Shoot, Your Guide to Shooting and Competition by Julie Golob

One of the competition shooters that I admire most is Julie Golob. Not only does she shoot for my favorite gun manufacturer, Smith & Wesson, she has a positive, upbeat attitude, posts yummy recipes on her Facebook page, successfully juggles being a wife and mother and competition shooting (like many of us women having to wear many hats), but she is kickass at what she does!

Julie started shooting at age 14 and has since gained the titles of the only Triple Crown Ladies National Champion, the first and only Six Division USPSA National Champion in history, as well as the 2011 USPSA Ladies Revolver National Title winner, another first in history, male or female.

Shoot, Your Guide to Shooting and Competition is a well-written, detailed guide introducing you to the entire world of competition shooting. Chapters five through 10 describe in easy to read language all the different competitive shooting types, which can normally be a confusing landscape to navigate. For those of you who have considered the idea of getting into competitive shooting, but have been intimidated, Julie talks you through taking the plunge on going to your first match. Remember, even Julie was a newbie! The last chapters focus on tips such as grip, stance, trigger control, sights, practice, and even attitude. Julie writes, “A positive attitude helps build the mental base to become successful” (p. 245.) Whether you are brand new to the world of competitive shooting or a seasoned professional, you will learn something new from reading Shoot. The book helped me improve my grip, sight alignment, and encourages me to start practicing one-handed shooting.

One thing I really appreciate about Shoot is even though from a women’s perspective, Julie writes for a wide audience. Both men and women will appreciate how well she teaches. Julie says, “The bottom line is that there is really no stereotype for the shooter or gun owner” (p. 11). I admire Julie for not only her expertise, but also her dedication to encouraging more women and youth to get into the shootings sports.

Since I cannot take a class from Julie, Shoot is my next best thing. I will keep the book in my library and pull it out often as a reference guide, a reminder, and to share.

Recently, Julie has been making the rounds of some television’s best shooting shows, such as Top Shot and Top Guns. Like her Facebook page to keep updated on when you can see her.

In 2010, Cheaper Than Dirt had a chance to interview Julie, before she won the USPSA Ladies Revolver National Title. Now we get to add, “accomplished author” under that belt, too! Visit Julie’s official Web page to learn where you can purchase Shoot.

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