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Review: Mechanix Glove

Mechanix Glove Winter Armor insulated camo back

The number one bodily injury since the dawn of mankind is…. yes, you guessed it, hand injuries. Like eye protection, most of those injuries could be prevented with something as simple as a common, inexpensive piece of safety gear—one as comfortable as Mechanix Wear‘s line of gloves. Protection of course needs to be tuned to the task at hand, with heat, cold, cut resistance, puncture resistance, fire resistance, etc. all being variables. Even a general purpose set of gloves will provide a significant increase in hand protection during a broad array of everyday situations.

Mechanix Glove Winter Armor insulated black back Whether you are hunting, hiking, working, weeding, turning bolts, wild mushroom hunting, moving bags of mulch, pushing through brush, or handling previously live game, a pair of gloves is a handy thing to keep your hands clean, warm, and injury-free. As inexpensive, simple, and handy gloves are at protecting one our most valuable personal assets, we often forget about them as essential outdoor gear especially in the warmer months.

For those who consistently reach for the old school gloves, you deserve to take a long hard look at the new breed of form-fitting, ergonomically correct gloves originally created by Mechanix Wear. They are exponentially more comfortable, allow a higher level of dexterity, cooler in hot weather, insulated versions for cold weather, and in almost all cases, they are lighter than the old leather versions.

Higher comfort and more dexterous gloves mean you are not tugging them on and off constantly to do higher detail tasks typically suited for only naked little digits. The Mechanix gloves are on your hands more, which means they can do their job more effectively.

Mechanix offers a number of models including some with elastic wrist cuffs instead of their standard Velcro secured models. From outfitting the tactically-focused military to delivering the ultimate home improvement glove, Mechanix Wear offers a stunning line of gloves designed to fit any task.

Mechanix Hardware and Tactical lines have always appealed to my hand protection needs, however you may find other Mechanix lines which you like better. Various models focus on impact protection such as Mechanix M-Pact line. Others provide simple and light protection such as the Original line. Last fall, I picked up Mechanix newest Winter Armor insulated $32.99 and Fast Fit $17.99 gloves both in Mossy Oak. The Winter Armor has become my new cold weather work gloves with just enough insulation to keep my hands warm and protected during physical outdoor activities. The Fast Fit feature Mecahnix’s elastic cuff slip on design, which allow quick on/off use without fiddling with a Velcro cuff. For hard use, I prefer the Velcro cuff. However, for light duty work to keep your hands clean and injury free, they are perfect.

Try out a set of Mechanix Wear gloves and it will change you perspective of what you can do with gloves on. We already protect out eyes and ears during outdoor sporting activities, so start protecting your next most valuable outdoor asset.

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Do you wear gloves for winter chores, tactical, light protection? Share your answers in the comment section.

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Comments (2)

  1. Even nitrile gloves will offer protection to your bare pinkies and allow tactile dexterity. I wear 5 mil fitting snugly if I am going to be doing brain surgery (just kidding) and recently found 8 mil nitrile on line at a major club store. I ordered extra large in the 8 mil as I use them any time I am doing any kind of work. The larger size means that I don’t rip them as I take them on and off and that extends the service life glove. Haven’t tried Mechanix Brand yet but intend to click on the button above as soon as I post this.

  2. I’ve used the Mechanix brand of gloves for several years now and can categorically state they are worth the money.
    As a retired aircraft mechanic, I’ve needed to don and doff my gloves numerous times during the course of a shift, all hard on the velcro AND elastic cuff versions.
    I’ve paid premium money for both SnapOn and Matco brands and they don’t give any better service than the Mechanix line so I quit buying the truck brands altogether.
    I also own and use the lighter shooters version of the Mechanix line and find them to give good service, too. While not capable of giving glove-free dexterity, they come pretty close but I still don’t like trying to load single rounds into various caliber magazines but WTF, you cannot have everything, right?
    All in all I can recommend the Mechanix brand of gloves for most any need you might have if you value your hands. Except for brain surgery but they might just have a version for that, too, but I’m not aware of it. 😉
    Save your money. Buy the Mechanix brand. You won’t be disappointed and your wallet will appreciate the savings over the Too Truck Dealer prices by a LONG shot.

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