Rock Island Auction Company Premier Auctions

The firearms sold by the Rock Island Auction Company may not be “Cheaper Than Dirt”, but some are pretty close to being “older than dirt”. Established in 1993 by Patrick Hogan, the company has sold more than $137 million dollars worth of collector grade firearms since 2004, making them the number one firearms company in the world based on actual sales.

Hogan’s premise for RIA was based on providing complete and accurate information to both the buyers and sellers while holding auctions in a professional environment. Their attention to detail is prominently shown by the detailed descriptions and provenance provided with each lot. So trusted is the company Hogan has built that at an average auction over 60% of the auction lots are sold sight-unseen to absentee bidders.

Rock Island Auction Company holds their Premier auctions three times per year. Their first Premier auction of 2010, held April 30th through May 2nd brought in sales exceeding $7.6 million. The Premier auctions generally have more than 2700 individual lots made up of rare and highly collectible firearms, accessories, and militaria, often in mint condition.

Many fine guns are available for purchase at a RIA Premier auction. One example is an extremely rare 1921 manufactured engraved Parker Bros.

Model AH double barrel box lock shotgun in 28 gauge, which hammered away for over $34,000. Another is a pair of Model 70 Winchester rifles, one chambered in .300 Win Mag and the other in .270, that were custom built for and owned by his Imperial Highness Abdorreaz Pahlavi of Iran.  Featuring gold inlay and custom scroll work, this one of a kind pair sold for a staggering  $51,750. But even this lot wasn’t the top seller at the most recent Premier auction: that honor went to a finely engraved Volcanic Navy lever-action pistol still cased in the original factory box which sold for nearly $75,000.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to acquire a collectible piece at a Rock Island auction. While some pieces are sold at dizzying prices, many other fine collectibles are sold to average collectors willing to dig into their pocketbooks.  At the most recent Premier auction, a highly sought after pre-’61 Winchester Model 70 was sold for just $805.00, and a 1949 manufactured Model 64 lever action in .30-30 went for only $1,380. No matter the budget, collectors of all types will find a fine gun to fill out their collection.

RIA’s next Premier auction will be held September 10th through the 12th and will feature an exquisite collection of European military firearms in addition to many other collectible pieces consigned by individual sellers.

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