Shooter’s Log Lineup (Oct 6, 2012)

Here’s what’s new in the Cheaper Than Dirt!‘s Shooter’s Log.


The Travel Size .50 BMG
The Leader 50 is a gas-operated short-stroke-piston bullpup-style .50 BMG. Effective to a range exceeding 2,000 yards, it has high-strength maraging steel in the breech mechanism, and a proprietary 10-round detachable-box magazine. It is one of the few .50s shooters can operate when not in the prone position, and its short length allows for easy transitioning out of vehicles.

Rossi Circuit Judge Convertible Revolver Rifle 22 LR/.22 Magnum
With the nostalgic feel of early Colt Revolving rifles, Rossi’s Circuit Judge is an affordable, modern-day convertible in .22 Long Rifle/.22 Magnum. The cylinders of the Circuit Judge can be changed easily in less than 10 seconds, allowing it to serve as two guns for multiple purposes at different ranges.

Suomi 9mm KP-31 Parts Kit WX-114
I just opened the box on this Suomi KP-31 parts kit. I breathed in the essence of cosmoline, instantly taken back to my days of cleaning friend’s SKSs and Mosins. Someone should make a cosmoline-scented candle, you know, for the guys.

Sit Down: Mitt Romney and the NRA-ILA
This year’s election is going to define the future of our freedom, perhaps more than any other in our history. For gun owners, there are a number of areas crucial to the survival of our Second Amendment rights. That’s why Chris Cox of the NRA took the time to visit with Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, to find out precisely where he stands on the issues of concern to gun owners.

The Legend that was Jeff Cooper
Along with John Moses Browning, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Eugene Stoner, and Elmer Keith, another man made huge waves in the firearms community with his life’s work. Most gun experts recognize Jeff Cooper as the father of the Modern Technique of handgun shooting, and one of the 20th century’s foremost international experts on the use and history of small arms.

Cartridge of the Week, the .30-06 Springfield
Born from the .30-03, the .30-06 Springfield is one of the most important cartridges of the 20th century. Developed in 1906, the name derived from a 30-caliber bullet in the year 1906 and most commonly pronounce it as thirty-aught-six.

The Overlooked CZ 75
At the gun store, I told the counter salesman I was looking for a double-action/single-action pistol. He walked me right past the CZ 75s and straight to the Beretta 92s. When I asked him about the CZs, he said, “Oh, you wouldn’t want one of those, nobody ever comes in asking about them anymore.” Why is the CZ so overlooked?

The 19th Century Master Engravers
If you plan on buying a firearm featuring the work of one of the 19th Century master engravers — Gustave Young, Conrad F. Ulrich or Louis Nimschke — make sure you have up to $100K in spare change lying around. A handful of engravers from this period are distinguished above all others. Any work attributed to one of them will certainly increase the value of a firearm exponentially.

Where to Keep Your New Gun
If you are a brand-new gun owner, you might be wondering where to store your new firearm. Don’t be embarrassed if you took the gun home and stuck it in the nightstand. Many of us did that the first time around, but it isn’t a secure location. Everyone’s situation is different, and depending on your state’s laws, you need to make wise choices on how you store your gun.

The Battle of Germantown Pennsylvania — October 4, 1777
On October 4, 1777, the Continental Army under George Washington would do something it had not previously done. Attack. The Continentals would not wait. They would take the initiative and drive the Colonials from the field. Winter was coming, and a statement had to be made.

Trigger Time Feedback
If you want to improve your shooting skills, the Army has a plan that may help. Fundamentals are fundamentals, and not much has changed over the past century.

Cartridge of the Week, the .45-70 Government
This week we go old school with a big hoss, the .45-70 Government. While developers conceived it during the blackpowder era, this cartridge managed to make the transition from blackpowder to early smokeless powder, and finally to modern smokeless powder.

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