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Hunters and shooters can now get the accuracy and dependability they trust from Savage Arms at an even more affordable price. The “Save on a Savage” rebate program offers customers the opportunity to choose from dozens of firearms and receive cash back. Savage arms rebate graphic “This isn’t a small promotion. The list of firearms that qualify for this promotion is quite impressive—several of both centerfire and rimfire rifle styles are eligible,” said Savage Firearms Marketing Director Bill Dermody. “This program also includes the popular A17 17 HMR which was voted ‘Rifle of the Year by both NRA American Hunter and Guns & Ammo magazines.” The rebate offers include buying any Savage Arms Trophy Hunter, DOA Hunter, Model 14/114 or Model 16/116 and receive a $75 mail-in rebate; or choose any AXIS or A17 synthetic stock and get $30 back. Shooters who purchase any bolt-action Savage rimfire, including the B.MAG and Rascal, will be eligible for a $25 mail-in rebate.

“Savage Arms has a strong reputation for delivering quality, accurate rifles at surprisingly low retail prices. It’s the key to the popularity of our products, and it’s why we have so many dedicated repeat customers,” said Dermody. “”This rebate is a great way to win over new shooters looking to buy their first Savage rifle. It also gives our many loyal customers a great opportunity to add another Savage to their collection.” Firearms must be purchased between Aug. 11, 2016 and September 25, 2016. Rebate coupon must be received by October 25, 2016. Offer valid in U.S. and Canada; U.S. funds only.

For full details on the program and to download the rebate coupon, visit

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  1. I have a Savage 111. Got it for free. A few years back, I let my father shoot my Remington 770 in 7mm Remington Mag for hunting. He was impressed with the accuracy. So, he went to a gun show in Florida and purchased a “used” one and the seller told him he had only shot ONE BOX of ammo through it. So he bought it for 300 dollars and took it home. He bought a couple boxes of ammo to sight it in. Then when he opened the bolt, he felt how loose it was. Thinking it was “worn out” he put it away, and went and purchased another brand new one, took it home, opened the bolt and it was the same worn out feeling bolt. So, he gave me it, and I like the way it shoots better than my Remington. I didn’t get a rebate, but it is the finest shooting rifle I have ever shot. Well worth whatever it would have cost.

  2. I took advantage of a similar promotion two years ago and bought a Savage 111 XP Trophy Hunter with a Nikon 3-9×40 package scope in 30-06. Shot MOA out of the box with factory ammo, and I used it the next year to take my first elk.

    It was such a good deal that two of my friends took advantage of it, also. I looked at comparable Remingtons, Winchester, Tikka, and several other rifles. I don’t regret choosing the Savage at all.

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