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San Francisco Senator Introduces Bill to Ban California “Bullet Buttons”

Earlier today, May 21, 2012, State Senator Leland Yee introduced SB249, a bill that would ban possession of any rifle that has a magazine that can be easily detached using a small magnet, tool, or tip of a bullet. Semi-automatic “assault weapons” with detachable magazines were banned in 1989, along with magazines holding more than 10 rounds. The bullet button replaces the standard magazine release button, preventing magazine removal unless a tool (specifically a bullet) presses a catch inside the button.

Yee proposed the changes after viewing a local CBS news story about the bullet button. “When I saw the news I was absolutely horrified,” he said. “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear; there is no debate, no discussion.” SB249 is designed to eliminate the possession of any long gun using a magazine that is not permanently attached. “These conversions are circumventing the spirit of California’s assault weapon statute,” Yee said today. “Absent this bill, California’s assault weapons ban is practically toothless. For the safety of the general public, we must close this loophole.” The California general assembly will consider SB249 next month. Chinese-born Senator Yee has served in the state legislature since 2003.

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  1. @ peter….i do agree….i’m out of town in a chiy that has been a lot of coverage due to gang related shootings. the city i’m in has the same droconian laws as cali. my point being as soon as i return i’m looing to purchase a AR-15 IN 308 or 5.56 perhaps before this lw passes, as it look, it just might? what can we do to stop it, LIKE NOW, besides bitch & complain about the politicians IN OUR DISTRICTS.

    your mini AR-15, is that a 22cal ? surely it is not a SBR ? i can’t get one either here or in cali when i return.

  2. At some point politicians quit being the guy next door with a common interest, and join the cover/cushion your assets wagon. Just blowing sunshine wherever votes and dollars are. If the sheeple ever pull their heads out of the sand and hold their politicians accountable, like that is gonna happen because they are too busy watching REALITY TV, we might get our nation back. Get off the sugar, get off the soy, get off the couch USA!

  3. These CA politicians along with Jerry Brown need to go simply go away. Their views on guns are so farfetched and ignorant that they have absolutely no place writing laws regarding them. Living in CA myself, i simply refused to buy a neutered AR with a bullet button. So i bought a Mini-14 with a proper mag release. Now tell me this, how can an AR-15 with a proper mag release do more damage than a mini-14? they both use the same ammo and can carry the same amount of rounds. Yet stupid CA politicians consider the AR “evil” simply because it looks scary. idiots.

    1. speaking to the choir Peter ! I feel what are saying. So was the mini-14 approved in some way or grandfathered in ? If I was to ever got with a SBR, If I could afford it, I would go with some type of bull pup configuration due to having a 16in. barrel on a short frame.

  4. The average California voter is a utopian idiot, but they are not on this board. Those of us who are feel like we are living in occupied territory. Legislators like Yee, and Kevin DeLeon, who is a co-author of this bill, will do everything to protect the rights of gang-bangers and foreignors, but nothing for us law abiding folks.

  5. In order for us to remove the magazines from our AR15 we need a tool. For the anti-gun libs to introduce a retarded bill like this they need a tool like Yee!

  6. What is wrong with you people. WHY would you elect someone with these idea’s and especially why would you KEEP voting him in. You get what you ask for morons.

  7. The problem with these rectal orifii in Sacramento, at least the Democrats, is that they are afraid that if the citizenry has guns they will rise up and take them out of their cushy public teat jobs. Of course, the idiots in San Fransicko think he is wonderful for trying to fulfill their socialist nirvana agenda and will continue to elect him. Unfortunately, there are far too many state “representatives” from the hippie commune areas and the conservatives don’t have a chance in this state. I would recommend that every one of you contact every one you know in the “liberal” areas and urge them to get off their asses and vote these fools OUT. The only way that the gun rights of the private citizen in California are going to be preserved is to clean out the Legislature and Senate. This will take years but it can be done if the people will get out and vote. I’m hoping to leave this disaster to the hippies one of these days, but until then, I will do everything in my power to fight these morons.

  8. Education, not regulation. Jellyfish don’t need firearms any way! Just drove through that wretched state this week. I say build a fence around it and cut off all the outside support (water, electricity, $$$) and see how long it takes for them to grow spines. We don’t need their crops from dead over fertilized soil. We don’t need the toxic garbage they import from China. And vote Fiscal liability!

  9. He was horrified? Who does he think he is? Another communist born in a communist country. I have ancestors in the U.S. that go back to the 1700’s and I am a prior Navy officer. I bet he has never shot a gun or knows the differences between “assault rifles” and non-assault rifles that can do far more damage. I have lived all over the country and only in California do we have idiots from communist countries telling us what to do. Go home to your shithole China!!! Thank God most of the U.S. in not like San Francisco!

  10. we can talk shit all day and night about this idiot yee. what we need to think of is how are we gonna fight this bill, or how can we remove this idiot in his current position. I’m sick and tired of this california gun law. WE are law abiding citizens, i set my boots to different countries to fight for this country’s freedom and I/we can’t even protect our selves and families from these tyrants? (yee and the other anti-guns of california) california is becoming a paradise for criminals….WE are the government, supposedly….and these people in position are our voice, supposedly – They are all FUBAR!
    I go with what dan said (comment # 10) let’s start a petition, my whole blood line will sign it, guaranteed! – SGT G (MP)

  11. @ tommy & grey fox75…..good point guys…yes what a surprise that we can string a few sentenses together in a coherent thought !!! who would have thunk it 🙂 look, i’m progressive, yes i have to admit that i voted for the dems….i don’t know how to let people know that not all progressive people are anti gun ownership or self defense, lets just enforce the gun laws we have now for starters. i personally have been in more than one situation that being armed has saved me. i did’nt have to shoot anyone (thank God) or brandish as they like to say, i prefer to say PRESENT my weapon…i just let my training kick in that i have invested in the use of combat pistol training. so lets not wait until Nov…..lets get on their asses now !!!! hopefully we’ll have the NRA & other state pro gun groups on this. just when you think the shit can’t get any dummer it does ! i might not be in total lock step politically with a lot of people here from what i have been reading, but rest assured i’m with you all on this one ! remember lee’s # is 1-916-651-4008.

  12. Tommy asks: “When will the politicians learn that ALL the gun control laws only disarm law-abiding citizens?”

    They ALREADY know that and either simply don’t care or have that as a goal in the first place.

    It’s been said a million times, but it bears repeating: gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.

    Those who are seeing State Senator Yee as being naive are frankly naive themselves. This is political posturing in an election year that gets easily-spooked people worked up about non-existent dangers. You are far more likely to be killed in California by an illegal alien driving drunk than you are a gunowner with an AR-15 that has a bullet button, yet what are the politicians focused on? What does that tell you about their priorities and which side their bread is buttered on?

    All this arguing about democracy vs. republic is seeing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. You can register your outrage all you want and try to convince voters that can barely be persuaded to look up from the TV long enough to pull the lever marked “D” that signing away their rights is a bad idea but the fact is that California is demographically gone, in terms of the takers outweighing the makers.

    The most powerful vote you have left is to vote with your feet and deny the tax-feeding parasites your resources. Get out while you can, before the greedheads in Sacramento decide to impose a 100% “exit tax” on you before you can leave. Don’t think they haven’t thought of it! The sooner the last productive person leaves California and turns off the lights, the sooner we can start over there.

    Come to Texas and we’ll help you pry that button off your AR and put on a proper mag release!

  13. I enjoy reading the comments. Us “gun nuts” are reasonably literate too!

    I suspect we can never close the intelligence gap with people like Yee. He was not
    born in a country with free speech so when he sees something in our media he thinks it must not only be true but a message from God.

    Sorry, Yee. The media here are worse than Red China because they pretend not to be.
    At least in Beijing the media are straight about being liars and manipulators. Here a producer can doctor up 911 tapes from the Trayvon-Zimmerman incident and maybe get away with it. NOT!

  14. When will the politicians learn that ALL the gun control laws only disarm law-abiding citizens. If I’m a criminal bent on murdering someone, but wait there’s a sign “Gun Free Zone.” Damn it, now I have to go elsewhere to do my mayhem. Does this sound simply ludicrous to anybody else, or is it just me. We need to get out and vote this November, get these idiots out of office STAT. Or suffer the consequences later…

  15. @ DAN….that’s the way to go Danny boy !!!!! we all can bitch & complain and talk all we want about deporting him, that’s just silly crap for venting our spleen….the only problem is that i think this bill just might get traction !!!! then we’ll all be back to where we were before during the so called assault weapons ban…..i’m trying to think who else i can call or write to voice my displeasure…..only thing i live in an area that is very anti gun ownership,so calling my state rep is like talking to my dog, he’ll look @ me intently, but won’t do shit……WTF….I’M GOING TO CALL ANYWAY TOMMORROW !!!! AND SAY IF HE VOTES ON THIS HE WON’T GET MINE….NOR ANY CAMPAIGN $$$$

  16. I also called Mr.Yee’s office and let him know what I thought no cussing just let them know that he is now taking guns out of law abiding citizens and they can now rape and pillage at will.

  17. There are no words to describe this kind of stupidity.

    I wonder how many crimes have been committed with legally-owned, bullet-button equipped rifles. I would bet almost anything that there hasn’t been even one.

    I detest the loaded language they use, too. “Assault weapon”? My rifle is NOT an assault weapon. It has never “assaulted” anyone. The real “assault weapon” we should be worried about is Mayor Lee’s pen. His signature is far more likely to kill somebody than my “assault weapon” is.

  18. This is a horrible, stupid move on Yee’s part, but I have to object to the last sentence in this post. A quick glance at wikipedia shows that Yee came to America when he was 2. Unless you think that people form their political views at 2, there’s really no mention his country of birth other than nationalist baiting, and from the comments it appears that there are plenty of people ready to rise to it.

  19. “…there is no debate, no discussion.” Typical lib. Basically…”We’re not going to talk about this. We are going to push this disarmament agenda and there is nothing to talk about. We the govt know more than the people. You will do what we say.”

  20. It’s not Lee or’s ignorant moron.We have the same idiots here in New York State.They think they are doing the right thing by denying law abiding citizens access to firearms that are so called assault rifles.Meanwhile every criminal who wants one can buy one illegally.And we all know what criminals do with their weapons as opposed to what we do with ours. So Mr. Lee it’s just so crystal clear,there is no debate,no discussion,shit stain.

  21. What a bunch of crap. If a democrat (Liberal) doesn’t like something (guns) they don’t want anyone
    to have them….You already know the next line. How long has San Francisco been a part of China?. You can’t send this guy packing cause SF is full of them. It’s time to divide California into 2 states just below SF. I’m a retired cop and criminals don’t give a shit about laws. Time to move to Nevada.

  22. @ DAN ! i’m for that pal ! let my name be @ the top….”no debate” & “no discussion” WTF !!! & JESSICA, I GOT SO MAD AFTER READING THIS, I CALLED HIS OFFICE !!! took a deep breath, summoned all my composure, told some guy named yohann that his bill sb249 is something like they have in the country of his birth, communist china ! i went on the ususal rant about the laws being droconian enough in cali, and if he has a problem with criminals getting these weapons, perhaps he should go after them. these “assault weapons” with THESE SO CALLED EVIL FEATURES are no more than carbines….i also said he obviousely has not operated with any of these or any type of gun. that i was in the gun store a few days ago and had to fill out reams of forms, get thumb printed, what’s next….DNA TESTING ! FOR THJOSE INTERESTED IN DOING WHAT I JUST DID….HERE’S LELAND LEE’S PHONE # 916-651-4008. i also said he needs to do more work on getting the state out of the red than wasting our money on his salary thinking up crap like this…..also try not to cuss @ any of the staff guys….if anyone calls, ask if they know why they have chop sitck s in china….some emperor was so afraid of getting stabbed or assinated he banned all knives and forks in china….now i’m not really sure about this as being fact, but makes sense to me……SHIT RIGHT WHEN I AM RESEARCHING AND HOPEFULY GOING TO PURCHASE A LONG GUN OR ASSAULT RIFLE as that asshole calls them….they just got ride of open carry here, so this just might pass folks…totally bummed… 🙁

  23. Just another example of how politicians are scared of its own people. Senator Leland Lee, creating laws will only hurt law-abiding citzens from having the ability to defend themselves and others around them. Punish the law-abiding citizen for the violence only a small percentage of people will commit. It’s politicians like Lee who take a couple rotten apples and thinks the whole tree is spoiled. Is he that narrow minded or does he just want more power over the people he claims to represent? Law breakers do not care about the law and they will commit a crime regardless of what the law saws. Banning firearms will not stop these people, but it will stop law-abiding peoples from not taking up enough residency in body bags. I doubt if the citizens of the People’s Republic of China had the ability to keep and bear arms that they would not have allowed a communist regime to take power which eliminated their basic human rights. I highly doubt Mexico would have such a problem with cartel violence if the people had the ability to stand up against the violence in their own backyard. Just putting it out there guys, California is spelled with a C not a K.

  24. I really think that a lot of people that get elected to government offices have never lived in the real world. They are obviously blind to what actually happens outside of their high fence and never actually lived with the working class. If by chance they did once live in the real world they certainly leave what common sense they once had behind when they get elected. It must be a job requirement. I am sure their must be some good people in office so where are they when the rest of the mindless twits stand up to be heard. It seams to me their are much more important things for these people to deal with. This problem is not just in California, our nation is full of mindless TWITS!! When election time arrives I hope that we all remember this when we go vote. We should take the time to see what the actual back ground is on these people and not just take their word for it and the press. Just because a journalist says it don’t mean it is the untwisted truth. I know it is hard to get the truth,but we as a nation have to try something this kind of thing is getting out of hand.

  25. Lee is a typical nutcase that thinks like a simpleton. Oh those evil detachable magazines. Gangs will arm themselves with any weapon they choose, but honest law abiding citizens cannot be trusted right! Unfortunately the libbies have taken over California and the only thing a freedom loving citizen can do is move. So what is stopping you…step away and take a deep breath of freedom.

  26. @ Jose (post #8)
    THAT is one of the biggest problems we have in this fine REPUBLIC of ours…. folks thinking it’s a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic, and we use the democratic process. Living in a democracy would mean that 51% of the people around you could decide you can’t have those guns, and they’d get their way. It means that 51% could decide that your property is no longer yours, and they’d get their way (well, with the way emminent domain is being interpreted, that’s kind of true).
    My point is, until WE start educating ourselves on WHAT this country is, and right now, we will lose to those on ‘that side.’

  27. “just so crystal clear; there is no debate, no discussion.”

    I’m sorry, did I miss the memo??
    I thought this country, which Kalifornia pretends to be part of, was a DEMOCRACY

  28. Let me correct that, the REAL Californians. There are a lot more freedom loving Americans left here than the media would like you to believe.

  29. Californians won’t stand for this shit. I like Bill’s comment. Can we ban this moron Lee?

  30. Completely ridiculous it is already bad enough with the gun laws we have here… And now they just want to make it worse. Get real lee banning firearms just puts the public at more risk. The founding fathers gave us the rights in the constitution for a reason to protect our rights! So mad right now makes me want to live in another state.

  31. “Chinese-born Senator Lee has served in the state legislature since 2003” Something is very wrong here. You Californians will elect anyone. You deserve what you get.

  32. Though well intentioned, Senator Yee is wildly naive, simplistic and misinformed. China has gun laws that would be more to his liking, but he chooses not to live there. Mexico’s gun laws deny possession of hand guns and rifles larger than .22 caliber to its citizens – and then only after going through a lengthy process before you can pick up the .22 rifle from a government store. Does anyone think they would be safer from gun violence in Mexico than the United States? SB249 would do nothing but punish law abiding citizens. It would have not an iota of impact on criminals. They tend not to be law abiding.

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