SHOT 2013: Dan Wesson 1911 Specialist

The Specialist is a traditional .45 ACP full-sized 1911.

For the 1911 lover, ogling a beautiful piece of forged artisanship is always a pleasure, whether the gun is brand new or not. Dan Wesson’s 1911s are for the discerning firearm owner. As a special request from law enforcement, Dan Wesson created a 1911 to suit those needs. Not only does the Specialist have the features specific to the needs for those that serve, but has nearly every custom detail civilians want as well.

The Specialist is a traditional .45 ACP full-sized 1911.
The Specialist is a traditional .45 ACP full-sized 1911.

It holds eight rounds and has a forged frame. With an ambidextrous thumb safety and an extended magazine release, the Specialist is comfortable to shoot. Included are two-color tritium night sights and tactical accessory rail for lights or lasers. Dan Wesson added a recessed slide stop that accommodates laser grips. The G10 VZ Operator II grips are interchangeable.

Dan Wesson’s Specialist shoots accurately and reliably. The matte blue finish we drooled over at SHOT Show has a list price of $1,870.

Specifications and Features

CZ Dan Wesson 1911 Specialist semi-auto handgun

  • .45 ACP
  • 5″ barrel
  • 8 rounds
  • Tactical ledge rear sight with amber tritium
  • Green tritium with white target ring front sight
  • G10 VZ Operator II grips
  • Clark-style serrated rib
  • Forged slide
  • Forged frame with accessory rail
  • 25 LPI front strap checkering
  • Undercut trigger guard
  • Recessed slide stop
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety
  • Extended magazine release
  • Detachable two piece magwell
  • Matte black finish
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