Ruger Announces New Models for 2014!

LC380 with Crimson Trace

It’s a good thing the jolly red elf has not finished his rounds yet, because Christmas lists need to be revised ASAP! The good folks at Ruger just released the new additions for 2014 and there seems to be a little something to top every shooter’s wish list.



LCRx: LCR in .38 SPL+P with External Hammer:

The newest LCR is the Ruger LCRx with External Hammer, a variation of the revolutionary Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR). Chambered in .38 Special +P, the LCRx features an external hammer that allows it to be fired in either single-action or double-action modes.

Ruger LCRx Information
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

GP100 Match Champion:

The Ruger GP100 Match Champion, a six-shot revolver designed specifically for competition, is also perfect for personal protection. Chambered in .357 Magnum, but capable of firing .38 Special, the Match Champion is based on the popular GP100 but has a number of ergonomic enhancements and a tuned action which combine to help competitors deliver fast, accurate shots on target with ease.

Ruger GP100 Match Champion Information
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

LCP with Stainless Steel Slide:

The Ruger LCP is now available with a stainless steel slide and brushed stainless finish.

Ruger LCP with Stainless Steel Slide Information
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

LC380 with Crimson Trace & LaserMax Lasers:

The Ruger LC380 is now available with a Crimson Trace Laserguard laser or a LaserMax CenterFire laser.

Ruger LC380 with Crimson Trace & LaserMax Lasers Information
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

New Ruger American Rifle Caliber Extensions:

The popular Ruger American Rifle is now available in three new caliber configurations. The standard model is now available in .223 Rem. and the compact model is now available in .223 Rem. and .22-250 Rem.

Ruger American Rifle Caliber Extensions
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

New Ruger American Rimfire Caliber Extensions:

The Ruger American Rimfire rifle line is now available in .17 HMR in both the full-sized and compact models.

Ruger American Rimfire Caliber Extensions
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

New Ruger American Rifle All-Weather Models:

Expanding upon the popular Ruger American Rifle line, Ruger now offers both full-sized and compact models, in all calibers, available in stainless steel with a matte stainless finish.

Ruger American Rifle All-Weather Models
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

New Ruger American Rifle with Redfield Revolution Riflescope Models:

The 100% American-made Ruger American Rifle is now paired with the 100% American-made Redfield Revolution 4-Plex Riflescope, making it an American icon in rifle/scope package offerings. Available in full-sized models, in all calibers, this combination is sure to be Another American Revolution.

Ruger American Rifle with Redfield Revolution Riflescope
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

No.1s (2014 Calibers)

Ruger is now offering new caliber variations of the No.1 Rifle line.

Ruger No.1 Rifles in New 2014 Calibers
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

Ruger 77/22 New Stock

Ruger 77/22 rifles with a matte stainless finish are now available with an American walnut stock, in .22 LR and .22 WMRF.

Ruger 77/22 Rifles with American Walnut Stocks
• Sell Sheet • Spec Sheet

Is a new Ruger on your wish list? Tell us about your top picks in the comment section.

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Comments (15)

  1. Can’t wait to pick up my first deer rifle. I’m going with the American Redfield combo chambered in .270.

  2. I would like to see the old model flattop blawkhawks brought back in 357,44 and 41 magnum along with the 44 special and 45 colt with new model internal parts

  3. Ruger for me remains The Red Hawk, and Black Hawks in all calibres, and yes the new mini rounds need to be added; Fancied up and gussied up but tuned for accuracy not his cowboy plinkers
    A real honest to Goodness American Made Air Rifle using new tech by Ruger instead of get by on the cheap crap one they now sell, would I feel, due to ammo cost, sell like wildfireS well and good their hunters but not a one worth the cost as other brands plain outshoot and are better made.
    Ruger needs good target in Semi and Revolvers but they need to push competition shootingvaway from its present genre of few multi buck sponsored prices anf get back to Rutgers Roots.

  4. Yup, that little SR 22 is nice. Got to use a friends a while back and enjoyed it. He said the same, that it would eat whatever its feed! My fav’s have always been the the Mk I thru III and I’m very fond of my 22/45 with the threaded barrel for my GemTeck Outback II suppressor. Most autos won’t cycle the .22 Short. It was really made for wheel guns or bolt guns. I haven’t seen it, shorts, for sale in a long time and the last time they were more expensive than LR’s. Not a lot of call these days for the “short” configuration or the CB either for that matter I’m thinking.
    Pete sends…

  5. More SR22 colors! Why do the girls get 2 shades of pink and one of violet…at least make a purple that is a few shades darker. Maybe Maroon, or a teal? Personally, I’d like a navy blue framed SR22. Could you possibly reverse the safety/decocker?

  6. FYI if you have not tried the Ruger SR22 semi auto pistol is a total blast, not a revolver like Lee suggested above but I bought one several months back, it has shot everything I have fed thru it including standard velocity 22 LR ammo, also subsonic as well as CCI Quiet ammo. I was so impressed I even tried 22 shorts in it but they just would not cycle, they shot well but would not eject fully. Anyway it is very reliable and shoots wally7 world cheap stuff as well as good stuff, I guess I have put a 2000 rounds at least thru it over the last 6 months with no failures to eject except for the shorts, The gun has moved to the top of my favorites and have been even thinking of etting a 2nd one to have a 2 gun rig!!! Magazines are pretty well available and reasonable at about 20 out the door, the pistol and about a dozen mag makes for a fun time.

  7. Hahahaha, Hey Bill!!!
    Should have known you’d get a comment in on this! Wishing you and the wife a very pleasant Holiday Season. Glad your finally seeing your way to a good auto loader too! I don’t have an XD I don’t like! So, are you going to get my way this spring or summer? There’s a new deck built on the house, you can walk right out of the guest bedroom, sit down an fish the river bend for salmon, while having a bloody mary and not get out of your PJ’s now! You know I gotta make it hard to say “no”!
    If you can’t come up here maybe I’ll drop down your way after ski season an stop in an visit.
    Merry, Merry! Pete sends…

  8. In response to Lee C, Rugers LCR series comes in a 22LR that is an 8 shot, in addition they were making a Single Six in a 10 shot aingle Action Revolver, what I think would be cool is a 22 Mag in that same 8 or 9 shot rather then the 6 shot model they make. I have a couple of other brand, High Standard Sentinal’s, 9 shot revolvers that are from my dad and they are great fun to shoot also double action and I am able to use a speed loader that was made to fit a Taurus 22, that revolver comes in 21/2 , 4 aand 6 inch barrels, mine are 4 and 6 and I think the 21/2″ barrel would be a joy to carry and shoot, that Ruger LCR 22 LR is on my christmas list, Santa does not know it but he is going to bring me one.

  9. I moved most of my Ruger rifles to the back of the safes some years ago with the exception of a couple of the #1’s, a favorite .44 Carbine an my M77 in .416 Rigby. Even have a .44 Mag Carbine sill-in-the-box and unfired! Have several people who have lusted over it. My Ruger’s were primarily retired due to the discovery of the offerings of Sako then Tika, followed by the Tika T3 line and the Mossberg 4×4 lightweights. Perhaps one or three of these new All Weather / All American series wills gain find a front row spot in my “working” gun safe. I Hope too that their looking at a few Short or Belted Magnum calibers for this series for the future. Don’t get me wrong I have always liked Ruger for the most part but found other offerings which suited my hunting and general requirments better. There were some down years of rifle production at Ruger from my POV which started me looking elsewhere and at other platforms. But, frankly, don’t know of an American shooter of my aquantiance who dosnt have a Ruger of one type or another in the closet or safe. I’m thinking that one of these new All American’ in 30.06 would be a nice bush rifle up here in Alaska.
    Can’t disagree with either Lee or Robert . . . . . Why not a “Ruger Security 9” in .22LR, 22 mag, or even one of the .17 Rimfire offerings? For that matter . . . When is Ruger going to offer its MkIII OR 22/45 in a .17 Rimfire from the factory? If wishes were horses, just saying.
    Happy Holidays to all from the Great White North! Pete sends . . .

  10. I’ve always loved Rugers. I had. 7 1/2″ Super Blackhawk I could headshoot rabbits with, one handed. Never should’ve let that one go, that’s for sure! Another was a 4 5/8 Convertible Single Six, both guns were blue, and are now dearly missed. One I didn’t keep long was a beautifully clean model 77 in 7mm Remington mag. I bought a box of Remington shells for it, spent 2 or 3 rnds sighting in, cut a doe in half with one rnd, then sold the gun for much more than I paid for it, only keeping the nice soft plush case, and the leather sling which could be adjusted with only a thumb and one finger. Don’t believe I even have a Ruger today, but if I did, it would be another Super Blackhawk. I agree with you guys though LeeC & Robert, with today’s focus and popularity of concealable backup guns, they’d appeal to the masses with more firepower between reloadings. I’ve had a Colt Agent for 25 years, and though I’ve never bobbed the hammer, it at least is a 6 shot. Speedloaders are a bit tedious, not much room when you swing out the cylinder, but still quicker than without a speedloader.
    Though I’ve never been an auto-loader man, I just got a Springfield XDs 9mm for my wife, and am awaiting one in .45acp for myself, only because of the concealed neccessity. I do like the older Rugers, and hope someday to be able to own a few once again. Right now, seller’s remorse from twenty plus years ago is killing me!

  11. I agree with LeeC , he is right on the money . Why not 9 shot? And a “snubby” is a great weapon for a back-up or CCW. So and extra shot would really help. Any one who ever needed to defend themselves with a “snubby ” will tell you . In a fire fight counting those last shots is HELL ! I love Rugers, So please get with the program….

  12. Anybody, Ruger, et al, are missing the boat when they offer a .22 cal, LR or Magnum, in a 6 shot only revolver. I see no reason why a 9 shot revolver could not be made practically, especially considering that it has already been done successfully by a couple of manufacturers.
    While I’m ranting, how about updating the lowly ‘snubby’ to 6 shot?? Colt did it years ago. Taurus more recently. What’s the deal with five only?

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