Ruger’s 1 Million Gun Challenge On Track

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. completed the third quarter of its “Million Gun Challenge to Benefit the NRA,” by reportedly selling 315,100 firearms during the quarter ending December 31, 2011. In turn, Ruger will present the NRA with a check for $315,100 as part of its pledge to donate one dollar to the NRA for every gun sold during the year-long challenge. With one more quarter—January through March 2012—left to go, Ruger has donated $871,200. The clock is ticking for entries into Ruger’s 1 Million Gun Challenge. Ruger wants you to share your story in 400 words or less, explaining why you purchased a new Ruger firearm during the 1 Million Gun Challenge. Be sure to include a picture of yourself with your new Ruger firearm along with your story. Ruger will select eight finalists, then America gets to vote for their favorite story.

If you are one of the lucky eight finalists, you will get to take home your choice of a Ruger SR1911™ or a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle! The winning story author will get the grand prize of a trip to the 141st NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri in April. The grand prize winner will make history by presenting the final 1 Million Gun Challenge check, along with Ruger, to NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre.

“Consumer support for the ‘Million Gun Challenge to Benefit the NRA’ has been overwhelming, and has helped Ruger enjoy a robust 2011,” said Ruger President and CEO Mike Fifer. “I want to thank everyone who has purchased a Ruger as part of this challenge; this donation is possible because of your support of Ruger and the NRA. With one quarter left to go, we are hoping everyone will jump in and help us exceed the $1,000,000 goal.” Read more and enter at Ruger’s Web site.

Have you taken the challenge? Entries are due by noon EST on March 6.

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  1. ruger is not to be commended for this. this is bribe money being paid to nra leadership to look the other way on obama’s coming semi auto ban. to make it worse, the bribe money is being ponied up by unwitting gun owners. in case you haven’t noticed people, gun prices are going through the roof. how can that be when they are producing record amounts of firearms. not only that, but the quality is no longer there. the return rates on these firearms where they are sold is five times higher than just 5 years ago. not to mention, they are built to fail. most pistols today won’t fire a thousand round without needing some kind of repair work. this is why your older military surplus cost so much today, they were built to a higher standard. i could see if it was maybe high point we are talking about but their record is actually better than many of the so called big boys. marlin, remington, and many others are now turning out crap, unless of course you spend big money on their premium, overpriced lines. you might as well buy the turkish guns coming in as the quality is about the same but the prices are much better. please don’t think ruger is helping the NRA, they donated five times that amount to George Soros activites, as did the people at Marlin and others. as far as the NRA goes just what have they done for gun owners lately? most of the roll back efforts against gun control were done by local groups with little, if any help, from the NRA. why should americans being paying for much for an inferior product. what good is a gun if you can longer afford it or the ammunition. here is what these companies should be doing, if you buy one of their firearms give a huge discount on the ammo, buy more than 1 gun get the second at half price. they need to remember that the more citizens who own firearms the harder it will be for the govt to get them. without the public these companies don’t exist. take a cut when you can gentlemen. the cost to make a smith&wesson 38 revolver is less than 25 dollars. maybe it is time to figure out a way to streamline your distribution system. i see Academy seems willing to sell more firearms nationwide, maybe get on board with them and Gander Mt. you never know until you try. to all the rest reading this buy up as much ammo as you can but don’t forget magazines, spare parts, and training. now is a good time to learn to reload and do your own repairs. gunsmithing is becoming a dying art and there will be damn few of them around when this crackdown comes.

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