SHOT 2013: The ALIAS System


McMillan introduces a new concept in rifle systems with the ALIAS. The innovative ALIAS action serves as a platform for building your rifle and interchangeable components allow you to configure your weapon exactly to your mission. Thus one rifle can have many identities, each set up exactly for your application. Choose from three standard configurations, including the ALIAS CS5 an ultra-compact subsonic urban rifle, the ALIAS STAR (Standard Tactical Application Rifle), or the ALIAS Target Competition Rifle.


Designed for stealth and concealment in urban settings, the CS5 is a compact bolt-action precision tactical rifle. This rifle is typically fielded in a suppressed configuration for military and law enforcement applications, civilians can purchase them in accordance with NFA rules. With the buttstock and suppressor detached, the CS5 is only 23.5 inches long overall. It stuffs neatly into backpacks and other inconspicuous carriers, yet it delivers the stopping authority of a .308 projectile. Using McMillan’s match-grade 200-grain subsonic .308 Winchester ammunition, the CS5 will deliver sub-MOA performance or better in urban settings. With full power match-grade ammunition, the CS5 will also deliver 0.5 MOA performance or better at typical 7.62 NATO distances. Hence, it is a dual-purpose firearm serving subsonic as well as traditional sniper rifle roles. The adjustable buttstock will fit any operator, regardless of height, build, bulk of clothing, or shooting position. A tactile safety button actuates without moving your trigger finger. Index marks allow repeatable stock adjustments and an Anschütz® match trigger adjusts for weight and length of pull. The ALIAS CS5 is currently in use by elite law enforcement and military tactical units and has received excellent feedback from operators.


The STAR represents the standard tactical configuration for an ALIAS rifle. With a barrel manufactured from 18-24 inches, the STAR is perfect for most common tactical applications.

The adjustable buttstock will fit any shooter or configuration. A tactile safety button actuates without moving your trigger finger. Index marks allow repeatable stock adjustments and an Anschütz® match trigger adjusts for weight and length of pull. Accessory rails are available for night vision accessories. McMillan threaded the barrel for an optional suppressor and supplied it with a thread cap.

Accuracy is a term with many meanings. For a tactical professional, it means delivering sub-MOA performance, first shot uniformity, repeatability all conditions, and repeatability after breakdown and reassembly. With a heritage as one of the top performing rifles on the international high power rifle circuit, the ALIAS STAR easily exceeds the toughest criteria of any demanding tactical professional. Like all ALIAS rifles, the STAR is reconfigurable with interchangeable ALIAS components so you can customize it for any application.


Alias Target
ALIAS Target
The ALIAS concept has its roots in a design that shooters forged on the grueling high power competition field as the McMillan High Power Target rifle. Developed by Rock McMillan with input from world champion high power shooters, the design started as a clean sheet of paper and evolved into an innovative rifle that could meet the demands of the best shooters in the world. Refined into today¹s ALIAS Target, the rifle has dominated high power competition around the globe.

The strength of the design lies in its superior ergonomics. Almost every component of this rifle is fully adjustable so that a shooter can hold exactly the right position across the course of fire. What¹s more, the components index so the shooter can repeat the adjustments during a match. No matter your body type and what position you are shooting, this rifle will fit you. The accuracy of this rifle is truly world class. Out of the box, this rifle has won numerous high power and long-range championship events, while setting records in the process. The ALIAS Target concept works.

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  1. This looks an awful lot like the XLR Chassis. Am i missing something? I mean, its great to see the stock mated with a fully actionable riffle, bu really, XLR should get a mention there, am I right?

    lastly, the ALIAS TARGET looks like a .22LR. Is that right?

    I hope my Tikka and Sigs get love this year with upcoming products and omlimentary new models. Personally Im keeping my eye out for a great, lifetime combat .45, and a sweet AR-10 this year (very impressed with colt competition so far but want to see more). Should probably look for another state to live in as well.

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