School Resource Officer Stops Shooting in FL — Where is the Media?

Police officer aiming a pistol.

“If it bleeds, it leads.” When the shooter in Parkland Florida committed his atrocity, news agencies not only covered it for days, lawmakers took part by hastily enacting poorly planned, conceived, and executed legislation. In large part, the shooter-caused carnage was laid at the feet of the school resource officer who sheltered outside instead of engaging the shooter—a fact the media covered to a lesser degree. Then, last week, there was another school shooting in Florida, but this shooting was much different.

Police Responding
When good guys with guns engage the bad guys, the threat can be minimized or neutralized.
This time, when the shooter touched off his first shot, the school resource officer immediately rushed to the direction of the report of the gunshot, engaged, and took the shooter into custody—eliminating further danger. Did the news media cover the shooting? Was this plastered across your TV screen? Are lawmakers changing firearm legislation as a result? Of course not, they do not have a tragedy to capitalize for their own purposes.

The shooting happened Friday morning at Forest High School in Ocala. The suspect was first identified as a student, but later clarification shows that he was not a student at the school.

He brought a shotgun into the school, concealed in a guitar case, and blended in with students. At some point, he fired a shot at the bottom of a door, and some pellets from the shotgun blast struck a student in the ankle. As soon as the resource officer heard the noise, he rushed to the area. The suspect was quickly taken into custody by a school resource officer—Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy James Long.

Sale ends July 21, 2019

Sale ends July 21, 2019

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said, Long heard a loud bang! about 8:39 a.m. and immediately rushed to the source of the sound. Within minutes, at about 8:42 a.m., Long reached the shooting scene and had the shooter in custody, officials said.  “[Long] did not hesitate. He went right in,” Woods said at a news conference.

There is no telling what the gunman had planned or how much damage he was looking to do, but one thing is clear. Had an armed resistance not been there, this kid could have fired more shots and/or made a clean getaway. Thanks to Long, none of those were an option. In the video above, you can see police coming into a room and telling everyone that they are alright. While the students’ hands are up, the police check the room for potential threats.

The shooting happened on April 20, 2018, the same day that a nationwide walkout was planned to protest ‘gun violence’. This particular school had planned to participate, but the event was canceled in light of what had taken place that morning.

The media took note of this thwarted school shooting but unless there’s a lot of death and destruction, they’re rather moot. This type of outcome doesn’t feed ratings, and is why they are overlooked. If the U.S. population actually saw these events like they do the tragic ones, I am certain we would have a lot more people fighting for the idea of armed personnel inside of schools.

Why do you think this story was not covered by the network media? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  1. My step daughter goes to that school. She was there, she knows all the people involved, and told me personally what happened. While the school resource officer did his job properly and is to be commended, he was not the one who stopped the shooting.
    The shooter did. He dropped the shotgun after the first shot and just stood there.
    The first person to confront him was an unarmed teacher, who talked him down and got him to agree to surrender himself to the school resource officer.
    The SRO was second on the scene, not first, and did not have to use violence or the threat of violence to stop the shooter.
    The student who was hit in the foot had plans to join the military after graduation, and now may not have the opportunity. His ankle will require extensive reconstruction.
    Again, I don’t mean to disparage the SRO, I really don’t. He did his job well. I’m just recounting the fact that this story did not happen the way this headline would have you believe. Other sources will verify as much.

  2. Probably the same reason you’re not discussing the waffle house shooter who was thwarted by a good guy without a gun.

    1. Fireguard 1 That’s the same gamble that the coach at Parkland high took and now he’s dead. With disparity of force against the waffle house defender his best possible odds were 50/50, in all reality he was probably sitting at a 40% or less a chance of success. His saving grace was the attacker was incompetent with a rifle.

  3. What are you saying…are you suggesting that there is no coverage disparity between those who want gun control and those who’s actions support the 2nd Amendment? Did Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv get any kind of ‘equal’ coverage? What about the teacher at Parkland that supposedly compared him with Hitler? Clearly the Mainstream Media has a narrative here, and when actions that should be newsworthy do not support it they are either ignored or at best minimized.

  4. It is not in the news because it does not fit into their New World Order, UN plan to totally disarm us. Any good use of a gun will never be reported.

  5. Cops stop stuff all the time, cant cover every story ad nauseam. And it was a resource officer doing their job. Is there someone against resource officers that this news flies in the face of? Is someone fron Parkland against resource officers?

    Besides, a single shot from a shotgun where someone got wounded in the ankle is NOT the same as a maniac with an AR randomly killing or wounding dozens of people. So yes its no more sensational than a million other police interactions and the media exists to make money. Just like gun companies. Its all about money.

    I think the officer should be commended for doing their job but outside of that this is just misplaced outrage. Not everything is a socialist conspiracy to take our guns.

  6. If there is no “tragic” body count, and the action a police officer or private citizen takes to apprehend the perpetrator does not end by killing the perp – then the alphabet news agencies see no “newsworthy” information to report. So many good uses of firearms are passed by because it does not gather interest or increase the agencies “Nielsen ratings”. Also, when the liberal bias that the news reporter has kicks in – they would rather sensationalize “fake news” rather than real news. I condemn these news agencies to the point that I will not watch them at all. They have been “despicable” to me for a long time

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