is, as described, a one and done .410 shotgun derringer type firearm with two extra .45 Colt cartridges stored in the handle. Double Tap brings its showing from last year.

This pocket pistol showdown does not have me hooked yet. In this type of pistol I want small, very small. If for some reason I am going to carry a last-ditch firearm, then the only advantage is that it is better than nothing and I am probably carrying it because all my other concealed carry options are void. Nothing comes small in .410 just because it is a long shell. Furthermore, when half-seconds count reloading is not an option, what happened is already over.

With all that said, I love innovation-people and companies stretching the boundaries and looking for that new and better idea. I am not sure this is it yet but keep pushing the envelope and never forget the best gun ever made is the one you have with you when you need it.

Price is to be determined, but even in this market it will need to be palatable as this is a true last-ditch weapon and the price should reflect that application.

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  1. One thing folks seem to have missed is that this would make a great little kit gun to tuck in your gear. You’re strolling along and see a grouse scurrying away through the brush, etc.

  2. I like these small pistols, but NOT as a primary or even secondary defense. I think that John D. has a good idea in packing one of these guns away in a small Bug Out Bag or other survival container. I considered buying a Bond derringer as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but when I saw the price I ended up buying a 8-shot .380 and a few extra magazines instead. If any of these companies are to convince me to purchase their product, the weapon will have to be cheaper than a “whole” gun.

  3. Don’t forget the BondArms Snake Slayer. It’s a two barrel derringer bored and chambered for .45 Long Colt and .410. ‘Looks a lot prettier than this unit with a stainless steel body and nice polished wooden grips.
    It gets down to preference and price.
    Also got the Judge. I carry it all the time.

  4. I’m interested in this pistol, not for CCW but more for survival. If you have ever shot a Lienad Model D or DD, you know how bad your finger hurts due to the trigger guard pounding your knuckle. Also putting it on safe to open the action takes time, patience and practice to get it right. This gun would be better as a double barrel like the Doubletap with a 5″ or 6″ barrel length. Pack it in your BOB with a couple of #6 loads and you could take down a low flying bird or close rabbit for supper and 2 45 Colts would defend you from almost any animal intent on having you for supper (not sure about bears though). Of course, it would have to be cost affective. A Lienad is just over $100 and a Judge is around $500 to $600 so I wouldn’t pay $799 for it. It would be nice if they made a replacement barrel in 45/410 for the Doubletap.

  5. Not long back, I purchased “The Judge”. 5 rounds of 410/45 L.Colt. Beat that, you single shot trout-sniffers. Most assaults are multi bad guys, not just one. You’ll get the same amount of jail time, so why not just sweep the street clean.

  6. I could see this wrapped in leather (wallet holster) and when a robber gets the drop on you, and with no time to draw your concealed carry, you reach for your wallet and deliver the business end of this .410. This would give you a chance to flee, or time to retrieve your concealed carry firearm. From that standpoint, I see limited applications for it.

  7. In an up close and personal situation you will not even notice recoil with standard loads. Mag loads, different story. Had experience with a 12 Ga. derringer format and with 2 3/4″ #4 and it wasn’t that big of a deal because you loose so much from the short barrel.

  8. Lest we forget the Cobray by FMJ Ducktown, TN. This little jewel is a double barrel (side by side) .410 / 45 Long Colt little blaster. A little rough in the making it definately will get the job done. The breach opens for loading the barrels and it has hammer driven firing pins. There is a “switch” to choose which barrel to fire on the hammer. It looks like a mini double barrel shotgun with short barrels.
    Purchaced inexpensively I wouldn’t sell it for anything. Good luck finding someone that is willing to sell or trade one.

  9. Reminds me of the 1 shot .45s the US Army had made for resistance forces in Europe. Came with a wooden dowel to knock out the expended round and 5 rounds. Worked well enough and saved lives.

  10. That’s got to hurt! You’d really have to have your life on the line to pull the trigger on either of those loads in something that small and light!

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