Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up, September 27-October 3, 2015

Did the Department of Defense Just Save Colt?

…Not really, but a $200 million dollar (plus) contract might help the bankrupt company.

Not a week ago, the DOD announced awarding FN Manufacturing and Colt a $212 million contract to continue supplying the U. S. Army with M4 and M4A1 carbines. Here is the kicker—it’s FN that makes the rifles, not Colt. Colt only receives a portion of the money from royalties for owning the rights to the technical data package, which is what defines the rifles’ specifications and requirements. The DOD’s statement reads:

Colt Defense LLC, West Hartford, Connecticut (15QKN-15-D-0102); and FN America LLC, Columbia, South Carolina (W15QKN-15-D-0072), were awarded a $212 million firm-fixed-price multi-year contract for M4 and M4A1 carbines for the Army and others, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 24, 2020. Bids were solicited via the Internet with six received. Funding and work location will be determined with each order. Army Contracting Command, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, is the contracting activity.

It remains to be seen how much this will actually help Colt Defense.

Giving up Your Guns as a Condition of Employment? NY District Attorney Says Absolutely

Though not a new policy, American Law professor at UCLA School of Law Eugene Volokh finally exposed the Acting District Attorney in Nassau County, New York, Madeline Singas’ requirement for employment.

Even though prosecutors take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, Singas’ office does not allow those who practice in her jurisdiction to possess firearms. And not just in the office either, but at home, as well.

When asked about the policy, Volokh writes that Singas’ office replied, “Our practice of asking prosecutors to not possess handguns is to ensure the safety and comfort of staff, victims, and witnesses, and is consistent with other district attorney’s offices in the New York City metropolitan area.”

In his editorial, Volokh questions the legalities of the policy. You can read the entire editorial here.

Legal Gun Owner Faces Felony for Following TSA Rules

Another legal gun-owning mother was arrested in New Jersey for legally transporting an unloaded firearm in a locked, hard-sided suitcase. Mia Higginbotham was in the middle of moving her family from New Jersey to Miami, Florida when she decided to take her pistol with her when flying from New Jersey to Florida. Mia’s husband looked up the laws and TSA requirements for transporting a firearm in checked baggage and followed the guidelines outlined by TSA. Once at the airport, Mia was stopped and told her Beretta had to be in a separate metal locked case inside the suitcase. (She had it packaged in its original box.) While searching for a lockable metal container in the airport, TSA called the prosecutor. Mia was arrested and bond set for $50,000. The charge? A second-class felony.

Mia faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Please consider donating to her GoFundMe page to help pay for legal costs.

So, Mr. Christie, how is that campaign for Presidential Candidate going for ya?

Team Bersa Wins IDPA World Championships

Bersa BP9CC duo-tone
Gaston Quindi Vallerga won first place in the Compact Carry Pistol Division, Master Class at the IDPA World Championships with his Bersa BP9CC.

Shooters representing Team Bersa won world championship trophies at the IDPA World Championships held in Tulsa, Oklahoma September 14-19, 2015. Gaston Quindi Vallerga won first place in the Compact Carry Pistol Division, Master Class and second overall in the Compact Division shooting his Bersa BP9CC. After his win, Vallerga said, “After the intense shooting and stiff competition I encountered over the last two weeks, it feels so good to know that my Bersa teammates and I all won our events and emerged as world champions. Bersa for the win! I’d like to thank Bersa for making this possible, my BP9CC ran like a dream and I couldn’t have asked for a better gun,”

Shooting the Bersa Thunder Pro XT, Federico Cassola won first place in the Stock Service Pistol, Sharp Shooter Class, while Rodrigo Suarez won first in Stock Service Pistol, Expert Class using his Bersa XT.

Eagle Imports President, Michael Sodini said, “It’s amazing to see what Gaston and his teammates did at the IDPA World Championship. They’re as fast and as deadly of shooters as they come and the BP9CC and Bersa Thunder Pro XT are truly special guns. We’re proud to have three World Champions in our midst.”

Four hundred shooters competed at the IDPA World Championships.

Minnesota Court of Appeals Upholds BB Gun as ‘Firearm’

The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld its previous ruling of defining a Walther CP99 .177-caliber BB gun as a “firearm” in the case of David Lee Haywood. Haywood was convicted of a felony drug charge in 2005, making him a felon and unable to legal own or possess a firearm. During a routine traffic stop in 2013, police officers found the BB gun in his glove compartment. To convict Haywood of the firearm charge, the state used the definition of a firearm found in Minnesota’s game and fishing laws.

Haywood originally argued that the definition of a firearm should be one that fires a projectile using gunpowder.

Unfortunately, lawyers and the NRA have stated that the definition of firearms varies by state and is fluid. Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the NRA says, “Generally, airguns are not defined as firearms under state or federal law because of the numerous negative effects such a definition would create. In the case of state law, many states use multiple definitions of firearm, some of which may include airguns. For example, airguns will almost always be excluded from definitions governing possession, transfer and use, but may be included for criminal misuse.”

Minnesota’s legislature or the Supreme Court will have to change the definition of a firearm for BB guns to be off the hook as ‘firearms.’

All non-powder guns in New Jersey and Rhode Island are considered firearms; some non-powder guns in Illinois and Michigan are also considered firearms, while Connecticut, Delaware and North Dakota treat non-powder guns as ‘dangerous weapons.’

Gov. Cuomo Wants to Shut Down the Government Until “Real Gun Control Law” Is Reached

In typical anti-gun fashion, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo exploited the tragic murder of his former aide, Carey Gabay, to push his anti-gun agenda. Speaking at Gabay’s funeral Gov. Cuomo said, “If the far right is willing to shut down the government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down the government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.”

Gabay was a victim of gang violence in New York on September 7, 2015, while he was attending a parade honoring West Indian American Day. Cuomo went on to say, “The gun violence in this city, in this state, has gotten out of control. The fact that our governments do nothing about it is unforgivable. It really is unforgivable.”

Sheriffs in Colorado Continue to Appeal Restrictive Gun Laws

A group of sheriffs and other gun rights supporters in Colorado continue to push forward to repeal Colorado’s magazine restrictions and expanded background check laws by taking their case to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

A three-judge panel heard both sides of the case. Sheriff Lou Vallario from Garfield County said, “If we stop there then look at all the decisions that were ultimately decided in the Supreme Court that would’ve never been decided and what’s in the best interests of this country, so we want to make sure that we have the opportunity for the full process — the full justice system—to hear out our claims and our opinion and our side of this.”

Bad News for Operators Using EOTech HWS

Soldier Systems daily has released an article warning those using EOTech HWS or ECOS (Enhanced Combat Optical Sights) that the SOF Weapons Program Management Office at NSWC Crane released a “Safety of Use Message.”

EOTech weapon sights have been found to fail to be reliable during use in extreme temperatures, as extreme as a +/-4 MOA shift in -40 degrees F to 122 degrees F. Related is EOTech’s claim that HWS red dots are parallax-free. In extreme temperatures, the EOTech fluctuates between a 4 and 6 MOA parallax error.

Solider Systems found that EOTech wrote new manuals for their products, noting the change in parallax, eliminating temperature ranges for the sights and changed the click sight adjustment to “approximately 0.5 MOA” in the product’s specifications.

Further, upon examining L3 Communications SEC filing report the company states the potential for “an aggregate liability of $26 million in anticipation of a settlement related to a product specification matter regarding a holographic weapon sight product in the Warrior Systems sector of the Electronic Systems segment.”

Soldier Systems closes their report with: “In closing, we suggest that both commercial and military users of EOTech HWS read the SOUM, since EOTech has still not specifically addressed its customers regarding the issues. We hope that they do soon and offer a solution to rectify these issues.”

Waffle House No Firearms Policy Goes Viral

Micaela Shaw was eating breakfast at a Nicholasville, Kentucky Waffle House when she witnessed a uniformed and armed soldier leave the restaurant before eating. She saw a server and Waffle House manager ask the soldier, Billy Welch to either disarm or leave. Billy told Waffle House staff, “You know, if I can’t have my firearm, then I can’t be here…thank you, but no thank you ma’am. I’m gonna have to leave.”

Picture shows a glass window with a the outline of a black revolver on it, with a red cross through it.
Waffle House is a gun-free zone.

Micaela took the story to Facebook and it quickly went viral, finally reaching Billy. Micaela said, “I have a bunch of family members and friends who have been active military and in the military and retired and it hurts my feelings when people disrespect them. I just wanted to stand up for him.”

Despite other restaurants around the nation coming under fire for not serving law enforcement officers and firing employees and publically apologizing, the owner of this Nicholasville, Kentucky Waffle House issued this statement:

“For many years we have had a ‘No Firearms’ policy in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.”

‘SIG’ Pistol Arm Brace Makes a Come Back

SB Tactical, creators and makers of the original pistol arm Stabilizing Brace for rifle-caliber pistols, has announced a new website and new products. Previously selling the brace through SIG Sauer and Century Arms, SB Tactical will now sell its products direct.

The ATF reclassified the brace as an NSA item when using it to shoulder the pistol. However, that isn’t slowing SB Tactical down which has just released three new products—including a brace that fits the H&K, KRISS Vector pistol and the POF-USA Patriot Sub Gun.

We remind you to use the Stabilizing Brace as originally intended.

SB Tactical’s press release reads:

SB Tactical™ innovates, designs, develops and manufactures accessories for firearms, specifically personal defense weapon (PDW) pistols. The initial product introduced to market in 2013 was the SB15 Stabilizing Brace, often referred to by enthusiasts as the “Sig Brace.” The product was developed specifically to improve shooting accuracy and reduce felt recoil when PDW pistols. That same year the SB15®was named the Firearm Accessory of the Year and the Stabilizing Brace™ has since revolutionized shooting sports for those in need of improved stabilization and assistive devices.

The entire Stabilizing Brace™ family of products are 100% U.S. manufactured in Lexington, KY. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Stabilizing Braces™ goes to support Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).

Products Now Available

SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

SBX Pistol Stabilizing Brace

SB 89 Stabilizing Brace

SB 93/94 Stabilizing Brace

SB PSG Stabilizing Brace

SB47 Stabilizing Brace

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  1. “For many years we have had a “No Firearms” police in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best police for the safety of our customers and associates.”

    OK….. Who doesn’t know how to spell “policy”? The creators of this article or Waffle House?

    1. Actually, that was the quote as written… LOL. I did fix it though. ~Dave Dolbee

  2. My comment is in reference to “Legal Gun Owner Faces Felony for Following TSA Rules” (3rd from top).

    Let us assume for the moment that New Jersey’s gun laws are not draconian and instead let’s pretend they are reasonable. Given that no statute can ever be perfectly written to address every possible scenario, it is not unusual for most laws over time to eventually reveal certain unintended consequences that can affect the innocent.

    However, there is a mechanism in place that was built into our system of justice to provide quick relief to those citizens for which a law was never intended to target. That mechanism is known as “prosecutorial discretion”. With prosecutors wielding such absolute and unquestionable authority we often overlook them as the most powerful of all government officials.

    An arrest and release will always be unnerving, yet eventually overcome; but it is the prosecutor’s sole discretion whether or not to bring criminal charges that puts into play such drastic, permanent, and life altering trauma for subjects and their families.

    This prosecutor actually caused this arrest by ordering it himself. Such an action clearly fell well outside the scope and intent of the statute he is sworn to enforce. His authority to properly execute his “prosecutorial discretion” was tossed out the window and absolutely abused for his obvious personal or political anti-gun agenda.

    It is time for the tide to change. All charges need to be dropped and instead this prosecutor needs to be charged for malicious prosecution, false arrest and imprisonment, theft of her property, and even extortion for causing her to unnecessarily have to post a bail.

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