SC Rep. Gowdy: Obama May Fire AG Holder over Fast and Furious Scandal

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy has said that he thinks President Barack Obama may end up firing Attorney General Eric Holder before the 2012 election. Gowdy is an outspoken Congressional critic of the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, and Gowdy said that he, Rep. Darrell Issa, and others pushing for accountability on Operation Fast and Furious will not stop until they get all the answers. “I think that if he [Obama] believes that the attorney general has become something of an albatross, and is impacting his ability to carry some swing states, Eric Holder will be in the private practice of law quicker than you say Marc Rich,” Gowdy said in an interview with NRA News’ Ginny Simone.

Gowdy’s reference to Rich referred to a presidential pardon Holder orchestrated on President Bill Clinton’s last day in office. At the time Rich, a wealthy commodities trader, was under federal indictment for illegally making oil deals with Iran.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa served Holder a subpoena on Oct. 12, 2011. Holder has thus far failed to comply with all 22 categories of the subpoena that requires him to provide Congress with documents relating to Fast and Furious.

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy (left) and House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa.

In a recent New York Post editorial, Gowdy wrote, “Congress has a constitutional responsibility to exercise oversight over the Executive Branch, and for more than a year we’ve been attempting to fulfill that with respect to the Justice Department’s ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal.

“Yet Justice — despite repeated requests for documents, multiple appearances before various committees and more than ample time — has failed to answer fundamental questions about this ill-conceived, ill-executed firearms operation.

“So, on Tuesday, I introduced an amendment to cut the department’s General Administration Fund by $1 million; it passed on a voice vote. The cut is aimed at Attorney General Eric Holder and his key lieutenants; if the AG and his staff won’t cooperate with our requests, then they don’t deserve their salaries.”

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  1. To David Robinson…
    If we as a country are already as you say, then why in the HELL would you sell your guns? That makes you one of those you sound disqusted with. Why not retain ALL your weapons and use them when they come to your door to confiscate them. Are you that afraid to die? At least you would die for a good cause. Freedom and the Constitution. I want to make this a better country for my children and grandchildren to live in and you can`t make things better by selling out, sticking your head in the sand and saying FU– it!@ David, give your life some purpose. Live for a cause, and if need be… DIE for it! Good Lord, how many thousands of our ancestors died for us so we could live in this great country? I`m not saying ” start killing people for no reason ” I am saying “stand up for your Constitutional and God given rights!”

  2. Note to David Robinson: Last time I checked, treaties still had to be ratified by 2/3rds of the Senate, otherwise they are null & void.
    Clinton signed the Kyoto Accords, but the Senate refused to ratify it, which is why it is not law.

  3. If Obama gets re-elected. The first thing on his agenda is to sign the UN arms treaty. Something that up until now had to be ratified by a two thirds majority vote in the House or Senate, I can’t remember which at the moment. Once he does, if you have any hunting rifles or handguns, you have three rational choices. You can hand them over to the storm troopers who come knocking at your door at 3:00 AM. hide them or sell them. I’m going to sell mine. Why? Because At least I’ll end up putting a few bucks in my pocket rather than have nothing. When the people have had all they can take. When they have nothing left, they will revolt. America will become another middle East where so many people believe that death is looked upon as being better than life. Rather than commit suicide. I suggest they do what Gandi did, excuse the spelling. He told everyone in India to stay home, and they did. The result? The people shut down the nation. Here’s another idea. What would the IRS do if fifty million people decided not to pay their income tax? Is there enough room in the entire prison system to lock up fifty million plus those currently being held??? I do not think so. Of course, he could impose mass murder of all who resist. One of his mentors stated years ago that they would have to murder twenty five million Americans before the rest would fall in line. Will it ever happen? I want to ask you this question. Did you ever believe that this nation could move so far left in so short a time? Let’s face reality. America is already a Socialist nation. Obama’s here to put the finishing touches on it. While at the same time, destroy our Constitution, our way of life and put an end what little freedom we have left. The problem we have is that this nation has become a nation of strangers, me people. They have little or no regard for anyone but themselves. I see it every day. As long as people are as they are. The crooked politicians will continue to have their own way. As long as the voters haven’t the intelligence to dump both mainstream parties, nothing is going to change. Forget what I’ve just stated, it’s too late now anyway. IT’S OVER, THINGS ARE ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE. Why? Because people are self centered and even if they were not, they waited too long to act. Sometime in the near future, another Hitler or Mussolini will sit in the Oval Office. Maybe he’s already there right now. The reason he hasn’t acted on his entire agenda is because he wants to be re-elected. Once that happens, he will pull out all the stops. What can he do? Because Capitol Hill, remember the people we elect every four years to represent the best interests of the voting majority, but do not? They have allowed themselves to become powerless. This President now has the power of a dictator. Now he can and for the most part, has done whatever he wishes. The Constitution? What’s that????? America? Where did it go?

  4. Sounds interesting, but I doubt Holder will ever face charges with 0bama in power. And even if he did get charged, dismissed and imprisoned, the ‘joint’ would be one of the cushy federal resorts, and he would get pardoned AGAIN by 0bama on his way out. IF the elections do make it this time and he doesn’t steal the election. Again.

    Click the name. Survive.

  5. I agree with everyone hear completely. Where is the law that states politicians can`t be prosecuted. I can`t find it, but there must be one because I can`t remember the last time a politician was prosecuted. If there was one I`m sure they went to a federal prison (country club). They should be sent to Pelican Bay, that`s where you or I would be sent. Holder is a murderer, and if nothing is done by Obama and his admin. they should be arrested and held as accomplices. I`m so sick and tired of our crooked politicians (and I don`t just mean democrats)all of them getting away with massive criminal acts! I`m with Jesse Ventura…this country needs a REVOLUTION! We`ve all protested, talked, and written to our govt. officials `till we`re blue in the face. This all means NOTHING! They will only wake up and realize when they and thier families are confronted with acts of violence. This is truely unfortunate, however; this is just my opinion.

  6. Barry will NOT ENFORCE “ANY” laws that are beneficial to the nation. He’s ILLEGAL to even BE PRESIDENT, hell how many KNOW we are really A CORPORATION? READ! I was unable to walk about 2 1/2 years.. all I did was READ, history is about to repeat itself. HOLDER ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE…”YOU just might, though.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree that Holder should be held accountable for lying to congress and failure to comply with congressional subpoenas. However, by cutting the DOJ budget, you are only hurting the the Assistant US Attorneys in the field that are doing, for the most part, a great job. I know and work with several AUSA in the southern district of Texas. They can barely keep their heads above water with an ever-expanding case load that never goes down. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, i just bring them their business…
    Almost all of them are hardworking and dedicated to prosecuting criminals who violate our laws.
    For most of you that read this, I can guess you have never been to south Texas where the US Magistrate docket can have over 50 on any given day; that is 50 NEW cases a day; 3 Magistrate judges, 3 US District Court judges and almost 10,000 federal agents and …….9 or 10 Assistant US Attorneys. Cut em a little bit of slack, increase their budget so they can have more line attorneys so they can adequately do their jobs for YOU.

  8. I believe that originally, both the congress and the senate were part time jobs. And they were filled for the most part by real, honest to goodness, caring Americans. Today, there isn’t an American among the lot of them. I do not care how much they wave the flag and refer to the Constituion and love of country. As far as I’m concerned. Every single one is an American citizen and that’s all. When they win election it’s akin to winning the state lottery or Irish sweepstakes. They ran, not to make things better for the voters who elected them to office. They didn’t run to make America more secure or a better place. They ran in order to fill all the extra pockets they sewed on after their victory, or in some cases, before. And to fill their off shore bank accounts with taxpayer money. Not to mention money obtained through insider trading or bribery. Which bythe way is illegal and if we did the same, we’d be facing prison time. Ask Martha Stewart.

  9. I totally agree. But being a realist and knowing how corrupt EVERY WASHINGTON POLITICIAN IS, AND I DO MEAN EVERY. THERE’S NO CHANCE OF TRUE JUSTICE EVER BEING SEEN.

  10. It would break oblahmas heart to fire the vermin…I mean its hard to find a dirtbag as corrupt on short notice!

  11. Arrested for gun running isnt enough, b/c of brian terrys death, holder should be charged with 1st degree murder under the fellony murder rule. The underlying fellony is the gun running, terrys death is a direct result of the that fellony. Therefore holder any everyone lese involved is guilty of murder 1.

  12. David, You are right!!Term limets for all of government offices.No more free passes, a law applies to everyone. no one should be exempt!!When this county was formed people served and went back to there orginal jobs,NO life long careers.Our elected officals should have eat out the same bowl we do!

  13. Eric Holder should face criminal prosecution for running guns to the drug cartels. If you or I did the same thing, we would be in prison. Government officials have had a free pass for way to long. People died and will no doubt continue dying because of his actions. He should at least be held to the same legal standards as the rest of us. When are they going to make an example of corruption? Unless they do, this type of behavior will continue. I’m sick and tired of the corruption.

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