SAF Hails Passage Of Suicide Prevention Bill In Olympia

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“Suicide prevention is not, and should never be, about gun control, but about saving lives and preventing tragedies,” Alan Gottlieb. Gun control advocates have blamed firearms for a number of problems—not to address the issues but to vilify firearms while pushing a political agenda. Here is a case of the organizations championing our Second Amendment rights getting a needed victory for a tragedy that happens far too often.

Second Amendment Foundaton BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation is applauding the Washington State Legislature for passing the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Education for Safer Homes Act, an issue championed by SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb and supported by local and national gun rights groups.

The House passed the bill initially 93-4 last month, and on March 1, the Senate passed a slightly amended version 47-0. The House concurred on a 94-2 vote, and now the bill heads to Gov. Jay Inslee.

“I am personally gratified by the Legislature’s action,” Gottlieb said. “This is the culmination of a year’s worth of quiet meetings and truly heartfelt conversations that involved suicide prevention experts and the Second Amendment community.

“I am particularly proud of the fact that working on this project introduced me to Dr. Jennifer Stuber, an associate professor at the University Of Washington School Of Social Work,” he continued. “Her devotion to suicide prevention stands second to none, and working with her on this effort has been a great experience.

“”Suicide prevention is not, and should never be, about gun control, but about saving lives and preventing tragedies,” Gottlieb observed. “Working with State Rep. Tina Orwall and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, along with Brian Judy at the National Rifle Association demonstrates that people with diverse interests can come together and produce something that I think will be good for the citizens of Washington State.” In Olympia, Gottlieb and Judy both testified in support of the bill during the hearing process. The bill was also supported by Ray Carter for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and Phil Shave, executive director at the Washington Arms Collectors.

“We’re going to have the involvement of firearms retailers and genuine gun safety experts,” he concluded, “and mental health professionals. People working together have a far greater chance of accomplishing something than working against one another.” The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

Do you have something to share regarding firearm regulations and suicide? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

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  1. SAF Mission Statement: The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our Constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms. To that end, we carry on many educational and legal action programs designed to better inform the public about the gun control debate.

    Mr. Gottlieb, you have accepted our donations based on the above premise. Every year you send us members a survey asking on what would we like our dollars spent. Included in those options are lawsuits to repeal unconstitutional gun laws. Not a word about assisting in the crafting of new gun legislation, especially revolving door legislation that subjects us to open-ended second amendment infringements as did the NRA’s Gun Control Act. After negotiating the Gun Control Act, the NRA benefited for decades working to repeal, piece by piece, the mammoth legislation it helped pass. While this Suicide Prevention Bill is not as insidious or pervasive as the Gun Control Act, perhaps you are employing the same extremely lucrative tactic? In abandoning your mission you abandoned your members and have now joined the corrupt ranks of the NRA. You have done great works to defend my freedom. For that I am eternally grateful. But, you no longer speak for me. I pray for you to have the courage to come clean and pass the Second Amendment Foundation’s torch to a new Patriot with fresh legs.

  2. Unless I am misunderstanding the bill it appears to create a subsidy for suicide prevention paperwork and gunsafes. Not sure we need more laws for that. Would be interested to know of the 544 suicides by gun how many took another life

  3. Ryan I read this Bill three times, once each as it was revised and amendended before passage and have done with a few of Washington peoples who helped write Initiatives that passed and latrr were picked apart on tecnicalities bythose the Initiative tried to reign in..
    This Bill has so many loopholes that membersof Social engineering,government security freaks, police forces and Veterans care groups can exploit in future it is
    A terrible Bill if one cares about more than single isdue of guns.
    Oh it leaves plenty ofmanuvering room for anti or very resyrictive interpretations of gun rights, Rights that we gun owners will be left to foght because the very fn groups who are supposed to help protect us are mow part of the very bureaucracy that even mow progiles so many americans and tertoridt and on mental fringe.

  4. I don’t believe any of the people commenting here even read the bill before shouting “anti-gun!” all over the place. The bill incorporates means for firearms dealers to provide cheap safe storage devices and information regarding suicide prevention. It doesn’t at all place restrictions on firearms. I am all for helping make the world a better place and suicide is a tragedy too often overlooked. This is a good thing.

  5. I’m going to take a very unpopular position on this,it’s something that always bothered me. Why if someone decides for whatever reason they come up with do others feel it is their right to say they know better and you can’t end your life? I don’t agree with suicide but I do believe in absolute freedom of choice! If I am not causing bodily harm to another or interfering with someone else’s right to freedom and I choose not to go on why is that not my right to do so? I know relatives are hurt by the loss of a loved one but what about their pain whatever it may be you have no idea till you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Maybe more people would ask for help if they were not locked up,medicated by force or stuck in some looney bin. Maybe if they were allowed to be responsible for their own actions and allowed to end their life if they choose maybe more would come forward for help if they knew it would be up to them in the end.

    I’m not for suicide I just really believe in the freedom to do as I please to myself as I see fit no matter if it’s being a healthnut or overweight or doing drugs or riskin my life as an adrenaline junkie or even ending my life if I choose. If we only hurt ourselves and live supposedly in a free society why is this wrong? Just a thought…

  6. According to the World Health Organization, the US ranks 50th worldwide in suicides. Japan which has the most stringent gun control on the planet(read: prohibition) ranks 17th. Is there a message here? Why do we even listen to these trottels. FYI, “trottel” is German for blithering idiot.

    1. Thank You BILL for pointing out the USELESS weasels stealing the peoples money. Why don’t they POINT out the more USE FULL FACTS! Such as the USA Gov. (CRIME SYNDICATE) has wasted over 10 trillion fighting the terrorism they supported, armed, trained and protect with our tax dollars. This FILTH they INVADED SYRIA with is the same players involved in 9/11. That in any case ASSAD is not the BRUTAL DICTATOR the,BLOOMBERG BRAINWASH makes him out to be. And the fact the Terrorist factories of Saudi Arabia and the other ISLAMIC MONARCHIES just publically executed 27 protestors. There are NO SANCTIONS NO INCENTIVES for these Terrorist factories to extend HUMAN or WOMEN Rights. The U.N. is a farce on the war on terror. The USA government has promoted supported ARMED TRAINED and FUNDED the TERROR the world is experiencing today. Even bombed prisons in Yemen to release and train the leaders of ISIS. Also Preventing PUTIN from wiping out their TERRORISTS in SYRIA. So make a law that will have zero effect on anything? Like Obama has done nothing to stop criminals from getting guns or taking the ones they have. Just IGNORANT TROTELS thieves taking hard earned MONEY PROFITS and RIGHTS from working US CITIZENS who rights are threatened and taken by these CRIMINAL TRAITORS. Nothing about the PEOPLE SOCIAL SECURITY which is losing as the Gov. admits there has been 1.5% inflation every year Obama has been in office. Which is another fabrication well below the actual costs of living. Yet sabotaging the future for all US CITIZENS, business owners, and every aspect of the future economy. Social Security in the last 8 years has seen less than a 1.5% increase total. Notice how they ignored the real statistics which prove these so called “GUN VIOLENCE STATISTICS” are FABRICATED LIES. And the fact congress even repealed the ANTI-PROPAGANDA ACTS with out any public discussion. Why not tell the truth? There isn’t candidate running for office that wants to restore this nation to be ran as the Constitution and Bill of Rights intended. By the PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE. Not 1 Candidate is asking for the people to vote on more issues. Voting from our HOMES and Phones. They just keep coming up with more facilities that support their thievery. Stealing lying and misappropriating of the people rights profits and conscience.

    2. Its ridiculous to fall prey to this nonsense. Suicide has nothing to do with guns, razor blades bridges or tall buildings. It is about the social engineering of people. Law makers are responsible for these aspects. But a gun safe to prevent suicide? Oh yes your on the right track. Some one experiencing financial difficulties of course would need to run out and buy himself a gunsafe to prevent a suicide. Suicide is about depression and chemical imbalances. It about the lack of care The lack of empathy. About law makers who always come up with another cost another requirement more stress and utter nonsense. Suicide prevention line social acceptance. Some one to talk to and the availability of affordable medications. that is the proper and sensible solutions to suicide. Not blaming a tool or instrument used. Lower all buildings bridges and add nets. Leave the working class broke jobless and social security 8 years behind in cost of living raises. Medication much to expensive to afford while paying $400-$600 a month for health insurance. Pay another $1500 out of pocket before your insurance pay anything at all. Yes add the cost of a gun safe. You’ve made a real difference in the world.

  7. I just read the article and I don’t live in WA but these comments make me wonder if I’m missing something. I see here that if the politicians won’t do something serious about suicide and mental illness then honest supporters of the constitution and 2nd Amendment will take over and get it done. Any politician who stands up and supports more gun control as a means to control gun violence is an effing fake liar. We (second amendment supporters) know that lumping suicides in with gun violence stats is only propaganda to support the liberal agenda. Too many people buy into this farce. Now, here are 2nd Amendment supporters taking the lead and acting on what is really the problem. This is great. It shows up the libs and political elites and proves that their “plans” are not the way to go. As for corruption in WA government, I have no doubt there is, what better way than to have our side step in to avoid going down the path of their ineffective plans and show-boat pandering to the ignorant voters.

    1. More BS from TROTTELS that could careless about the USA or its citizens who fill it more important to fall for the BLOOMBERG BRAINWASHES LIES and FABRICATIONS. Than to tell the TRUTH about the corrupted GOV. The BLOOMBERG BRAINWASH. The TERRORISTS and TERRORIST FACTORIES of Saudi Arabia and the other ISLAMIC MONARCHIES that the Gov calls our ALLies. The Terrorism they created. the 300,000 deaths 15 million displaced. Syria was invaded by these FREEKS of nature. 75% Saudi of course. The same players involved in 9/11. And while arming terrorists want to disarm LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. Doing NOTHING to DISARM CRIMINALS or take the weapons the currently have. Instead with the Trillions of dollars “WON” with the false flag attack on their own country. This UNLIMITED money they acquired has turned Afghanistan into the largest heroin producer in the world. Terrorism has gone global. They have gained their own country. Or caliphate. Oh yes this all just conspiracy theory though. It really didn’t happen. They really didn’t ARM TRAIN and FUND ISIS baby rapers. Their isn’t 300,000 more people dead 15 million displaced. These aren’t in the working books Obama studied and the Comy Tactics to destroy the free world. PUTIN didn’t just prove if anyone would attack ISIS they could be completely dispatched from Syria in less than a month. If the USA CRIME SYNDICATE was willing. But some how SUICIDE prevention is WHAT? and can be done with a gun safe? Give me a BREAK? I wonder if these people realize there may be a US Citizens that actually has an IQ above his shoe size. This BS is a DISGRACE to the Hard Working Law Abiding Citizens of this Country.

    2. Troy, take your medication and go back to your video game. Leave the conversation to the stable people reading.

  8. Our Range has been under attack from surrounding neighbors. Our neighbors would like to see us move or just close us down. I am disappointed with the NRA. We have contacted them for help. We had to hired an attorney and they are not cheap. As you know trap shooting with the young is growing. Last year we had over 20 young people. We have 31 kids signed up this year and more that would like to. We have one trap operating. We have 2 more traps underway and hopefully will be operating soon. Our Club has been here since 1952. Any kind of help from anywhere would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information please contact me.

  9. I lost my ex-wife and son to suicide. First, there is no warning. Let us be clear about that. When someone talks about doing, generally speaking, they are seeking attention.. Second, they both hanged themselves. This POS would have helped neither of them. IMHO.

  10. They don’t do anything about Heroin, its the most popular way for suicide. Its easier to get than prescription drugs and there are no age limits to buy it. No forms to fill out. No waiting period. If you are caught with a gun and are a felon you get 10 years in prison. If you are caught with Heroin you get to go to a nice treatment facility that the tax payers pay for.

  11. I have been in WA State 6 years and due to it’s incredibly corrupt State Government we are moving this year to Texas or AZ. With Bloomberg and other millionaires purchasing the new gun legislation is when we decided to leave along with legalizing drugs that is having a huge impact with DUI’s and is not being reported. During the Bloomberg campaign for new gun laws a shooting was orchastrated to get the bills quick approval. My uncle was involved with setting up the phony shooting and was told to keep his mouth shut if he wanted to live. Many polititions pocketed big money from Bloomberg on that deal. It’s sad to watch our corrupt Government work like this in an attempt to control us. If there is not a revolution soon we are going to loose everything. Please people wake up!

  12. Suicide prevention starts in first recognizing that a person is contemplating the act of taking their own life. That depends on the honesty of the person, and if they are intent on it, they are not going to be honest when purchasing their instrument of death. Psychological treatment is the only way to stop a person intent on ending their own life. I do not know how any legislation can be crafted that will stop suicides, so this entire idea is patently ridiculous and a transparent attempt at gun control via emotional reaction instead of reason. If they are serious about suicide prevention, why is there no ban of all items that one can purchase at your local hardware store such as rope, insecticides, cutting tools, caustic drain cleaners, or anything else the human imagination can concieve of to use in taking their own life? No menion strict control of sedative medications was made here, so the logical conclusion is that this isn’t about suicide prevention at all – it is about nothing but gun control, and just another cynical exploitation of the emotionally loaded subject of suicide to achieve a political agenda.

  13. Do they think guns are the only means to kill ones self. With that thinking they should also eliminate tall buildings and bridges over high places plus deny access to an automobile for all mentally disturbed.

  14. If SAF is so damned proud of helping pass this bill then SAF must be part of the Bernie Sanders for President Campaign.
    This damned myopic view and gun fanaticism Is one fn reason the rest of Constitution has been torn to shreds..
    Christ on a crooked crutch would not escape the almost fn total surveilance from cradel to grave this bill involves, and they give of all vorrupt SOB’S this powers to Health Services.
    Me thinks that someone was bafgled by MS Struder so as to want to please .
    Does SAF know ofAgenda 21n, and the Federal Educational upheVL no ongoing and the FBI “student snitch program and the selected by staff peers programs that reports on kids uspected of being under stress or drugs or of anti social( school clique) behaviors.
    all througout this Bill there is mention of removal ofdangerous objects or items, also this bill has so fn many at risk lrofiles fromnative americans veterans temporRily unemployed , laid. Off, facing economic difficulties, morose looking.
    This is one Of Those Bills that arepassed that allow revisions without any further legislative actions and left in hands of TEchers school administrTors. Cops so damned many different child behaviorist it is unbelievable. MENTION OF REMOVAL PROGRAM TO ALLOW POLICE TO HOLD WEAPONS DURING THE PERIOD OF STRESS.
    If you have a relative once diagnosed as suicidaland is on medication yourweapons will not be T home. LEAVES OPEN MANDATORY SAFES IN FUTURE.
    In Washi gton Heath and Child serviceshas. Been one of most inept in nation, rampant official misconduct that ruined peoplesand child care providers.
    This Bill will place over 40,009 experts on State pYroll and place them in
    This is funded open endedby Federal Funds. To monitor every small or large rural communities.
    If you want 1984 then you just got it coyrtesy of Washington States gun store owners and Gun Rights groups.kissing state booty, In fact they will become part of State bureUcracy or lose lisence.
    They care not they get paid just as they do with the WA and Oregon gun registration Bills they helped pass.
    The 2nd was to defend a Constitutional Republic not some dambedSocialist Fascist Police State.

  15. This article is old news. West Virginia hasn’t done much original. What they are doing relates to a health care terminology of, risk of harm. Social Security has a neat deterent. Where they give a false legislation for adjucaters. While the front of the legislation allows for a temporary make sure things are settled down. The decision is still a decision similar to if airports let planes fly. Even a contracted adjucation bypasses Federal laws creating discrimination and lack of due process. Creating a deterent, but a contract does not supersede federal law. At times they tell you your unfit. Basically telling you your not fit to sign with a cognitive diagnosis leading to benefit plans. The answer realistically is pass out reference cards to help determine a risk of harm and be thankful that paid in benefit recipients haven’t emptied government liability accounts for not determining a risk, but attempting by limiting firearms. Where proper care calls for a hospital at the time. If they restrict a firearm without hospitalizing until risk of harm is gone. Then they have no room to discuss. You can change the target population a thousand times, but risk of harm is the payday term.

  16. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t care to be nanny stated for any reason. What happens when some over-zealous counter flunky decide that he doesn’t like my present mood? How much humiliation at the store? How long before the nanny state gestapo are breaking down my door?

    I don’t need others minding my business. If a terrorist strikes – I will shoot him. The state cannot prevent actions unless it parks a cop on everyone’s elbow.

  17. I, too, was wondering: Do we have to “pass it to find out what’s in it”? What’s in the bill? What is it about?
    There are many suicides. Incidentally, there are twice as many suicides per 100,000 in Denmark or Sweden, where guns are banned, as there are in the US.
    But what is the actual intent of the bill to do something? I think we would all like to support meaningful action. Please post something with real content.
    In addition there are 47,000 opiate deaths in the US per year. The federal government has now decided to “blame the gun” – it is now blaming doctors for causing the problem. Again, we need meaningful steps to deal with these problems.
    Please post the content.

    1. Well let see I’m not for un protected sex and abortion so will need to do something about that ,since we’re on the subject of saving the world although I don’t were a gun when there a full moon and I’m in the mood to procrate ,so what are their hart felt intentions on that matter , All the unborn children that unwed mothers commit abortions ,suicide to their unborn child . Not too much Heard on that matterabout that lately but seeing how guns have been on the ballot they want to use that as a way of being heard or a political agenda to further their self really your timing is perfect or noticed as the good doors what about the bridges people jump off of and what about cars are far many more deaths per year due to drinking and driving it goes on anon leave the second amendment alone what are you going to do if someone breaks into your home and you have to defend your family think about it before going any further with this best regards to

    2. flyerBob….I re-read that article trying to figure out what the heck it said? I still don’t know !
      I mean…a suicide bill that is connected to guns? Or is it simply a bill that says you can’t commit suicide?
      And what possible role could the NRA have in it? What about the credentialed personnel putting the nuts and bolts together?
      And….the vote okayed the bill by 98 -2? Did anyone actually understand what they voted for or against?
      Strange things going on on the left coast….very strange.

  18. Tread carefully with regards to mental health and the suppression of our Liberties, as Hitler, Stalin and even FDR have, historically, used such as excuses to imprison and deprive certain individuals, who were their political adversaries, of their natural rights.

    Already the Obama/Soetoro administration has ventured into this dangerous area, attempting to disarm veterans and retirees via ‘mental health’ prerogatives.

    Note that almost 1/2 of all US citizens currently take some form of mood regulating medication, or another, making this a very slippery slope, indeed.

  19. What the hell does this bill do? What an awful article, full of platitudes, warm fuzzies and self congratulatory accolades. But not a single word explaining what the law will do. Good grief.

  20. There is an elephant in the room in this article: it never discusses what the bill is, not even a one-sentence summary. SPB could be anything from a lecture for five year olds to mandatory imprisonment for anyone over 70 years old.

    It is fine to say “everyone thinks it is great” or in this case:
    SAF wins a needed victory.
    SAF applauds the legislature.
    The bill passed the House and Senate and sits with Governor.
    The SAF is gratified by the Legislature’s year of work.
    The SAF met Dr. Stuber because of this project.
    SPB is about saving lives.
    SPB received wide support from numerous parties.
    People are working together on SPB.
    Who the SAF is.

    Where is the discussion of this bill which you are so proud of, but which may make the rest of us cringe as an unwarranted imposition of legal oversight and regulation where none was needed?

    1. Thank you! I read the article twice trying to determine what the bill is. I am relieved that I am not the only one wondering about this!

    2. Here’s what you are looking for…

      The bill requires suicide awareness training for gun dealers and owners of shooting ranges. It would add suicide prevention messages to hunter safety courses, promote education about safe firearm storage, and prompt pharmacists to talk to customers about safe storage of prescription drugs.

      Read more here:

      Hmmmm…. let’s teach gun dealers and range operators to recognize the potential clues that someone is thinking about killing themself, or someone else. That can’t be a bad idea. Let’s require pharmacists to remind their patients to lock up harmful drugs so their kids can’t get to them. Another good idea. We hold bartenders responsible for serving customers who have had too much, so why not look to gun dealers to help with the problem of suicide? As long as they don’t allow gun dealers, or range operators, or pharmacists to be held accountable for suicides they “might” have been able to recognize and prevent, I say it’s a good step in the right direction.

    3. “As long as they don’t allow gun dealers, or range operators, or pharmacists to be held accountable for suicides…” THERE is the rub in all this! How long will it take for the millions of lawyers in this country to see the $ potential in all this (not to mention Hillary & Co… Hillary already wants to repeal the law protecting gun manufacturers from suit for use of their product)… this bill just lays the groundwork for the same action exempting ‘trained’ gun dealers to anticipate that his buyer will commit suicide in, say, the next 10 years??? NO..bad move..imo.

    4. The bill was backed by “Forefront,” a “collaboration” between different social colleges at UW. A couple clicks regarding this organization yields this story

      This seems to strongly indicate that these folks DO directly tie guns to suicides. I whole-heartedly agree with the idea that this is a VERY slippery-slope. Gun-control seems very much on the minds of the people who pushed this bill. While I haven’t read the bill, I’ll believe at face value that it doesn’t hold anyone responsible for a suicide except the perpetrator. But I would add the caveat, “YET!”

      For instance, we had a mandatory seat-belt law introduced in my state about 20 years ago. It was originally written that police could not pull people over simply because they weren’t wearing a seat-belt; it was to be an “add-on” violation if you were pulled over for another infraction. Today, somehow, you can be pulled over JUST for the seat-belt violation, the very thing we were told it DIDN’T do when first passed. Probably some minor amendment to a minor bill at some late-night session. Point being, laws can be CHANGED. This will bear watching.

  21. here we have sensible legislation aimed at preventing SOCIAL tragedy by addressing the cause of it. Depression is real. People suffer it for many reasons. Loss of a loved one, Loss of economic status, and getting Old. All of these can cause the sense of hopelessness that asks “Why bother?”

    Anything that points to the Cause, rather then tools, is a good effort and one that will be well appreciated.

    1. Hmm I’ll have to smoke on that, I mean sit on that one for awhile. Maybe we touched on something here.

    2. Seriously Paul? You implying that these two states, having legalized pot, have more nut cases than any other state? Maybe these two have finally realized that illegal pot causes a drain on resources, and legal pot gives the ability to gather revenue. Every state has pot, legal or not. Doesn’t correlate to the number of nut cases.

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