Recall: Savage B.MAG .17 WSM Rifle

Savage Arms has recalled B.MAG .17 WSM bolt-action rifles. The bolt on some of these rifles may catch the safety switch, moving it to the “fire” position. Only B.MAG rifles with serial numbers J800928 and below are affected. No other Savage rifles have the issue.

Savage’s press release reads, “Savage Arms has discovered that the bolt on some B.MAG rifles may inadvertently catch the safety button and slide it forward into the “fire” position. This condition is primarily present if downward pressure is applied to the bolt too early while pushing it forward.” No accidents have been reported.

Savage requests owners stop using the affected B.MAG rifles and contact the company at 844-784-3301 to receive a free retrofit kit. Savage will send you a free bolt retrofit kit that includes step-by-step instructions, the bolt handle and cap.

The existing tapered bolt cap.
The existing tapered bolt cap.
The revised bolt handle with detent mark on the arm, replacing the existing bolt handle and revised bolt cap, which replaces the tapered cap.
The revised bolt handle with detent mark on the arm, replacing the existing bolt handle and revised bolt cap, which replaces the tapered cap.

Review Savage’s official recall notification here:

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  1. Hi, just wondered if anyone has had any experience with a better stock for this rifle, showed it to my Gunsmith and he said the stock is very ordinary, the composite is too flexible and there are not enough anchor points, said the stock touches the barrel in different spots just by holding it, cant float the barrel, he said a better stock would give a tighter group.

  2. Agree, if they wanted the new .17 WSM to start off on a good foot, which they really needed to to compete with the very popular .17 HMR, they needed to build a nice durable gun to start it off with. At this point I don’t know if the .17 WSM will stick in the shooting industry. Especially with one of the only set of guns chambered for it is currently in recall. Plus Savage just came out with the first reliable semi-auto .17 HMR so that cartridge just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s going to be very very difficult for Winchesters to compete with it for the very slow start it has had.

  3. I bought the 17 win mag a year ago standard barrel . Not very good sold then bought heavy barrel shots better but the gun is not built to very good standards. They need to build a gun with a better standard it is cheep.

  4. I am under impressed with how the bolt works, allowing it to drop into a closed position before it is pushed far enough forward to put the round all the way into the chamber…

    it IS an outstandingly accurate gun with the 20 grain round though! All shots can go into one small hole at 100 yds! And hitting a coyote anywhere from 37 Yards out to 210 yards has put them DOWN in a heap with one shot! With no recoil and far less sound than any centerfire along with lethal effectiveness, I rate it as one on my favorite rifles. I would like the bolt to work correctly though.

  5. I started looking into these once I took up rabbit hunting a month ago so I can get those longer shots. Just ordered the bull barrel version of this, cant wait to get my hands on it. Already also score 500 rnds of the Hornady 17 wsm, cant wait!

  6. I too was bit underwhelmed with the BMag. The 17WSMis an outstanding varmint round it’s too bad savage didn’t spend a little more time building a worthy platform for a great little round. Mine is on the recall list and they are sending me the kit. Too bad they won’t include a new barrel.

  7. Well it’s really not looking good for the .17 WSM now. There’s finally a couple of other guns chambered in it other than the flimsy B-Mag. But, this cartridge isn’t really taking off as much as Winchester would like. It’s going to be hard for it to compete with the very popular and continually growing .17 HMR. Which Savage just came out with a reliable semi-auto for it. So I don’t see the .17 WSM growing because of the .17 HMR.

  8. I have one of these B-Mags. Savage is sending me the repair kit. I also voiced my opinion on what a poor job they did introducing this hot little round, in a poor example of a Savage rifle. They spared no money in producing this little piece of junk ! Great little round though.

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