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Save Money and Shoot Better with the LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit and Plinking Cans

Picture shows a blue training pistol with laser and laser reactive target.

Experts and professionals agree, shooters should regularly train to keep proficient. Cost and availability of ammunition can be prohibitive to laypeople and many may not make it to the range as often as they would like. You can still train at home with dry fire, which reinforces drawing for a holster, speed and muscle memory, but never gives feedback about your accuracy. If you aren’t accurate, then what’s your piece worth? A few pounds of metal?

LaserLyte has a solution. The LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit with replica gun features a gun similar in size to popular compact polymer-framed pistols, laser and reactive target. Combine the kit with LaserLyte’s laser-reactive plinking cans and you have a complete shooting gallery anywhere you want!

Not just a fun toy, but a useful tool, the LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit and plinking cans will help competitors and regular folks alike. Further, it is a perfect way to help train new and young shooters on the fundamentals of handgun shooting without the noise and recoil.

LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

The LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit includes a blue, “non-firing” gun, reaction target, universal laser trainer cartridge and batteries.

The blue pistol is about the same size as a Smith & Wesson Shield or compact Springfield Armory XD-S with a realistic 5.5-pound trigger pull. The slide does not function and there are no safeties, so the gun is not made to teach or train semi-auto functions. The sights on the gun mimic standard factory sights with no dot and are non-adjustable. It weighs 10.4 ounces, about half the weight of a compact Glock. (The S&W Shield weighs 19 ounces.) It is made of glass-filled nylon.

Inside the box includes the pistol, laser trainer cartridge, target, batteries and instructions. The LT-Pro laser trainer pro cartridge already has three button-style batteries installed and includes three extras. To use the system, you must insert the cartridge into the gun’s barrel. Before the cartridge will work, you must remove the plastic, clear yellow “insulator” found in the battery compartment. After fitting the end of the laser with the black plastic adapter as the instructions describe, you will have to fiddle with tightening the adapter a bit to get it to fit securely into the gun’s barrel. The cartridge should fit all the way into the gun’s muzzle.

Once you have the laser trainer cartridge inserted into the barrel, to activate the laser, simply pull the trigger on the pistol. You should see the laser on the target when you pull the trigger.

LaserLyte did an excellent job on the fit and sight alignment of the laser into the plastic gun. It is spot on the middle of each plinking can. You don’t have to compensate for the laser being too high, low, left or right. When you miss, it is solely the shooter’s aim.

The 5.5-pound trigger pull is comparatively realistic. When you pull the trigger, it is loud and springy sounding. The trigger does not catch like a real gun for a proper trigger reset. However, it does have a natural and realistic breaking point.

LaserLyte Plinking Cans

Picture shows three plastic cans with laser reactive bullseyes on them.
When you “hit” the cans in the target-area, they fall down.

I used the LaserLyte training system with the cans instead of the included reactive target. I have past experience with the Reaction Tyme target and have used it for target practice plenty of times.

The LaserLyte plinking cans come in a 3-pack and include three 9-volt batteries. Instructions are simple and straightforward. Insert the batteries as indicated and turn on. An on and off button is located at the bottom of each can. However, no light or sound indicates the cans are on. You will have to attempt to shoot them with your pistol and laser-training cartridge to make sure you inserted the batteries correctly.

The instructions say to use the proper lighting and they are right. In the photo studio setting up for product pictures, the studio light set them off. Common overhead fluorescent lights will not be too bright.

The gun and cans will work up to 50 yards. However, I was only able to test them from a room’s length away and experienced no problems with the laser reading the target every shot. When you “hit” the cans in the target-area, they fall down.

I use the cans to practice what the gun range will not let me, like drawing from a holster and rapid-fire. I also find this system useful for practicing my speed and accuracy, self-defense drills, weak-handed, one-handed, and learning to aim and shoot with both my eyes open.

I highly recommend the trainer system and reactive plinking can system for people like me whose self-confidence at the gun range wanes when it comes to more advanced self-defense skills. It gives you the privacy to practice and learn drills at home first without the noise and recoil to improve technique before live fire.


For new shooters and children, you can teach them and train them on the fundamentals of handgun shooting and safety. LaserLyte reminds you to treat the blue pistol as a live-firing weapon and stay diligent on muzzle control and stay aware of your trigger finger at all times.

You can purchase all items separately if you so desire. LaserLyte has a wide variety of laser cartridges for different caliber guns including one in .223 Remington.

For training, practice, teaching, to save money or while cooped up at home, the LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit and plinking cans helps you stay proficient, learn new skills and improve your shooting.

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