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Sheriffs, Outfitters, Gun Companies, Firearms Retailers, and Disabled Shooters File Lawsuit against New Colorado Gun-Control Laws

Fifty-five county sheriffs, the Colorado Outfitters Association, several firearms retailers, Magpul Industries, disabled individuals, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and other parties have brought a federal lawsuit to challenge to Colorado’s recently enacted gun-control laws.

The suit, brought in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, claims the new Colorado laws are Constitutional infringements and make unenforceable law-enforcement requirements regarding magazine capacity. Two laws that are set to take effect July 1 limit the size of the of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and expand background checks to private and online firearm sales.

The participating Colorado sheriffs represent 55 of the state’s 64 counties. The sheriffs are hoping to have the new restrictions invalidated because they believe they violate the Second Amendment.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said “We each took an oath. The line in the sand has been drawn, and we will stand united,” at the Friday Denver press conference announcing the lawsuit.

“… As the sheriffs have pointed out, we believe it will be impossible for citizens to comply with mandated firearms ‘transfers’ through federally licensed retailers,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Colorado’s federally-licensed firearms retailers are being asked to process private gun transfers as if the transactions were selling from their own inventory, and FFLs would be required to monitor both seller and buyer through a state-administered check process that can take hours or even days.

The firearms retailers bringing suit are: 2nd Amendment Gunsmith & Shooting Supply, Loveland; Goods for the Woods, Durango; Grand Prix Guns, Littleton; Green Mountain Guns, Lakewood; Jensen Arms, Loveland; Jerry’s Outdoor Sports, Grand Junction; Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply, Fort Collins; and Specialty Sports & Supply, Colorado Springs.

“They will not be able to recoup the actual cost of providing the service, which is capped at $10,” Keane said. “But they will be liable for paperwork errors and subject to license revocation. Not surprisingly, we expect few, if any licensed retailers will step forward to provide this service.” “For this reason and the many others detailed in our joint action with our fellow plaintiffs, these laws need to be struck down,” Keane said.

Don Shawcroft, representing the Colorado Farm Bureau, said, “Many family ag operations are incorporated, such as an LLC or partnership, and may also include non-family members as business partners. Requiring background checks for transfers between these partners creates an unfair burden to farmers and ranchers, as there are very few FFLs available to perform these background checks in rural areas.” State Sen. Mary Hodge (D-S.D. 25), sponsor of the limited ammunition bill, said, “We diligently crafted these public safety laws with respect given to the Second Amendment constitutional rights of every American. These laws were not constructed haphazardly; they were constructed to protect us from massacres like the ones we suffered in Aurora and Newtown. We worked with constitutional lawyers, and studied laws that we know worked in other states. We can’t just sit by and do nothing while first-graders and moviegoers are being mowed down in one fell swoop with weapons equipped with large-capacity magazines.”

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  1. Every gun I own that can have a huge magazine does.

    Every AK style gun should have a few 73/75 round drum magazines on hand and several 30 rounders as back up for those while they are being reloaded.

    I wish the AR style larger magazines were more affordable, and like the AK style, able to be stored without tension, then cranked up when called into service.

  2. State Sen. Mary Hodge (D-S.D. 25), sponsor of the limited ammunition bill, said, “We diligently crafted these public safety laws with respect given to the Second Amendment constitutional rights of every American. These laws were not constructed haphazardly; they were constructed to protect us from massacres like the ones we suffered in Aurora and Newtown. We worked with constitutional lawyers, and studied laws that we know worked in other states. We can’t just sit by and do nothing while first-graders and moviegoers are being mowed down in one fell swoop with weapons equipped with large-capacity magazines.”
    Perhaps she should actually investigate the types of weapons and the circumstances of their use in the theater shooting.
    Maybe, if the theater had not been the only “gun-free” theater in the area …. 1) it would not have been chosen for the attack ….2) the people therein would not have been shot like fish in a barrel.
    Now, she wants to ensure that more and more people will be is a situation similar to those patrons of the theater when Holmes decided to kill as many UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED people as he could.

  3. Hello Geoff, I worked with a gentleman from the UK back in 1970thru1973, He told me about the same thing you just stated, If you were in the wrong place you better know how to use a knife, I have been threatened with knives and shot at, I think i would rather be shot than stabbed by someone knowing how to use a knife, with few exceptions, being shot is more repairable than knife wounds, but you can’t explain that to gun grabbers, if you could they would be after our steak knives next, probably will be anyway. The idiots do not understand that controlling the criminals is the problem, not controlling the llaw abidding citizens, the best control we have over them is to vote them out of office or impeach them before they can do any more damage. Just ask someone from Australia what happened there when the guns were taken away. Also as far as crime figures, they don’t even use the correct numbers, if they did, the US is actually in the lower rates per size of population, but they won’t admit that either. We must fight for our Constitution, smarter people wrote it than are evidently around government today, let’s get back to grass roots, and enjoy our freedoms again.

  4. I am originally from the UK, now I am a proud American – I keep my family close, and my guns closer. I probably have a unique perspective on this debate. Firearms in the UK are ‘utterly’ illegal, even for sport target shooting – to own a simple (not pump) shotgun you have to prove you own a reasonable size farm. It is a very violent country, my son on coming to the US remarked how safe it was to go clubbing, the police kept a sensible watch on things and people were – he said – congenial and peaceful. Back in London it would be amazing to find an average nightclub where there weren’t at least 3 stabbings at closing time. It is a knife culture, which is in many ways more deadly. You fire a gun, everyone knows in seconds, someone can be stabbed in a crowd and only when everyone has quietly dispersed do they find the victim. THE US GOVT. CONSTANTLY MISINTERPRETS THE CRIME FIGURES BY LOOKING AT GUN CRIME AND NOT VIOLENT CRIME IN GENERAL – if they did it would tell a very different story. I kid you not, I have stood at a commuter train station while gangs of youths hurled empty beer cans and abuse at the business people heading to the parking lot, police stood by and did nothing UNTIL two middle-aged men remonstrated with the hooligans THEN the police detained THEM !!! This is what happens when you do not have a Constitution – pay attention America, what we have is precious, many of you don’t realize this because you have never had to live without it. The President (I hesitate to say ‘our’) is in the pocket of the Europeans and they intend for America to have its Constitution stripped away. The British people are helpless in the face of constant absurd, corrupt laws because they are unarmed and cannot stand their ground against a police force that is armed and the tool of Government (thank God for brave independent Sheriffs – all UK police positions are Govt. appointed, no one gets a say in who polices them). VOW TO NEVER LET THAT BE THE CASE IN THIS GLORIOUS COUNTRY. When Americans are pushed too far they will die to defend their freedoms and they will sell their lives dearly! Politicians should look to history and back away now.

    1. God bless you Geoff!
      I love to hear how ‘good’ immigrants come to this country and embrace our Constitution and American way of life. You demonstrate our RIGHT to vote and protect our Cities, States and Country. It’s sad to think that less than 20% of Anericans vote and set the standards.

      Thanks for message and please continue to fight our rights, especially the right to keep and bear arms!

  5. I think what this country needs to do is get back to good old grass roots, care for country and family like it use to be before this new type of government decided they are going to rule us like cattle, perhaps we should try and de-throne this new (king) he thinks, before he can do any more damage, and make sure the wonderful cronies go with him. We need to get back to love for country and families, not what we can do for illegal immigrants and their families which do nothing but drag our systems down to their lowest level possible. In short let’s start at the top, work our way down, get rid of the wonderful aclu along with other loop hole finding organizations that are fighting to bypass our constitution and make up their own laws as they need them. It is always funny when we talk to our neighbors, we all feel alike, but for some reason these stupid politicals do not or are not smart enough to figure it out. Our 2nd amendment was put in place to keep government from in it’s place as well as give us the ability to protect ourselves, families and country, now they are trying to take it back, smarter men then they wrote the constitution, let’s remind them of that. Wow it’s easy to get carried away here, but thanks for listening.

  6. The revolution is comming. The armed MANY can only take so MUCH from the ruling few. The media goes first. Gutless blind bumbling idiots that reinforce blatent lies from the executive branch with no regard to actual fact must be held accountable for the willful dissillusionment of americans for the sole purpose of indoctrinating liberalism into main stream. Fast and Furious needs to be first hand public knowledge and is the antisathis of hipocracy in our so called progressve government. My guns stay loaded, my guns stay accessable, my gun collection will expand just for this reason al?one MUCH less all their other B.S. you have just as MUCH of a chance proving our president is a patriot as you do taking my guns. it Isn’t Going To Happen. God bless this great nation and all her constitutionally abiding citizens. We will be victorious.

  7. I admire all who stand up for our 2nd Amendment. You are Oath Keepers, not Traders like those in our governments state and national. I know there are a lot of those elected officials that the Oath they took means nothing to them. They are Traitors and they are committing Treason. Should I say more.

  8. Here we go again. All we need are the Sheriffs to ignor the Feds. Sheriffs have the right to throw these thugs of the Kenyan Imposter out of their counties. We’re headed for a Revolution with the other half, the clueless college kids and other “Post America” idiots with green hair and nipple rings. As they send the UN Army to collect your guns, kill them. We’ve talked long enough.

  9. You wont have to suffer massacres like Aurora and Newtown if you’d be more receptive to guys like me (Former Marine, combat veteran) carrying weapons openly.

    It doesn’t even have to be open carry.

    The theater/mall in Aurora was a gun free zone. There were eight CCW holders in the audience. They were abiding by the law and left there firearms elsewhere to be legal.

    Sandy Hook was also a gun free zone. But Connecticut’s strict gun laws probably wouldn’t have let anyone carry anyway.

  10. You wont have to suffer massacres like Aurora and Newtown if you’d be more receptive to guys like me (Former Marine, combat veteran) carrying weapons openly. Men who perpetrate these travesties are on a temporary power trip, once their reign of terror has ended they often take their own life. When met with the least resistance, they often take their own life as was the case with the recent shooting at Bush International Airport in Houston, TX.
    The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, but he is OBLIGATED to do so.”- Thomas Jefferson

  11. Any and all past, present, and future firearm laws, regulations, ordinances, permits and licenses, etc. are INFRINGMENTS to the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS as citizens; whether established by local, state, federal and even the supreme court of the USA. Our “RIGHTS” come from GOD the Father, God the Son the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost! I don’t need to be told what my “RIGHTS” are! The liars, crooks and corrupted politicians need to be reminded every day of these self-evident truths!
    It is quite apparent that the same wicked evil spirits that possessed Heinrich Himmler, and the others like him are manifesting themselves again in the present administration in every department and agency at the present time under the direction of their “illustrious leader” Barack H.H. Obama, taking pages out from the former Pres.( now: Shadow President Bill [Slick Willie] Clinton) calling the shots behind this present Pres. We are now into the midst of restructuring the nations into a NEW WORLD ORDER which was the aim of Hitler. This satanic idea is from the devil himself.Its purpose is to create a world-wide Serfdom, where everyone becomes an enslaved Serf to satan, except for a few “chosen ones”, as a member of a servile class bound to the land and subject to the will of the landowner; bringing the world back to the dark ages under the anti-Christ. Progressive politicians are leading this country right along that path. I’m 71 years old and know the truth of this. So, Read the BIBLE: The never changing truth of God’s Word! Don’t let them fool you any more with their lies and propaganda! Fools have voted for “change” and received LIES. I “voted” for Jesus Christ in 1978, and HE dwells on the throne in my spirit. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST, NOW!!! Beware: The wicked are persistent.
    P.S. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY! GOD BLESS YOU! Ready for heaven, it’s real!!!!!
    V V V V V V V for Victorious in Christ! “MOLON LABE” (Greek)
    Thank God for freedom of speech; it’s almost gone.
    I guess this will put me on my state’s local “Fusion Center” list, along with another 100 million firearm owners.


  13. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice Veterans! Thank you all law enforcement that have the balls to question your Governments stupidity and do what you promised to do when you were elected, too bad the rest of the elected officials don’t view things the way you do, the right way!
    They work for us, the citizens of the United States, I did not spend 13 years of my life in the Corps too see America turn its back on its own people. We need every TRUE American to step up the next election and throw out the trash!
    This has gone on too long, wether you are Republican, Democrat or Liberal, you need to at least step up and take back what belongs to us, our own lives depend on it.
    For those of you that are doing your part, thank you! But please don’t stop, anything worth fighting for is not going to come easy, persistence is what it takes!
    I have challenged myself too do the same, challenge each other and we will succeed!
    Semper Fi!
    Cort Stevens

  14. Senator Hodges along with the other reps passing the bill need to prove this legislation will actually work to reduce crime scenes like Aurora and Newton. Here is how. In the future when a mass murderer is on the scene ready to KILL. Your group of lawmakers need to arrive there as a team of reponsiblei legislators, raise your hands in the air and motion to the mass killer to WAIT. At this point you should take turns reading the law to him (them). Obviously they are not aware of your new law. This should fix the situation. Many lives will be saved. Problem solved. Americans will now be free of these senseless killings along with foolish lawmakers.

  15. Being from the peoples republic of Illinois and being treated like a convict I dont understand why politicians act like law abiding gunowners are the problem. If that were true then the next time someones wife, husband, son or daughter is murdered raped, mugged , robbed etc… and they show up on the doorstep of the person who denied them their constitutional right to defend themselves or family,,,,,,, and shoot them, I would agree with them. These liberals should be thankful for our lawabiding ways!!

  16. The “Woolwich attack” in London, England last week highlight the absurdity of any of these laws to restrict magazine capacity, “assault weapons” or other restrictions du jour. In an island country with some of the most restrictive gun laws, where handguns are essentially illegal, and even bullets are severely restricted Muslim extremsts (who had been on a watch list) still managed to have a ‘pistol’ according to reports in the London Telegraph. Evidence that bad guys will have a gun when they want one no matter the laws. Some anti-gun believers may read this message and correctly point out gun violence is lower in England. I would point out violent crime rates are higher in England. Assuming the gun laws in England worked as intended, and the terrorists had no gun(s), they proved a car and a meat cleaver are just as effective.

  17. Keep fighting Colorado. Law abiding citizens are being punished for a few criminals actions and these ridiculous laws need to stop! We will fight for our 2nd amendment rights, these laws need to be completely shot down and rejected, anti-gun law makers have NO CLUE.

  18. I hope the current cost of ammunition is not here to stay. Now the going rate for the cheaper 9mm target ammo is around $1.00 a round (if you can find it). 223/5.56 for $2.00 a round? This is an example of the other things that are happening to limit our ability to have our 2nd amendment rights.

  19. Then, starting from the top, the President needs to eliminate Secret Service protection for himself and his family, as does all those who use the Capital Police and other varying divisions of law enforcement to protect themselves, the same as any ordinary United States Citizen who is being forced unconstitutionally to surrender their rights as an American in relation to gun ownership which includes extended capacity magazines. The reason I make this statement is, is any one of their lives any more precious than my own or your own? Does my family or yours not cherish you as much as their families do? I think not. The elite ruling class will ALWAYS be taken care of and exempt themselves from the same rules as the ordinary Citizenry. We, the silent majority of sheep in this Country referred to as “voters” need to go to the polls. It IS time for a change. God bless America and all freedom loving Citizens. A special “thank you” this Memorial Day “holiday” weekend. This “holiday” was paid for by the blood of our Countrymen who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep free men and women free from tyranny and oppression.

  20. Well done Sheriff Maketa!

    You have my support and vote again this year and every year to follow. As a resident, I’ve been embarrassed by the way that our state legislature has performed this year–pushing their agenda over the will of the people of Colorado. They have demonstrated blatant disregard for opposing opinions and a remarkable degree of hubris for people that repeatedly show how little they know about firearms or their owners.

    Thank you local sheriffs for standing up for the Constitution and the people of Colorado. We have Denver surrounded, literally…we’ll see you at the ballot box next November.

  21. Quite Frankly all gun laws as they are and have been Written are unconstitutional,
    they violate the last phrase of the Second Amendment, “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

    Even The Castle Doctrine Violates the Second Amendment for it places limits On American Citizens of where and when they can defend themselves.

  22. the question is to be asked” does this maximize freedom or not. Obviosuly all gun control laws are meant to control people not guns. I dont like any form of gun control as it has not been very effective in deterring crime. Sure, the government says it does, but how many times will you trust the government or the media on those polls. I sure wont. I even think CCW licenses infringe on my rights( which i do have one)but thats not the point, the point is to restrict my movement and what i do in the name of ” bettter good”. Sorry, I am an individual i am not the collective and as such I reserve the right to do what i want any way i please as long as im not hurting anyone (physical), Stealing or otherwise hurting society in my actions. In fact Why doesnt the government pay ME for he service i do, after all they already screwed my Education benefits from the military why not offset that cost to me? I think thats pretty logical, If you want to require someone to do something then PAY for it, i dont want to have a license so i shouldnt pay for it at all. This is about controlling people ( which im 100% against) even the NRA at one point lobbied to create Gun Free School Zones, CCW licenses, Age restrictions( apparently the 2nd A only applies to adults and not their children) and background checks ( which arent even that effective, you have a pretty good chance of being denied for being mistaken for someone else and it has happened to me twice, the ATF was a pain to talk to ) So Private Sale is the Only way to go as far as that goes as it keeps government interferance away , reduces cost and is in some cases more efficient( though your selection is quite limited)

  23. Our four Fathers were very, very, smart. This will come as a shock to the anti. gunners, But, did you know we are to have the same Firearms, & Ammunition as our Milt. As so , it should be the law of the land, to have a REAL-M-16,M-4 Carbine, meaning it would have to be a as they call it, A Real Assault Weapon. So you have a rifle that would be capable to shot in, Semi auto, meaning each time the trigger is pulled a round is discharged, burst-3-Rounds will be discharged, as long as the trigger is pulled back,until the magazine is empty, or you release the trigger, & Full Automatic, as long as the trigger is pulled it will discharge ammunition, until you release the trigger or the Magazine is empty. Now you have what they like to call an assault weapon. The AR-15- AR-15 M4 Carbine is a long way from as; they call it “assault weapon”! In 1934 that went away because of the gang warfare being caused by boot legging, & Bank Robbers & that still very much alive to this day, even as they but a $200.00 Tax, on this type of Firearm. I, Personally think ,that any & all attacks, on the second Amendment, is an attack on all of our amendments, as they are so weaved together. There is not one Law that would of prevented what happened in Aurora and Newtown. They want to disarm us, & have been trying this for along time now. The Liar & Chief,thinks he has the People behind him on this, & is finding out, it’s not as easy as he thought it would be!. Hell they can’t do a budget,that is unlawful,& our Government has yet to be charged with this crime, over 16 Trillion dollars, and my math is not good,& that is a Hell of a lot of money. The Law Abiding Citizen, always get’s bent over, or “BOHCA”. I,Don’t understand , why the American People can sit back and let this happen, it’s Treason against WE THE PEOPLE, That means all of us, & I,Want my children, & Grand Children to be able to buy, what they want,& when they want,However “NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT IT’S BANNED”!!! IS A FLAT F+ For us to let it happen. Our Freedom, is being striped away, piece by piece,& this did not happen because of, Aurora and Newtown. This has been going on for a very long time now, & it must be stopped NOW!!! They also attacked the 1-amendment as you know what I’M Talking about,Freedom of speech,Illegal search & seizure, without probable cause, of course I’m getting into more than just the “1 Amendment” & this was done by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, & Only he could of done, what was done @ this time, why? Because these people know for a fact he has been lying & have the proof. When if ever it will stop is beyond me, & that is why we have a second Amendment , & They don’t like it, & they want to take it away, Forever.”STAND TALL”,”STAND FAST”,”STAND FIRM”,BUT MOST OF ALL “WE STAND TOGETHER”. Thank You, Glenn W. Osborne @

  24. I hope the constituents of the nine non-signing county sheriffs show them the door at election time for not upholding their oath of office.

  25. i agree with most of the above comments except for those giving any ideas to these legislators,that being as such:making them aware that all we have to do to bypass the magazine limit is to carry more mags. this comment will only fuel the fire by making them ban everything which is their goal. lets be careful on what we say. also it is good to see that these law enforcement people are smart enough to support our god given rites,as is what Ted Nugent proclaims: ” i dont need a piece of paper to defend myself,my family or my country”. this situation should not be limited to individual states,we should all be banning together in every state to overturn this bullshit.lets impeach all the idiots that go against what this country is all about

  26. Outlawing high capacity magazines is no more than “feel-good” legislation and will not eliminate or even reduce crimes committed with firearms. Fact: In 1865 the President of the United States was assassinated with (not BY) a single-shot, black powder, muzzle loaded derringer. There was no high capacity magazine involved. The entire nation was temporarily paralyzed by the most crude of firearms. President Lincoln was assassinated by a MADMAN. The same common denominator applies to the shootings at Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, Tucson and others: Crazies who had gained access to guns, legally or otherwise. But the politicians have chosen to take the political expedient and attack the means, not the perpetrators. They want to penalize US by abridging our Constitutional rights, rather than attack the real problem: a failed mental health system. Fact: In 2010 (latest complete statistical year) a total of 31,076 deaths were reported involving the use of firearms. Of those, 11,078 were homicides (including justifiable), 19,392 were suicides and 606 were accidental. In the same year, 32,885 traffic deaths were recorded by the NHTSA. In most of those cases it was drivers who were to blame and prosecuted. Even though traffic homicides outnumbered firearm homicides by nearly 3 to 1, there has been no national push to outlaw motor vehicles or limit their top speeds (15 mph would be appropriate, just like 15 round magazines. Same illogic). Our congress and select state legislatures have failed us. It’s time we tell them, in the words of The Donald, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  27. I am a Colorado resident and I totally approve opf the action taken by the 55 sheriffs but I can’t find the names of those participating anywhere. Can anyone help?

  28. There are many fantastic comments and I completely agree,these types of new laws do nothing to prevent or stop gun violence but they know this ! If the real numbers were to ever be brought to the eye of the people whether the number of non natural deaths were from guns or hammers, baseball bats, kitchen knives, or malpractice from Doctors and hospitals. They would have to ban Doctors!! And if the media would stop turning these sick individuals into superstars with ,movie rights, books, mini series, It might not be such a glamorous idea for nutcases. I know there are no quick fixes to these types of problems but to create new laws that will not be enforced like the ones already in place only clouds the issuses!!!Do YOUR JOBS OR GET OUT !!YOU ARE PUBLIC SERVANTS

  29. I would like to know where Pueblo Countie is. Why isn’t he standing up for our rights. I handed him a ”OATH KEEPERS” card and he said ”I heard about this group”, and he said it with distasteful tone. If he can’t stand-up for our rights, then come election time it will time to look for a new Sheriff!

  30. Changing the law is part of the democratic process. If done correctly it can be highly effective. However this is true only if it is the correct law and for the correct reasons. Let’s do a quick litmus test on Aurora to see how right or wrong they got it.

    Could a weapon under the new laws be uses in such a heinous act? YES
    If in place at the time, would these laws have prevented what happened? NO
    Would a lower number of victims made the event less tragic? NO
    Are there individual who could have prevented the event? YES
    Do the new laws obligate them to take action? NO
    Will the New laws hold those individuals accountable for not taking action? NO
    Were the individuals who could have prevented the attack associated with the guns? NO

    The state of CO might better serve its citizenry by addressing the underlying cause of the shootings in Aurora and how they could be fixed. Aurora was not the first incident in CO that resulted in casualties nor will it be the last unless the real issues are addressed. It is clear that the following need to be addressed:

    A system to identify those that are a threat to themselves and others
    A system to fairly address and provide help for individuals who have mental health issue
    Proper training for mental health officials
    Stiff penalties for those who could prevent these incidents and don’t

    It’s been said before by those much more eloquent than I, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. It is far past the time for this country to wake up and realize that with or without the use of a gun, violence can be perpetrated against the innocent. Google “stabbed to death” or “beaten to death” and you will find:

    Man Indicted In Warren Beating Death, OH, May 23, 2013
    Woman Apparently Beat Her 38-Year-Old Boyfriend to Death, MI, May 20, 2013
    Man, 25, Beaten Nearly To Death by 40 Teens Using Skateboards, CA, May 11, 2013
    Man Faces Murder Charge in Beating Death of Elmo Teen, WA, May 11, 2013
    A Salisbury Man Charged With the Stabbing Of a Former Girlfriend, NC, May 24, 2013
    Three Men Have Pleaded Not Guilty In Attack Where Five People Were Stabbed To Death, CO, May 24, 2013
    West Point Boys Stabbed To Death, Brother In Custody, UT, May 22, 2013
    Man Stabbed To Death in Apparent Gang-Related Attack, CA, May 19, 2013

    For those of you who were counting that’s 1 critically injured and 12 dead and no guns were used. It is time that lawmakers every ware wake up.

  31. Until we overhaul our mental health system these mass shootings are likely to continue. No laws, past, present or future will stop it. In almost every case the shooter broke several laws. However, I will make this concession. Responsible gun owners MUST start securing their guns better. Too many children are being killed where, if the guns had been secured properly, the tragedy would not have happened.

  32. I am a retired police detective. After reading what Sen. Mary Hodge said and of course others in the USA, My one question is, ” Did you tell the bad guy, the person who intends to kill anyone or group that they are not allowed more than 15 rounds to do it?”
    Of course they are not going to comply but they will use what ever is necessary to complete their range of terror. So why do you think strapping the good people with these regulations will stop the bad ones? We the good people would be limited to protect ourselves. The world always has been this way, Focus on security. Also, one person with one knife can do the same damage in a class room as one with a rifle.

  33. Dear Americans,

    I have watched in the past few years as a handful of politicians and their moneymen
    have pushed and demanded their ideas and policies upon us. And without discussion or disagreement, challenge them you are the crimminal for defending what is rightfully yours and mine. I never thought as a 60 year old American, I would see the day when this “PACK of WOLVES”, could trash Our American Constitution while a percentage of citizens support these attacks. How sad this ignorances could cost their freedoms.

    I fully support and respect all fellow Law Enforcement Officers who love America and her freedoms including the Constitution upon what this country was founded and will forever stand. “God bless the honorable and distroy evil.”

    Papa 214

  34. It is important to have the names of all legislators who voted for this bill so that we can remove them and the governor from office next election.

  35. One important feature of the new law is the restriction of the number of rounds a magazine can hold. The gun grabbers are very crafty with their choice of words, so as to appeal emotionally to voters. The use of “High Capacity” when describing magazines they don’t like or believe to be necessary, is no accident. A 30 round magazine for a 5.56 X 45 caliber rifle, or a 20 round magazine for a 7.62 X 51 rifle are standard issue for military and police, and have been safely circulating among average citizens since they have been around. We must beat the ill-informed gun grabbers at the word game and inform average consumers of mass media by using the more accurate term of “Standard Magazines” when describing these magazines. That highlights the restrictive nature of the new law, and makes for an easy connection to the founders’ choice of the phrase “shall not be infringed” in the second amendment! I’ve been using it for quite some time, and can tell you that it is very effective in sparking inquiry about the details of why weapons have these magazines, why the laws are ineffective in stopping crime, how the law is easily circumvented, etc. People naturally want to appear reasonable and avoid being seen as extreme in their views. Let’s take the approach of providing them with the means to do so with thoughtful and accurate discussion of this critical right to keep and bear arms that are no less effective to the important task of protecting our freedoms from the domestic tyranny of out of control law makers, however well-intentioned they may or may not be.

  36. The whole thing is stupid and is only a move to afflict honest people.
    Almost every time there is trouble with a gang, SWAT is called in, because they have automatic weapons which have been illegal for years, and are more heavily armed than the patrol officers. I know, because I used to be associated with the Jeffco sherifs dept.
    We cannot get automatic weapons, but any criminal that wants one, can.
    This is the same thing with the magazines and the requirements of the new law.
    You are going to end up with disarmed citizens and armed, heavily armed, criminals.
    IF anyone still wants magazines and to circumvent the law, they will just go to adjoining states to get magazines or have relatives in other states order them for them.
    Stop the mentally ill and stop the criminals and you will stop the shootings.

    The legislature is so stupid. They have caused everyone to stockpile magazines, against the law, there by increasing the overall problem and flooding our society with high capacity magazines. Magazines that will now be traded on the black market and underground, like drugs are traded. Personally, every individual I know had maybe one or 2 higher capacity magazines for their guns. Those people generally now have 20 for each gun. So what did they accomplish ??

    At least we now have a better armed public. One capable of defending itself, if needed.

  37. What is it, these Democrats don’t understand, guns don’t do damage unless a sick, demented individual is pulling the trigger. Newtown, Conn. for example, the shooter was taught to shoot by the very individual that he shot first,his mother. the guns should have been locked up in a gun safe where he couldn’t get to them, because his mother knew he had mental issues. his mother passed a background check in order to legally purchase the weapons used, and left them unsecured. Yes, as tragic as this act was, laws that were on the books at the time were not being enforced. Adding more restraints on the law abiding citizens, isn’t the answer! Thank you.

  38. They can limit the number of rounds you can hold in a clip to 10 all they want but it doesn’t take but 5 seconds to put in another clip with 10 more rounds! So the way I see it, the people that are going to comit these massacres are just going to carry more clips.

  39. It makes me proud of many of my fellow citizens to see them take a stand, in the face of governmental threat, to uphold those precious rights that were set forth by the founding fathers of our nation in order to further ensure our lives, our liberty, and our ability to pursue happiness.

  40. When you read the last paragraph you have to laugh yet be sadden,fearful and disbelieving. Senator Mary Hodge either doesn`t understand the second amendment or is very naive. Let her own a business and assume liability and costs for something that will not compensates her adequately for either. In our sue happy society one would truly have to be naive to think an FFL dealer won`t be brought into a law suit after they are forced to assume this liability. Who then will cover their legal costs. All they are trying to do is force the blame on someone else. It will make it much easier next time to point a finger. Watch as the birth of a new scapegoat is born.

  41. I agree hole heartedly that these type laws are definately against the 2nd. amendment, The only other thing I wish you would have done was to state they are also happening in other states and as you stated, they do nothing to control criminals, who will continue to do evil regardless.
    Thank You All for having the courage to stand against the errored laws being forced down all gun owners throats, It makes me both proud and happy to have legal sheriffs come forth and oppose gun control of any type as all this type of law does is try to control law abiding citizens such as i and the people i know are. The frase when you pry my cold dead fingers from my gun now takes on a total REAL meaning.
    Thanks Again,
    Terry Jacobs

  42. Well, you better ban meat cleavers because thats what they are using now in London. If a psycho wants to kill they will always find a way to do it. Guns are not the problem high capacity magazines are not the problem insane individuals with no access to health care walking the streets and turned away by hospitals and the government are the problem. You can kill just as many people with 3 15 round magazines as you can with one 30 round magazine. It only takes a mili second to drop and change a magazine……

  43. Lets look at Aurora and Newtown. Are these new laws trying to stop what James Holmes did at the theater? Maybe they should let people know that Holmes bought his guns at a dealer and passed a background check. He also used a 100 round drum magazine so they thought it would be a good idea to limit all law biding citizens magazine capacity to 15 rounds. Maybe these laws would have stopped Adam Lanza, oh wait he killed his mom and stole her guns, don’t think a background check would have stopped him. I don’t think anybody could have stopped either of these crazies when you are just a dis-armed law biding citizen in a “Gun Free (Spree) Zone”. Even if these two loons were carrying single shot guns what are you going to do yell at them to stop. Also I thought they ended all gun crime in Colorado in 2001 when they closed the “Gun Show Loophole” by requiring background checks for any buyer of a gun, even private party, within a 1000 feet of a gun show. And any time more than three people get together to buy or sell a gun it’s a “Gun Show”.

  44. A note to Sen. Hodge……how about you and the other non-american’s live up to the oath YOU took when you took office. You work for us, you don’t do what YOU think is right. YOU do what WE want, PERIOD! You and ALL the other Sinisters should make sure your boss (Obama)upholds the laws we already have. If you ALL would just do that, then maybe there wouldn’t be as many criminals still on the streets. You are worried about gun crimes……… about you get together with your other Dem’s and go after Eric Holder for giving guns to the Mexican drug cartels, which were used to murder Mexicans and Americans. There is this thing you ALL have called “The War On Drugs”, well you ALL aren’t enforcing it, your helping it and that is TREASON! I guess you have to pick on the regular people (us) because you are to scared to go after the REAL problem. I just hope you remember……you can be replaced. All these anti-gun laws are crazy. Anything to make it look like they tried to do something good even if it is crap. I really don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing they are putting more people at risk every day. The world we live in is becoming a sad sad place. God help us!

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