Sales Prove Support for Gun Ownership Not Polls

Firearm sales continue to rise in the United States, with more Americans than ever investing in guns for a variety of reasons. From personal protection and home defense to recreational target shooting and hunting to collecting as an investment, increasing numbers of citizens are purchasing guns.

Model 1866 Winchester Rifle Engraved by Conrad F Ulrich
Model 1866 Winchester Rifle Engraved by Conrad F. Ulrich
On Black Friday 2016, the FBI processed 185,713 background checks through their National Instant Criminal Background Check System, breaking last year’s record by about 400 checks. Leading up to November’s Presidential election, gun retailers nationwide reported record sales in the month of October.

By Jason J. Brown Gun sales in the U.S. have risen steadily for 18 consecutive months, with the post-election Black Friday boom serving as an exclamation mark trumpeting the fact that Americans are passionate about their Second Amendment freedoms and are more excited than ever to take advantage of those rights. More guns have been sold in the U.S. in the 2016 than any other year in history.

Yet somehow, biased media outlets, still stinging from the embarrassment of being totally humiliated in their baseless election coverage, continue to weave a false narrative about American gun owners, citing unscientific polls painting gun owners as a tiny, insular contingent of arms hoarders–“super-owners”–while “a majority” of Americans are hungry for stricter gun control laws.

While anti-gun groups scramble to manufacture polling data illustrating the “truth” of an increasingly pro-gun control society, we choose to look rather at the hard data.

Gun sales continue to set records, as witnessed over the past 18 months of increases–fact. Sales jumped a whopping 17 percent from September to October of this year, a full 18 percent ahead of then-record-setting, since-shattered sales a year prior.

Your Vote Counts
Your Vote Counts
Americans cast votes to elect leaders that will continue to defend their Second Amendment rights–fact. NRA-endorsed President-elect Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election, and the Republican Party now controls both houses of Congress.

The aforementioned statements are rooted in truth, not in the political acrobatics of polling data. The citizens of this great nation continue to go off-script from the media’s narrative because they are empowered to make their own decisions based on conviction, not conformity.

Increasing numbers of Americans know the NRA is the foremost advocate and defender of their Second Amendment rights. Our 5 million members understand reality, not the blatant propaganda efforts perpetrated by mainstream media outlets. These self-styled institutions of journalistic integrity are struggling to sway public opinion, which is moving increasingly out of lock-step with fear-mongering and calls for limits on Constitutional freedoms.

As for polls? According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 54 percent of Americans view the NRA favorably, opposed to a 41 percent approval rating of failed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton from a Gallup poll–running entirely counter to what the Los Angeles Times would have us believe.

Rather than strategically selecting an audience to build the “nut-graph” of hostile anti-gun hit pieces, gun owners are proving a point with their wallets, their votes, and their voices.

What are they saying, exactly? “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” We hear you loud and clear, America–we’re with you.

Did you support Black Friday by buying a new gun? What did you get? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  1. Wow reading all your posts an please explain to me what cities were burned down an again how many cops were shot during the protests? Once again AFGUS you don’t have a FACT to support your claims, but if trump tweets it has to be true an that’s really presidential like… an yes the name calling was uncalled for, but damn you guys have no FACTS to back up some of your claims just a bunch of lies… an the REPUBLICAN party put party instead of country once again but than again FACTS don’t matter.. TRUMP will always be a illegitimate president, he has no plan an no clue only thing he will do is pick our pockets to fill his own.. just like his two kids are doing with fund raisers to go on hunting trips.. an yet when FACTS don’t matter, but good luck being robbed blind. Hope all racist supporters get whats coming to you but I doubt it the ignorance will just get worse when we have people believing whatever Trump says or tweets Trump whole campaign was run off of hate an 80 percent of what came out of his mouth was a lie.. an if obama or Hillary had the Russians help them win I guarantee that the Republican Party and no fax news would be talking about impeachment already but since Trump did it The Republican Party has nothing to say.. but they had no problem spending millions of our tax dollars on hillays emails which were nothing.. let’s look at the bush emails an Republican party’s emails that got us into 2 illegal wars ..lets see Mitch McConnell’s emails .. but then again facts don’t matter.

    1. Congratulations M…..welcome to the Freedom Club! Try out a nice 45ACP 1911 for your next purchase. I recently picked up a great Citadel 1911 for right at $500. Recoil is very manageable, and it’s super accurate. It’s definitely my favorite now. Have fun!

  2. I’m reading your posts an damn all of you clowns are some of the dumbest bunch of mouth breathing knuckle dragging inbreading waste of human beings if ever witness!!!!1 Obama never tried to take our guns away!!!! Cuz if he wanted to he would have!!! 2 Hillary won the popular vote by a record amount but facts do not matter to people like you!!!! An yes the NRA is crazy people with mental issues an people on no fly lists DO NOT NEED TO OWN A FIREARM!!!!! An I am a gun owner… an for all you clowns that voted for trump he is an illegitimate president!!! Cuz he lost the popular vote an in any other country he would have lost!!! We are such a laughing stock to the rest of the world!!! TRUMP is going to do nothing for the working class an bring the biggest economic crash in decades, worse than bush an worse than the “Great Depression” all his generals an ceos he has might as well be running the White House form the pentagon.. but then again FACTS do not matter to inbreads!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMASS!!!! 3

    1. Sounds like you’ve been mixing a little too much Kool-Aid in with your Vodka. Take a hike LOOOSER! ????

    2. If Hillery won, how come President elect Trump was voted in by the electoral college – a 220 + year old institution. If anybody is illegitimate, it’s the present occupier of the Whitehouse. Thank god we have less than a month to listen to his idiot voice and then he’s finally gone for good. And as far as you trying to characterize me, your wrong again, I have an Associates degree, have worked at one job for 37 years and am worth well over a million bucks and have never taken a dime from the government although i’ve paid in plenty. That’s a hell of a lot more than you liberal deadbeats can say.

    3. Awww….give Ricky a break Scott. Liberalism, Vodka and Kool-Aid cause immense brain damage. He can’t help being a moron.

    4. DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE NOW! The same system that gave Trump the future presidency without the popular vote is the same exact system that did the same exact thing for OBAMA in 2008! But you are right because like you said, facts don’t matter to you- inbread! lmao

    5. Huh? Obama won the popular vote in 2008 (52.93%) and 2012 (51.06%). It wasn’t just the system that elected Obama, but the will of the majority (not just a plurality) of the electorate.

      That said, I’m no fan of the Republican Party (despite being a gun owner), but I’m even less a fan of changing the rules without thoroughly thinking it through. Trump won by the rules in place, and will legitimately be elected President next year.

    6. And we took it like men….not snowflakes, and without burning cities and killing Cops every other day. Derp much? LMAO!

    7. @Richy $rich suckas

      You really need to grow up.A good dose of common sense and reality would do wonders for you. Your 5th grade level insults simply prove you are clueless and in denial. I hope you can grow out of that…you’ll be much better off if you do. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to you.

  3. This and Trump’s election just illustrates that for progressive liberals, failure is not an option, it’s a lifestyle. I doubt that Obama, Bloomberg, Hillary, and the rest have the slightest clue that their attempts to stifle gun ownership and the second amendment have had the opposite affect that they intended. I’m quite sure that they are completely in denial about it though…totally out of touch with facts and reality.

  4. I am new to shooting but recently obtained my carry permit in NY. The preliminary safety class I was required to take was packed. They hold it at the same place once a month. I have driven by there after I attended and the parking area has been packed every time I go by. Anyway, this year I purchased a Beretta 92 and a Henry lever action .22 caliber rifle.

    1. I’ll bet the Henry won’t be you last – great rifles! I have 5 now, everything from 0.17 to .44 mag.

    1. I can only assume you base your conclusion the NRA is crazy on the facts and examples you use to support it. Nothing.

  5. I bought a Smith and Wesson Victory and added a Henry Bigboy to my collection over the last couple of months. Judging by the line at my local dealer last Friday when i picked up my Henry, the store has never been busier.

  6. The Lame Stream Media can continue to spew their false equivalence all they want. The truth is that there are far more true American Patriots in this country than they dare admit to, or want to admit to. True, we are not out there screaming our guts out on a daily basis, rioting and burning our communities to the ground like the anti-gun nuts are doing. Why? Because we’re too busy working, making a living and providing for our families to take trips all over hells half acre, burning our nation’s flag, and generally acting like spoiled little snowflakes. The anti-gun nuts and Lame Stream Media can scream and pout, make up their own facts, and cower in their Safe Spaces all they want. True law abiding Americans will “NEVER” allow you to keep us from exercising our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights to own and carry firearms, and to be able to provide for our and our families safety. Gun free zones kill, and when seconds count, the Police are minutes away.

    1. Well said AFGus. If and when the time comes to defend ourselves on our own soil, America, and it’s true patriots, will be ready! The knowledge of this fact is what keeps others from walking in and taking what they want. This is OUR Country!

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