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Safety Recall Notice Regarding Tisas 1911 Pistols

Tisas Raider .45 ACP semi-auto pistol

Tisas USA has recently learned of a potential safety issue with certain Tisas USA 1911 pistols. Tisas USA is voluntarily initiating a recall of these pistols to protect the safety of its customers due to the possibility of the hammer following the slide forward when chambering a round. While the chance of this occurring is extremely remote, and Tisas is not aware of any injuries that have occurred because of this condition, Tisas USA is immediately implementing this recall of Tisas USA 1911 pistols.

Tisas Recall Notice

If your model is listed below do not attempt to load or fire your Tisas USA pistol. Doing so could possibly lead to property damage or severe injury.

Tisas USA will upgrade any affected pistol in the order in which it is received for inspection and upgrade pursuant to this recall. Tisas USA will supply affected customers with a return shipping label and will cover any expenses related to the inspection and upgrade of the subject firearms.

** Recall Lead Times**

Upon submission of the form, Customer Service will notify you in 1–2 business days if your pistol is affected by the recall and provide follow-up information and request any additional documentation. A return label, if applicable, will be provided in 3–5 business days once all information from the customer is received. Inspection, upgrade and return time is approximately 3–4 weeks from when your pistol arrives at its facility.**

Recalled Tisas Models

The following models are subject to the recall:

  • 1911 Duty B45DG (Raider) – SKU 10100505 – UPC 723551442852
  • 1911 Duty Nightstalker 45 – SKU 10100512 – UPC 723551443293
  • 1911 Duty Nightstalker 10mm – SKU 10100537 – UPC 723551444283
  • 1911 Duty Enhanced – SKU 10100551 – UPC 723551443972
  • 1911 Republic of Texas – SKU 10100514 – UPC 723551442821
  • 1911 Match SS 45 – SKU 10100514 – UPC 742309782514

If you own any other Tisas model that IS NOT listed, your firearm is not subject to this notice, and no action is required on your part.

To read the entire recall notice, or find the Recall Submission form, click here.

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Comments (7)

  1. For the pricey snobs out there, this is for you. I bought a Tisas 1911 years ago after trying out several much more expensive handguns manufactured by the snobs preferred manufacturers. The Tisas sold me on that it’s issued to the Turkish Military to NATO specs. I’ve had several ex-snobs buy one after firing mine at the range. Very accurate out of the box with a manageable recoil for follow up shots. I even got the seal of approval from my Son-in-Law, a Navy SEAL. He loved it and bought one over his Sig. Why spend hundreds if not a thousand more for something you might fire once a month at the range. It has gone bang every time I pulled the trigger when loaded. Just my thoughts and experiences.

  2. The article doesn’t mention the cause of this issue. I don’t own a Tisas, but I’m impressed with their response. I’d be interested in knowing what caused this. Was it a batch of poor quality hammers with badly cut cocking notches? That, or very heavy hammer springs would be likely. It doesn’t matter if someone has had no issues with their pistol. If they have one of the listed models, they should return it for the recall service. Failure to do so, opens up the owner to a lawsuit, if their firearm suffers a negligent discharge, resulting in injury,
    and it is found that they ignored the recall.

  3. Excellent customer care. I’ve butted heads with an American company that still — after about six years — hasn’t gone public with what I found.
    Yay for Tisas !!!

  4. I think it’s good that they are getting in front of something that could potentially become an issue later, unlike say the SIG 320.

  5. I have the 1911 A1 model. It’s great and I bought it from a NRA gun magazine review giving this model great recommendations. I have had zero negative issues. Point is I am impressed that Tisas covers the costs and stepped up to accept responsibility. Unusual in these days and times we currently have to live in. Anyway,,, For what it’s worth?

  6. Tisas says the hammer will follow the slide forward. If the hammer gets past half cock on a series 70 action it can fire. Scary.

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