Saber Rattling or Flanking Maneuver? Reid Drops Legislation

The major news outlets were quick to report on Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had made the decision to pull Senator Dianne Feinstein’s ban on modern sporting rifles. For many, that was reason to stand up and cheer. However, that could be a premature reaction.

Reid’s decision is not much of a surprise. I wrote as much a few months ago in a blog post, but don’t be lulled into thinking the threat is over. This may simply be a flanking maneuver to avoid the initial vote. After the initial bill is voted on (and assuming it passes the Democrat-controlled Senate) the Dems could still slip it back in before the final vote.

While this seems unlikely to some, remember these are the same people who passed Obama Care by telling us they had to vote on it before they could finish writing it. They are still writing it today—talk about having a blank check! So be wary, until we can read the final language, no one can know for sure. I certainly would not put it past Feinstein and Reid to tactically remove it in an attempt to drop off the radar then magically find what they will pitch as a “moral” reason to slip it back in at the last minute.

Universal Background Checks

The other real threat right now is the bill requiring background checks for all transactions between private sellers. On its face I would like to support it because it sounds reasonable, but the devil is in the details. First, this would place a huge administrative burden on a system that is already less than efficient. NCIS would absolutely crash. Second, it does nothing to address preventing people with severe mental illness from buying weapons.

The third is the scariest of all, which is a national registration of all firearms. And that is not my hype to stir up the base, that is the wording from Obama’s Justice Department.

There are several interesting points to this document that show exactly why several of the proposed bills before Congress won’t work. However, instead of Obama and the Democrats heeding the advice, they have chosen to use it as a blueprint for their legislation. This is yet another revealing example of the agenda the Democrats are pursuing. They run out and claim some moral high ground while picking and choosing the facts to fit their agenda.


We have all followed the legislation in Colorado to ban standard capacity—if you look at law enforcement, Department of Homeland Security or civil defense guidelines… high-capacity if you are a gun control advocate—magazines. The Governor, John Hickenlooper, cited a statistic provided by the Sherriff of Golden, Colorado as a primary reason he signed the legislation.

The statistic claims that more police officers and civilians have been wounded or killed with weapons having the capability to carry more than 10 rounds than in the past. When you cherry pick the facts and spin them, that statement is true. More handguns produced and sold these days come standard with magazines that hold 13 to 17 rounds.

It does not take much to find the fallacy in the Sherriff’s argument though. The report does not state that the higher capacity of the weapon was a cause for the increase. The average number of rounds fired in these incidents is four. And that is the average. Which means there are a lot more one and two round incidents to account for any act where more than 10 rounds were fired. It also fails to differentiate between lawful shootings and criminal acts. Therefore, if a SWAT team expends multiple rounds in apprehending a criminal this goes into the statistic.


It seems the government only wants to pass laws to strip the weapons from honest gun owners. Occasionally, they will pass feel-good legislation they know will not address the problems they have exploited to bring the legislation to a vote. That certainly seems to be the motivation behind the current legislation.

I have yet to hear of a single law being proposed that seeks to remove guns from the hands of criminals. Have you?

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  1. As regarding your original question asking whether we have heard “any law or proposal to remove guns from the hands of criminals”, well of course not-criminals are already banned from owning firearms. At least convicted felons OR domestic violence transgressors. As mentioned before-make politicians, cops, lawyers and judges be subject to ANY laws passed by the congress. And while you’re at it, make it mandatory that any of them who violate those laws subject to TWICE the normal penalty for it. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  2. The huge elephant in the room that no one wants to address is that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sport shooting. It is designed to guarantee a means by which the citizenry may overthrow a government that steps outside of its constitutional mandate.

  3. according to the media, gun owners are mentally unstable loners, ignorant, tobacco spiting, zombies, who should be locked up, for the good of society. many of these ideas come straight from the DEMONRAT’s PARTY fundmental beliefs playboook, and the SOCIALIST ELITE. If you read the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY’S platform, you will find many similarities. they all want to grind AMERICA down, so they can remake AMERICA into a STATE CONTROLED society. what a BIG SURPRISE! Remember, it is what they do, that matters, not what they say they will do. taking the guns away is the MOST important step. after GUN CONFISCATION, it is just a matter of time. we all need to be alert to the tricks, games and lies, put upon us, by many FAKE AMERICANS, in our federal, state, and local governments. we are all in a mental state of war, within our society, but the sheeple are just too deaf, dumb and blind to see the threat.

  4. Let me correct you, It was NOT the Sheriff of Golden, Colorado that made the comments supporting the Colorado legislation and ban on high capacity magazines, it was Golden Police Chief Bill Kilpatrick that made those statements. Two different people, the Sheriff, Ted Mink was AGAINST the Colorado legislation and was outspoken in his opposition. See Sheriff Mink’s Youtube video.

    Quote from Denver Post, “William Kilpatrick, chief of police for the city of Golden, delivers testimony in support of House Bill 1224, which would limit gun magazines to 15 rounds in Colorado, during a hearing of the House Judicial Committee at the state Capitol building on Feb. 12, 2013, in Denver. He also represented the view of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police.” (Daniel Petty, The Denver Post)

  5. I believe the only reason the ban was dropped is because “they” are banking on the U.N. small arm treaty to take care of it for them.

  6. Where we are failing is to correctly call actions like Newtown what they are, which is NOT gun violence. They are mentally unstable acts. These people are no more in control of their actions than a drunk is. We don’t call accidents by drunk drivers ‘car violence’ and we should not let the progressives/socialists mislabel these disturbing acts which incidentally involve guns. Stop letting them dictate the definitions. Use common sense, if you have any left.

  7. If any of my Federal representatives or senators vote for these new gun laws, I will organize against them. My members are all Republicans and I will get veterans organized against them, too. We can’t trust anything that the left is stating concerning gun control. The cat is out of the bag, Biden stated that this is just the beginning to a recent meeting of mayors from across the country.

  8. The “persons” who are pushing for universal registration and confiscation (which IS what it will become) push the idea that over 90 percent of GUN OWNERS want these new laws. Just WHAT polls they are using is amazing to me. Quoted below is a poll with MORE than 100,000 participants that says otherwise. Please read below:
    Personal Liberty Digest Gun Poll

    The total number of people who voted in this poll: 100,858

    1) Do you believe stricter gun laws could have prevented the tragedies in Newtown and Aurora?
    4% voted: Yes, less guns mean less shootings.
    95% voted: No, bad guys will always find a way to get guns.
    1% voted: Not sure.
    2) Do you believe assault weapons like the Bushmaster .223 used in several mass shootings in 2012 should be banned?
    6% voted: Yes.
    91% voted: No.
    3% voted: Not sure.
    3) Do you believe high-capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds) should be available for sale to the general public?
    79% voted: Yes.
    18% voted: No.
    2% voted: Not sure.
    4) Now that President Obama has been elected to a second term, do you think he’ll successfully make changes to gun laws?
    13% voted: Yes, changes are forthcoming.
    74% voted: Maybe, he’ll try but have a hard time getting changes through Congress.
    8% voted: No, he will leave laws the same.
    6% voted: Not sure.
    5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
    6% voted: Democrat
    32% voted: Republican
    9% voted: Libertarian
    27% voted: Tea Party
    21% voted: Independent
    5% voted: Other

    Thank you for your participation.

    These “People” will use outright LIES to get what they want .. and totally ignore the fact that they got what they wanted, the BAN on military style rifles AND high capacity magazines, and it made no difference whatsoever in mass killing rates. The Columbine Massacre happened right in the middle of the last TOTAL ban they had, so the ban had NO REAL EFFECT.
    Robert Seddon
    Mineral, Va.

  9. Here’s a suggestion that will draw out the hypocrits. While we’re waiting for Reid and Feinstein to come up with their next move, Republicans ought to advance a bill making any future gun control, applicable to EVERYONE from the President on down. Including all the politicians and their security details, the Secret Service, FBI, State Police, Homeland Security and local LEO. I know it sounds draconian, but we need to hear from these guys that they don’t believe they are better than the rest of us. I’ll bet if Gov. Cuomo had to walk the streets of Albany without his 200 man security detail and their heavy weapons, he might think twice about denying the rest of our rights.

  10. What is it about our U. S. Government today that they don’t realize the old saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” The problem does not lay with responsible gun owners, like us folks who belong to the NRA and other pro U. S. Constitutional parties that reinforces the “Constitutional right to own and bare arms?” Want to re-enforce legal gun ownership through a process that does not allow felons to buy, own or carry firearms, then we are all for that. By the way, not all people who have some mental health issues are dangerous. It goes in degrees. If a person has ever threatened another with a firearm or stated they feel life is no longer worth living, then ban those folks from gun ownership. “But not all people with M/H issues like former Law Enforcement Officials or American Military who suffer from PTSD but take their meds to combat their issues are dangerous.” Bottom line here is if a person wants to plan a mass killing, we have seen it over in the Middle East where people who know they are going to die anyway strap bombs to themselves and go to a place where the most amount of folks are and detonate themselves. You don’t need dynamite either. A good example is the “fertilizer bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma.”

  11. I would like to add some color to #28, Mr. Plow. I was very closely tied to NV when Whorehouse Harry won the last election. In fact, he did not really “win” the election. He was losing to Sharon Angel by beyond statistical differences. Approx. one week before the election, Sharon Angel put her big fat foot in her mouth. It was a mistake that left the Rep. Party no time to recover, and Angel lost.

    The Reps. need to find a solid candidate to oppose Reid and there is an excellent chance Reid will lose. Sadly, NV (like so many states) is more blue than when Reid ran last time, but I believe he is beatable.

    Whatever you do, make sure Sharon Angel is not a part of any political participation. I know she has formed her own PAC, and I suspect she will run again…and lose.

  12. I think there is an amendment that has been proposed/added to the CA gun law. We all know that almost all bad ideas start in CA, so this is an amendment that is likely to spread to the national level. The amendment broadens the definition of any weapon that “possesses a bullet button to eject a clip” as an assault weapon. At first read this is objectionable, but unless I am missing something, don’t bullet buttons operate the magazine on all semi automatic handguns? Our appropriate organizations need to be aware of this and be prepared for the fight that will ensue.

  13. People wonder how whore house Harry Reid keeps getting elected in a state like Nv. With so many pro gun people. Seems that even on the state level there can be fraud. Now I am not coming at you with a mountain of evidence for that happening in a snow white and pure state like Nv. However, it does make you wonder just who is elected and who is selected. As for myself I have given up on anything other than local elections to actually matter. Sometimes even that is suspect. Am I paranoid? Maybe. Am I stupid enough to believe a word from anybody in Washington D.C.? No freaking way. O.K. so you have to ask yourself could any of these people (the change agent liberals and republicans)be trusted to, I don’t know, baby sit your kids for 4 to 5 hours??? Didn’t think so! And now they have our country. YIKES!!!

  14. Personally all these Dems are SNAKE’s.

    What REID is doing is smart, he has end arounded the we won’t consider the AWB, because we want something that is sure to pass.
    WHEN he announced he would allow Frankenstein the opportunity to bring it to the floor as an amendment the cat was out of the bag.

    This way, THEY both win.

    The AWB will be approved ,and REID will get something approved.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel as now there are FOUR GOP Senators(Tea Party sponsored, and put into office by same), that are threatening to filibuster ANY gun control measures brought to the floor.
    This has wrankled the entire Senate, and ObaMao is going nuts.

    All I can say,is what ever they get thru here, it still has to clear the House, and maybe I am overly optimistic, but there is the best hope from this entire deal getting SHUT down.

    Frankenstein went WAY too far this time, pump shotguns?, Ruger 10/22’s?
    All semi autos?.

    WHO cares if a magazine mimit is 10rds, if you cannot even OWN the weapons they could be used in?.

  15. Regarding universal background checks you state, and I quote: “Second, it does nothing to address preventing people with severe mental illness from buying weapons.” I guess not. A lot of us buy so many guns that it drives us nuts.

  16. I say: (quoted from Rage Against the Machine) Yes, I know my enemies. They’re the teachers that taught me to fight me. Compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the Elite.

    My fiancée says: Satan’s favorite color is gray.

    No more infringement. Mass impeachment NOW!

  17. It’s no shock that most political people are trying to take away the rights as well as our guns. They’ve taken away rights to everything else & are get us to be as defenseless as possible so we can be told & stripped of all rights & privileges we have left. We need to vote these people out but hen it becomes a problem as to who will come in that won’t turn against you in the long run.
    The pic of Gifford holding that rifle shows she does like rifles & that her husband buying one supports the 2nd amendment. The fact she was shot doesn’t change anything but for her. It wasn’t an assault rifle she was shot w/ so why attack that? I guess if they can’t win your vote they make criminals out of all of us.

  18. I agree with Ketchum Kenny,reply #20.I think we need legislation passed that makes it a TREASONABLE OFFENSE to try to disassemble any part of our Constition.And then ENFORCE IT.

  19. I recently watched “Cold Case Files”.One segment dealt with the murder of a woman in her home,in England.She had been shot twice with a .22 caliber gun.
    Using their REGISTRATION LIST,about 10,000 .22 guns were CONFISCATED and balistic checked to determine if any had been used in the crime. The results of the check showed that all guns on the LIST were not THE gun.

  20. If you take your oath of office on a Bible and swear to uphold the Constitution, then attempt to pass legislation that seeks to dismantle the Constiitution you swore to uphold, shouldn’t this be an impeachable offense? What if our military played word games with how they served our country, while swearing to uphold the Constitution?

  21. The so-called “Democrat” Party is really the Communist Party of the United States, re-christened…

  22. Yes…these are communist. They intend, by hook or crook, to disarm you. That is what they have done throughout history…Hitler, Stalin, you know the list. They have no other choice in what they do. It is how they were born…been that way from the beginning, will be that way till the end.

    They vote not now because of the upcoming elections. If they take the House…we have big decisions to make because all manner of legislation will flow forth and the next thing you know they will be at your door.

    America is not a geographic area it is a mindset…like they used to say in Texas…Texas aint a state…it’s a State of mind. Just because you live in the geographic area of America…don’t necessarily mean you are an American.

    These people are like the terminator…they will not stop, ever. Not until their goal of disarming American’s and then destroying her is complete. The only way to stop them is how you stop a terminator. Been that way from the beginning…will be that way till the end.

  23. There is supposedly a high profile person pictured with Giffords, wonder who it is? Second, who’s picture (face) is that taped to the target she riddled with holes? Do Gabby Giffors and her husband like blastind away at effigies of political opponents, bloggers, or just young latino males? Not only are these two complete hypocrites, but they appear to be racists as well

  24. My fellow gun enthusiasts. I hope that with all the conversation going on here, that all of you keep in mind the following. We must continue to be diligent, support the NRA, and any other 2nd, 4th or 5th amendment organization. I would also hope that not only do you do it word’s in a forum like this with pro gun folks, but also write checks for pro gun organization’s, call and write your legislators and let them know in no un certain terms we are watching them. We we will not be compromised, when it comes to our rights period. Have intelligent conversations with (sheeple) You know the one’s who follow the next earth calamity. At least help them understand the truth, not the just the fear based b_ _ l S_ _ t Thansks to all who support or Bill of Rights and Constitution.

  25. I trust NO DEMOCRAT in the Senate on any gun or weapon control issue. Why you may ask. Look at the Obamacare and comments by some like Nancy Pisslosi; “We must pass the \bill in order top read it in it’s entirety” We have to AS INDIVIDUALS read a bill before making a final vote on it during general elections. If you think about her idiotic statement it just reeks of her ignorance and lack of thinking that we as voters have no idea what we are doing. Well you stupid Bitch I have an IQ above 140 and am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA and am a a retired business owner !

  26. I trust NO DEMOCRAT in the Senate on any gun or weapon control;l issue. Why you may ask. Look at the Obamacare and comments by some like Nancy Pisslosi; “We must pass the \bill in order top read it in it’s entirety” We have to AS INDIVIDUALS read a bill before making a final vote on it during general elections. If you think about her idiotic statement it just reeks of her ignorance and lack of thinking that we as voters have no idea what we are doing. Well you stupid Bitch I have an IQ above 140 and am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA, former business owner who raised a son by myself from age 38 months !
    s to be an 18 year old h.S. Senior with a GPA at 3.9 does volunteer work with Hospice, has a job. His Education past high school is paid forand he is going into the Medical Field. He has more common sense at 18 in his little finger than you do as an adult in your whole body; can’t say brain as you don’t have one as evidenced by your statements and action

  27. We all should be reminded that what we call ObamaCare was at one point considered DEAD before its subsequent passage a few years ago. The issue of gun control is not dead because the Pro-Control lobby has backed off a bit. They want your guns, all of them, if not now then later.

  28. All I have to say is you’ll get my guns when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. I will not allow anyone to come to my property and tell me what I can and can’t do. Pass all the laws you want. My constitution says I have the right to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. I plan to do just that and anyone else who thinks otherwise I invite you to remember our break from England and the fight that came from that,but what was gained. A new country we call home and I will be god rammed if any person or official can change that. So again I say from my cold, dead hands Mr. Obama.

  29. Pierce Morgan is an idiot from a country that embraces the restraint of private firearm ownership. He should be sent packing back to England. He is an actor, not a newsman or an impartial panel host. I would call on those in favor of the 2nd Amendment to e-mail Morgan’s sponsors and tell them you are participating in a boycott of their products until he is sent home in shame. I actually did e-mail GMC and actually got a response that was not a robo response. I told CNN to let me know when the buffoon was gone. Of course, they would have to buy time on FOX News to notify me. No response.

    The liberal Left wingnuts have successfully used this on numerous protests and had dozens of program changes made. Let’s show them we have a better “game” than they do.

  30. In response to #8, Bud. I think I have some answers. Reid would have lost the last election but his (R) opponent, Sharon Angel, made a gaffe about a week before the election and squandered a solid 7% lead. Boxer and Pelosi (you forgot Frankenstein) all come from the Peoples Republic of Taxifornia. They encourage homeless and illegals to move into the state and then are kind enough to vote for them. I suspect Rangle wins based on ethnic bias of his district. Can’t say anything about the rest of them. The biggest problem is, viable candidates are not put up to run and financed well enough to win. Don’t forget, politics is a money game.

  31. As bad as I feel for Gabby Giffords and what she had to go through, I feel just as strongly that she should be the FIRST person to SUPPORT gun rights and the fact that we need to protect ourselves. It’s pure, genuine hypocrisy. Before her tragedy, I admired her and had a picture of her shooting an AK on my wall. not anymore. The level of hypocrisy is astounding. I love the video of Sen. Feinstein talking about how she knows what it feels like to need a conceal carry permit. Has anyone confronted her with that? On one of the most recent Pierce( sp.I know) Morgan shows, he had an actor promoting the new terrorist movie( I forgot the name) who said that the ‘good guys should have guns to protect the people without the guns’ Pierce agreed! That’s precisely the point that we gun-rights- people have been arguing. How did that Pierce(sp.)Morgan ever get any credibility anyway?! Who IS he? A pissy judge from America’s got talent? That’s it?! NONE OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY AT ALL. I think they’re all alien hybrids, because they sure don’t act like human beings.

  32. It will be good to see the list of those voting against the 2A. Then we will know exactly who we need to vote out of office. I still can’t understand how Harry Reid keeps getting voted into office? Reid, Shumer, Rangle, Durban, Boxer, Pelosi, Graham and McCain all need to be sent home.

  33. Saber rattling? Not likely. The Progressives want to do away with any and all opposition to their ideology of big government. It isn’t just Democrats, there are plenty of Progressives wearing an (R). They just have different ways of growing the government.

    They see the armed citizenry as an obstacle, and to some an enemy, to their ideology.

    Reid pulled the AWB Bill because it would have been voted down with no chance of gaining support as an amendment. Now they can bring the bill forward as an amendment to an Expanded Background Check Bill. The Universal Background Check Bill has more support in the Senate and a chance of passing the Senate. It likely has no chance of passing through the house. The issue with this is the Senate Gun Grabbers will use the defeat of the bill in the house to build more anti-gun rhetoric in order to fuel the fire for the next round of elections in the house.

    Any and all new gun restriction bills need to be stopped dead where ever they are. Any small bit we allow to be gained by the Gun Grabbers will be used against us to enable them to leap-frog to much larger restrictions.

  34. I applaud you on a good analysis of the situation. As a resident (regrettably) of CO, I am a little closer to the stupidity. The Sheriff of Golden was cherry picked. The sheriff’s of Western CO have quite a different view along with more meaningful videos and statistics.
    The other point I would like to suggest is the reason Harry Reid (or “Whorehouse Harry”, as he is known in NV) failed to bring the bill up for a vote was more politically motivated. This has already been suggested and reported in several newsletters, but avoided by the media. Reid is up for re-election in 2014, He comes from a State with approx. 35,000 conceal carry permits and a majority that are pro-gun. My money is on him telling Frankenstein he will bring it up after the 2014 election. I am sure they are still drafting an even more draconian bill than what was drafted and it will be pushed in 2015. They will also be hyping every shooting until the 2014 election.
    My last concern is that our momentum seems to have fallen off the charts. We need more than ever to develop a better strategy (and implement, where possible) voluntary
    measures we can live with (remember, whether you like it or not, we are in the age of compromise) and institute better programs and training to deal with these anarchist shooters. Does any one know if anyone of them have been NRA, or other pro-gun group, members? Our Pro-Gun organizations need to be seen as the solution, not a part of the problem.

  35. When you look back in history, and see the passion and conviction of all our veterans, all the white crosses, all the missing limbs of returning veterans who scacrificed for our U.S. Constitution, and then look at how career polititions we’ve enabled have raped it, without remorse or regard, it should make our blood collectively boil. How much farther can this “Hogan’s Goat Diplomacy” carry this plane? All the way to the crash site?

  36. What makes the Republicans believe they have to give anything to the Demo / Socialists? If the Repub party truely represented us and the secnd amendment, they’d give them “NOTHING.” Right now there are so many Manchurian Candidates coming out of the closets I can’t keep track of them. John Roberts, John Boener are just two. Boener’s last most notable words were “I trust the President.” AND HE’S THE HEAD OF THE GOP, A PARTY THAT IS SUPPOSE TO REPRESENTS US. LET’S FACE A HARSH REALITY. BOTH PARTIES, ALTHOUGH FOR VASTLY DIFFERENT REASONS, WANT THE VERY SAME END FOR OUR ONCE GREAT NATION. Only with the creation of a socialist state can the Demo / Socialsts take complete control over every aspect of our lives. And the Repub/ Corporate party can only achieve the maximum profits for the corporate and investment sector THEY REPRESENT.

  37. I use to believe the “progressives” were just misinformed but well intentioned.
    Now I see them as being hypocritical and untrustworthy. I say, “give them nothing”.
    They will never give up their intention to disarm us all. Let’s stop the BS and stand up and fight. The progressives have a “knee-jerk” reaction to just about everything. Don’t buy into it. Protect the rights of honest citizens.

  38. Reid did not want to expose to those that were up for re relection in 2014 how they would vote on any “Gun Control” bill. He knew his bill would fail. Even some liberals like to have firearms.
    Pete Hallock

  39. Your point is well taken. New laws would only be redundant, OR, would affect non-criminals, since there are already more than 20,000 gun-control laws on the books at various levels. I would guess that a large percentage of them “seek to remove guns from the hands of criminals.”

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