Rock-and-Rolling with the 12 Gauge DP-12 Double-Barrel Pumpgun

DP-12 Pumpgun shotgun

Bullpup pump shotguns seem to be all the rage these days, with their ability to carry upwards of a dozen rounds in a dependable, hand-operated action.

In particular, the DP-12 Shotgun is interesting because it offers two independent firing systems; that is, it has two 7-round magazine tubes and two barrels—a double-barrel pump gun.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co., doing business as Standard Manufacturing LLC for purposes of making the DP-12, is a double-barrel shotgun maker, but more along the lines of premium break-open models, such as Winchester Custom Shop Model 21s and A.H. Fox shotguns.

What Standard Manufacturing has done is marry the pump shotgun with the single-trigger double-barrel shotgun, markedly different than other entries such as the KSG and the UTS-15, which employ a single barrel fed by two separate 7-round tubes.

As shown in the accompanying video, the receiver for the DP-12 is machined from a solid block of aluminum, making it super stout. Because of the weight of its mechanical systems and the number of rounds it carries, the DP-12 fires from the shoulder much like any other pumpgun.

As shown, the shooter chambers two rounds with each pump; then pulls the trigger two times, the first to fire the right barrel, the second to fire the left barrel. Pump, bang, bang. Pump, bang, bang. Repeat as necessary.

A number of rails up front allow for placing lights or other accessories. The barrels are threaded for adding chokes or breaching muzzle brakes, and the safety location is standard AR placement.

The unconventional timing of pulling and firing is a learned skill at the range, but the rhythm isn’t that hard to master. Pau J. Corsi, CAD designer from Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC, fired 14 rounds in around four seconds; Austin Miller, a reporter from Taylor Made Media, wasn’t quite as fast, but he did adapt pretty quickly. Part of that is understandable — there is no way to be faster with a follow-up shot than just pulling the trigger. We could fire the second shot the instant the trigger reset.

The pump was easy to run. The ridged forearm keeps the pump hand from sliding forward.

Conclusions: We probably wouldn’t want to carry this gun to on long treks, but as a house-defense solution with one tube loaded with buckshot and the second tube with low-recoil slugs or birdshot, as your situation dictates, the DP-12 brings a lot to the table.

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  1. Wow. My idea was for a double barrel, side by side ,
    pump shotgun. This shows that my idea is getting closer and
    closer to being realized.

  2. The tech advances in shotguns are just awesome. I have a Saiga, and it was great when I got it to seat that 12 shot mag, but it was still long for use in a home invasion scenario. These bull pups are the next generation, and to me at least, a pump is superior to an auto for reliability at a time when you simply cannot afford a stoppage.

  3. Just go the CTD Circular on New product to be had like the Kel-Tec RDB M43 Bullpup. But NO DP-12 Shotgun. And words SOON keep coming up too. Just how Soon , is SOON. I think there’s a Spacial Temporal Disconnect between your version of word Soon and our version of SOON. Could you PLEASE Clarify the Terminology Discordance…

  4. It never shwed the gun in action, only a photo and that said it will go into production in the near future. When ever that is. Thanks much for taking the time to give me the info you have. Stay safe.

    1. @ Howie Subnick.

      I can see where your going with this. Technically it’s called a SRM Semauto System or “Pull-Pull-Pump”, it was design by CSMC (Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company). The way I understand it is, everytime you pull, your actually pulling on two separate Actions at the same time. When you pull the trigger, your actually releasing each Action Separately and Not Both At Once. That’s the Double-Jerking Motion seen in the video…

  5. I saw a photo on one of the popular internet gun/ammo retailers. I cannot remember the company, but it showed a double barrel 12 ga., holds 18 rounds and it appears to have a short barrel and military looking. Not in production as yet, but are taking info on those interested. Sorry, I’m so vague. Looks great. Do you know the company? Thanks for your help.

  6. @ ss1.

    Adaptive Tactical is offering a 10-round Box Magazine called Sidewinder Venom for Mossberg 88, 500 and 590 series Shotguns. Type Sidewinder Venom (Adaptive Tactical) – YouTube…

    1. @ Mike Lawson.

      Probably the next Gun Show, where CTD actually offer’s the Shotgun for sale. And NOT have Chained and/or Cabled, where you can actually hold it. But NOT be able too actually buy it…

  7. What a great weapon. Since Joe Biden wants us to just have a “double barrel shotgun” I guess that will do nicely!!

    1. They will be available in the coming weeks. Cheaper Than Dirt! is the sole distributor, so please stay in touch and check back soon!

  8. Don’t care what anybody says: this and the Wilson Berretta are my only two MUST have guns this year. Second they become order able mine will be purchased.

  9. Looks great fast but not able to select what’s to fire is a bummer. Let me know when there available for purchase.

  10. Wow, just imagine sitting in your deer blind, under siege from the white tail commandos and you just gotta get some lead flying. LMAO 🙂

  11. Don’t understand the advantage of loadind each tube with different shells. You would be firing each consecutively, not separately.

  12. CTD, asking price for the DP-12 Shotgun is $1,395.00 USD. As far as availability, CTD say soon. The problem is, what exactly does SOON mean. The last time they said Soon, 6-months went by before any additional information about product was posted…

    1. I seem to remember, from about a 8-12 months ago, there was an add on CTD email showing them in the pre-order range of $660.00. Big difference with what you quote today.

    2. @ Chief Rogers.

      I don’t know weather or not your getting a Group Police Discount. But, still has the MSRP for the DP-12 Shotgun @ $1,395.00 USD…

  13. OK, so at risk of being a nit-picking twit … why is the guy giving his speech while pointing the thing straight down the line? The range butts are behind him; the camera is pointed down range, and from the shadows and movements in the video, it’s fairly clear that he’s covering everyone on that side of the line.

  14. From a tactical point of view I like the idea of being able to throw out rounds fast…

    The only drawback is not being able to select which type of round to fire… 00 or Slug… You more or less get whatever is chambered right or left barrel…

    Rapid fired which is good…

    I’ve got the kel-tec ksg but haven’t shot it yet.

    With the kel-tec one could fire say 2 rounds of 00 and then throw the level and fire a round of Slug if needed.

    But either way 15 rounds in one loading is a definite plus if needed over a conventional 12 gauge tactical pump shotgun.

    It’s like having 2 shotguns available…

    Chances are you’ll be the last one standing.

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