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Rock Island Auction Company’s April Premiere Firearms Auction

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If you have never had an opportunity to attend one of RIAC’s Premier Auctions, you still have at least one item that should be on your bucket list. Even if you do not have the extra MONEY to spend on one of these treasures, experiencing the auction hall is a cross between a tour of a museum and a treasure hunt. There could be historic weapons from famous, nay infamous gunfighters—pieces of history with unknown stories that would singe the hair from the back of your neck and curl your toes at the same time.

Most of all, the auction offers magnificent firearms for the investor, collector and enthusiast. Highlights will include a U.S. Government Martial Henry rifle, and a London Armoury Company Kerr Double Action Percussion Revolver (serial number ONE!). There will be three pistols once owned by M. Bertrand “Frisco Bert” Couch and for those looking for something a bit more modern, four, consecutively numbered, Kimber rifles of varying calibers with optics.

Theses wonderful examples and so many more will be sold on April 19, 20 and 21, 2013. Think the notice is too short? Nonsense; RIAC accepts live bids, proxy bids, and bids via phone or fax.

To search the complete color catalog of offerings—even if you are just looking to kill a couple of hours surfing—log on to

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  1. I have participated in two RIA auctions and a couple of others. In fact the last one on 4/19/2013 yielded for me a very fine FN49. RIA is, in my opinion, the finest of arms auctions. Being a previous auction winner (1940 SVT-40) they sent me a magnificent 3 issue catalogue of the 4/19-4/21 auction. It is a fully illustrated catalogue with pictures, specifications and history on each lot number sold. I have used their catalogue as well as online documentation to find my choices bid online. The experience is something anyone who appreciates guns, collectables, modern, surplus, tactical, etc. should make an effort to participate in. It is as much fun as a gun show but a lot more comfortable. It is a blast to see the auction in progress and the bids as they come across.

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