SHOT 2013: Some Czech Hardware

CZ BREN 805 A1 and A2

CZ, the popular firearms manufacturer from the Czech Republic, showed up with some impressive toys to the 2013 SHOT Show. A gleaming row of handguns lined the booth walls showing off their proven products. The P07 Duty, the 75 Shadow, along with some beautiful 75B stainless models look just as relevant today as any polymer striker fired duty pistol from Smith & Wesson or Glock.

CZ BREN 805 A1 and A2
CZ BREN 805 A1 and A2

The 805 Bren, a rifle that the Czech Republic brought into service last year, sports a forward mounted vertical grip and quick detachable sights on a full-length rail. On the surface, the 805 resembles an FN SCAR, but the resemblance quickly fades when you look at the design closely. In 2010, the CZ 805 won the spot as a next standard military rifle for Czech armed forces, with a production contract issued to the famous Czech arms factory CZ-UB. It is possible that CZ will off the 805 for export, either in military select-fire or in civilian semi-automatic only versions.

A shorter model, the CZ 805 BREN A2 has a 10.9-inch barrel, rather than the A1’s 14.17-inch. Both models share all the same features, and CZ produces both a 5.56 NATO and a 7.62x39mm version.

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