Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up—November 22-28, 2015

Do you think Obama’s anti-gun administration will find a way to implement universal background checks? The Dems’ new term “terrorist loophole” might just be what our President needs to take executive action. Read this week’s related headlines and then leave your predictions in the comment section.

Congress Democrats Invent New ‘Loophole’—the “Terrorist Loophole”

Democrat Senators and Representatives have brought back a bill that originated in 2007—the Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act. The bill is fronted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and supported by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The group of regular anti-gun suspects has started spouting out about what they call the “terrorist loophole,” stating that people on the no-fly list should also be banned from buying firearms. The no-fly list does not necessarily prevent one from purchasing a firearm. Harry Reid states, “By leaving this terrorist loophole open, Republicans are leaving every community in America vulnerable to attacks by terrorists armed with assault rifles and explosives purchased legally, in broad daylight.”

When a request for a background check matches the name on the no-fly list, the FBI is notified.

Over 100 Congressmen Request Background Checks

Over 100 Congressmen signed their name on a letter to President Obama requesting executive action on gun control—in particularly asking for universal background checks. The letter reads, “It is unthinkable that our country can continue to turn a blind eye to these tragedies. We ask you, concurrently, to investigate and pursue all available options under your executive authority to reduce gun violence.”

Visa Waiver Program Firearms Clarification Act Introduced

House Representative Tammy Duckworth (IL) introduced the Duckworth-Durbin Visa Waiver Program Firearms Clarification Act, which bars non fully vetted foreign nationals from buying a firearm. This sounds like a redundant law, because travelers with visas in the United States cannot purchase guns anyway; however, people from 38 countries are excluded from requiring a visa to travel within the United States. Rep. Duckworth said, “While I support the Visa Waiver Program, there’s no reason to give unfettered access to deadly weapons to foreign nationals using the program. If we are truly concerned with protecting national security, we must close the loophole that enables foreign nationals to bypass the long-standing ban on international visitors purchasing firearms. If Congress fails to act, it will have also failed in its duty to protect our people and our national security—I can’t let that happen.”

GOA and Dick Heller File Brief Challenging Federal Machine Gun Ban

On November 2, the Gun Owners of America (GOA), along with Dick Heller and others filed a brief challenging the federal machine gun ban in the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Read the entire brief here.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Wrenn v. D.C.

The U.S Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Wrenn v. D.C. challenging the District’s ban on concealed carry. Lawyers on both sides are turning to history in order to answer if gun restrictions are “long-standing.” Justice Antonin Scalia who wrote the majority opinion in Heller v. D.C. wrote “long-standing” gun restrictions were permissible under the Second Amendment, which protects the right “to keep and bear arms.” Wrenn v. D.C. is set to be another landmark gun rights case.

Is Remington Entering the Concealed Carry Market?

Remington announced its intent to introduce two new guns soon. After the release of its third quarter sales, Remington officials revealed they are entering a market where the company found the most growth—the polymer-framed and subcompact handgun market.

U.S. Gov’t Sues EOTech for Fraud

The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against L-3 Communications (EOTech) for fraud. L-3 was quick to settle for $25.6 million dollars. The Shooter’s Log first reported the trouble EOTech was experiencing in September:

Lawsuit Against Florida Gun Supply Dismissed

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom dismissed a lawsuit against Florida Gun Supply. The Council on American-Islamic Relations sued Florida Gun Supply in July after the gun store hung a sign that read, “Muslim Free Zone.” The courts found the sign protected under the First Amendment, as well as the Council on American-Islamic Relations could not prove the sign harmed them. Andy Hallinan, who owns Florida Gun Supply now has a written policy that states the store will not sell to “anyone who is either directly or indirectly associated with terrorism in any way.”

San Francisco Supervisor Introduces Ban on Unattended Firearms in a Vehicle

David Campos, a supervisor on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors purposed a new law on Thursday which would ban unattended guns in vehicles unless in a lockbox or in the trunk. Campos said, “Hopefully once we pass this piece of legislation in San Francisco, the rest of the state can follow suit.” A vote on the law is expected in December.

Judge Dismisses Case Against the ATF

A California District Court dismissed Ares Armor’s claim against the BATFE. The company filed suit against the ATF for violations on the First, Second and Fifth Amendments, and the Firearm Owners Protection Act after the BATFE seized product and customer records from Ares Armor. Judge Sammartino ruled, “the Second Amendment does not extend to the unrestricted manufacture, distribution, sale, or purchase of firearms or their parts,” as well as confiscation of Ares Armor’s products and customer information “places only a marginal burden on the right to bear arms in self-defense of one’s home.”
Ares Armor says it will appeal the court’s decision.

Senate Committee Approves HUNT Act

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015, which includes the HUNT Act, opening up more public land to hunters.

Attorney General Questioned on Ammo Exemption Requests

Rep. John Ratcliffe questioned Attorney General Loretta Lynch about why she hasn’t acted on over 32 petitions from companies for ammo exemptions.
See her reaction below:

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  1. “By leaving this terrorist loophole open, Republicans are leaving every community in America vulnerable to attacks by terrorists armed with assault rifles and explosives purchased legally, in broad daylight.”

    It’s always about politics with these guys.

    It’s never genuine concern for people’s safety, because if it was they would introduce bills making access to carry permits easier for all legally entitled Americans so they could defend themselves from terrorists and criminals. But, no, sadly that would be too much to ask from any Liberal, so all we get is the next round of unconstitutional anti-gun rhetoric. People get put on no-fly lists for lots of reasons, and if they really are a terrorist they will get their guns elsewhere.

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