SHOT 2013: Chiappa 1873-22

Chiappa Goes Old School at SHOT

Chiappa is going back to its roots with the 1873-22 SAA. Unlike the other thing (RHINO) they had last year this one is an ageless classic. Built with the look of the Colt SAA, this is the gun that won the west.

Chiappa 1873-22 SHOT 2013
Chiappa 1873-22 SHOT 2013

It comes in .22LR or .22 Win Magnum versions. Currently, when it can be a buck a shot with many calibers, it is nice to have the option of a great little rimfire to shoot all day with a brick of .22 LR.

Crafted with steel rifle barrels, most of the mechanisms and components constructed from a special formulated alloy that offers greater ductility and flexibility, assures long lasting reliability and durability. This is one of those guns that is passed down from generation to generation. Very few shooters can say they did not learn to shoot with a .22 rimfire.

Chiappa Goes Old School at SHOT
Chiappa Goes Old School at SHOT

With the option of getting it in the .22 Magnum, it is a serious little shooter that you can utilize for small varmint shooting or self-defense purposes.

This revolver comes in a black and antique finishes and has the option of including adjustable target sights. From what we see at SHOT 1873-22, it comes with different grips to suit your western look.

And yes it is a six-shooter.

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Comments (8)

  1. This is a revolving pistol, “revolver” an automatic pistol is a selfloading pistol. A full automatic pistol is selfloading and firing as long as trigger is pressed. A horse pistol used to be a single shot handgun carried in a holster on the saddle. A magazine has a spring and follower and is part of the gun unless detachable. A clip holds cartridges in line and on loading is rejected; or becomes part of the gun until the last shot, when it falls free or is ejected. No spring or follower involved wih clips.

  2. I do not understand the “Mail” and “Website” fields on this “comment” form.

    If someone is buying a .22 what is the purpose of magnum rounds? It says for increased power for varmints and I suppose that is valid. But for self defense? I would think a self defense revolver (it’s not a pistol) would be purchased at a higher caliber than .22.

    I’m not meaning to be harsh but having read a few of these articles (and comments), there are some surprising errors I wouldn’t expect from gun writers or writers in general.

    1. John – I think you are reading a little more into the text’s meaning than was intended. Yes, if you were buying it for self-defense you would likely choose a larger caliber than .22 mag. However, the article merely says you could use it for that purpose, not a recommendation as a self-defense weapon or caliber. This is one of those classic platforms that looks cool, but was not built for a specific purpose other than the limits of your imagination. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. I see a few comments on here about pistols versus revolvers. While I understand that not all pistols are revolvers, how is it that a revolver is not a pistol?

      That was a question recently posed to me. While common vernacular often interchanges the two, the technical definition of a pistol is a handgun with a chamber that is integral with the barrel, such as the 1911 or a pepperbox revolver. Therefore, the revolving cylinder with a single barrel would not be a pistol. ~Dave Dolbee

  3. Just wanted to let you know you typed ‘one the west’ instead of ‘won the west’ at the beginning there. Good info and my first shots were taken on a .22 target pistol.

  4. I could love this one. What’s not to like?
    Single or double action? Why is it in this age of modern firepower and twisted ideas, the ones that truly stand out are ones resembling the originals. Thanks, Roger

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