Shooter’s Log Exclusive: Kel-Tec to Build 200 Initial RDBs Immediately

Kel-Tec RDB M43 Bullpup Rifle

The Shooter’s Log has exclusively learned that Kel-Tec has begun building 200 RDB rifles in an initial factory production run of the new downward-ejecting bullpup. And though you can see pre-production versions of the Kel-Tec RDB in Booth 2711 at the NRA Show, don’t jump in line with a fistful of cash just yet. As Gene Taylor of Taylor Made Media Group reports in the accompanying video, the first 200 RDBs aren’t headed to your local gun shop. Instead, they’re being sent out for extensive field-testing and evaluation.

Kel-Tec has been particularly careful bringing new models to market — to the exasperation of many in the shooting community who like the company’s products.

Based on feedback from this round of testing, Kel-Tec will make any appropriate changes, with plans to begin full factory production in the third quarter of 2015.

If we receive one of the coveted 200 first-run production test rifles, we’ll tell you how it shakes out.

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  1. So, they already have it out in a 3.08 (which really didn’t make much sense for a CQB type rifle) and they need extensive testing in 5.56? And it’s going to be out for sale in the third quarter of 2015? Why even bother showing it at the 2015 SHOT show, they should have just waited till the 2016 one and not piss everyone off with something they can’t have. I was going to wait for this, but hell I guess I’ll get a TAVOR now. Kel Tec has some good ideas, now if only their production would ramp up some day they could actually make some money.

    1. Ive actually been doing A LOT of research on this gun.. The gun in .308 is the RFB (rifle forward ejecting bulpup) the RDB is a completely different gun. They have working prototypes of the RDB in 6.5 grendel and i think in 7.62. I think those are going to be conversion kits for the RDB. Ive watched a lot of videos of them shooting this gun and it looks like its going to be a pretty solid gun.

  2. If their anticipating a Sale’s Run, why not just build a thousand. Nobody is going to stand in line for a Rain Check.

  3. Someone should just bring back the Bushmaster M17S. This was a great rifle proven design, with 20″ barrel still shorter than a car-15 with stock collapsed. Price was great, they sell used for double what they cost when new, but you can’t get replacement parts anymore.

    1. Hi Alan. Jump over to the bullpup forum. Find K&M Arms – M17S556 and M17S762. This is exactly what your comment covers. Also, I believe they are still modifying and making parts for the bushmaster. You will be happy you did.

  4. It’s hard to tell looking at the photographs, but looks like their leaning away from “All Metal Construction” to a “Polymer/Metal Mix Construction”. I wonder if that’s going to bring down the COST, doubtful.

  5. So its basically a rip off of the IWI Tavor.

    The only new feature is the rear ejection behind the magazine (BTW I like the idea) but as with any Kel Tec it will be years before this gets to market in big numbers.

    With that said just get a Tavor which already has many aftermarket parts & upgrades, kits to change calibers, etc.

    I would like to try one of these out but it will probably be long time – till then I’m looking at a Tavor.

    1. El Mac, I was wondering about that myself. Open bolt? Kinda retro . . . yes?

      But, I like Kel Tecs ( I own 3) and when this hits the market I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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