The SHARE Act Deserves a U.S. House Vote — Email or Call Your U.S. Representative Today!

The NSSF’s mission is to promote, protect, and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Also, as the firearms industry’s trade association, the NSSF is working day in and day out to promote, protect, and preserve our industry and our sports. In furtherance of that effort, the NSSF is asking for your help. National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo Gun owners everywhere need your voice! The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has joined 50 sportsmen’s groups representing millions of American sportsmen and hunters to urge Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to schedule HR 2406, the SHARE Act, bipartisan sportsmen’s legislative package, for floor time and a vote as soon as possible.

The SHARE Act is the most important pro-sportsmen and pro-hunting legislation in a generation. It passed the House in the previous Congressional session, but was stalled procedurally in the U.S. Senate. Use this action alert or call the U.S. House of Representatives at 202-224-3121, ask for your U.S. Representative and request they urge House leaders to schedule a floor vote on the SHARE Act.

Act today to help promote preserve and protect America’s hunting traditions and the shooting sports.

Email: action alert Call: 202-224-3121

Did you do your part? Share your views on the SHARE Act in the comment section

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  1. Way out in cowboy West of just yesterday a group of men protested the Federal Governments land use policys and the lack of imput ( or disdain by them) for outside the bureacracy opinions and there was nothing but disdain by the Constitutionalist or shooting community at large for their cause, so yes lets vote to give fat ass bureaucrats and limped out environmental hypocrites right to designat when how and where we can fire our weapons at.
    The largest land grab from public access in history of US is happening in Alaska and it does not gives state public or Fish and Wildlife any say on that lands useage.
    every damned bill on here gives the growing nanny statist and all the I already got mine lifers what they think is easy access and done in conservations name but in truthit adds more jobs to bureUcracy andbin long term cost gun owners $’s.
    your open lands such as inBurns and inNevada are being sold for minerals to foreign corporTes and entry to areas in name of sage hens and totoise sFety just allows industrial killing while you pay the worthlessEPA and Fedwildlife do nothings.

    1. @ Hide Behind.

      Such ANGER! Take Texas Bills HB4 (83R) and SJR1 (83R), which basically states that the Citizen of Texas and Private Land Owners are FORBIDDEN by Law to KNOW what LIES Just Beneath the Ground Soil of their Personal/Home Property. And EXCLUDES them FROM Accessing ANY Aquifers or Mineral Right’s. ON THEIR OWN LAND. Where’s the ANGER There, SIR!

  2. I don’t want designated shooting ranges all over the country as then the gov’t closes down public land to shooting.

    No thanks.

  3. @ Jim in Conroe.

    Actually FIFTEEN ACT(s):
    1. The Polar Bear Conservation and Fairness Act of 2015
    2. The Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act
    3. The Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act of 2015
    4. The African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Protection Act of 2015
    5. The Hunter an Farmer Protection Act
    6. The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act Reauthorization of 2015
    7. The Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Advisory Committee Act
    8. The Preserving Public Access to Public Waters Act
    9. The Hunting, Fishing and Recreational Shooting Protection Act
    10. The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015
    11. The Polar Bear Conservation and Fairness Act of 2015
    12. The Hunter and Farmer Protection Act of 2015
    13. The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015
    14. The Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act
    15. The African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Possession Act of 2015…

  4. Would it be asking too much of this post to summarize the key provisions of the SHARE act that make it important that we support it? Yes, I know there is a link to the text of the bill from the post, but it seems to cover revisions to nine different acts covering everything from target practice to elephants.

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