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RECALL: Remington Model 700 and Model Seven Rifles

Remington Model 700 Model Seven Trigger Recall

Remington Arms Company, LLC is voluntarily recalling Remington Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro (“XMP”) triggers, manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014.

If you own these Remington models, stop using your rifle until you’ve determined if it’s in the recall. Rifles will be inspected, specialty cleaned, tested, and returned as soon as possible, at no cost to you.

The company asks that shooters do not attempt to diagnose or repair recalled rifles.

Reason for the Recall

Remington has determined that some Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers could, under certain circumstances, unintentionally discharge.

A Remington investigation has determined that some XMP triggers might have excess bonding agent used in the assembly process.

While Remington has the utmost confidence in the design of the XMP trigger, it is undertaking this recall in the interest of consumer safety to remove any potential excess bonding agent applied in the assembly process.

Rifle Models Affected

Only Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with XMP triggers are being recalled. To determine if your rifle is subject to this recall: Find the rifle’s serial number where the barrel meets the receiver, either on the left or right side of the receiver.

Identify the serial number and provide it to Remington’s support team, either by entering it at or call 1-800-243-9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1) Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT.

You will be informed if your rifle is affected by this recall and supported with free resources to return the rifle for inspection and specialized cleaning.

Inspecting Your Rifle

You may also determine if your rifle is subject to the recall by a visual inspection. If the face of the trigger is ribbed, your rifle does not have an XMP trigger and is NOT subject to this recall.

If the face of the trigger is smooth, your rifle has an XMP trigger and IS subject to this recall.

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  1. I sent my model 700 with the XMP trigger recall as directed by Remington. Remington sent a shipping box to my attention and my model 700 was received on 2/14/16. Several weeks later my gun was returned with repair tag attached which stated the trigger update XMP had been replaced.
    My concern is the website states the XMP trigger to be replace has a smooth finish, my replaced trigger also has a smooth trigger finish. Also, I received another shipping box from Remington today 4/18/16, has there been a second recall or was my trigger not properly replaced the first time.
    Please respond.

  2. It is unfortunate to hear of this recall dealing with Remington. I was one of the unlucky ones who was shot with a model 721 in 1996 and still here to talk about it. That time it was the Walker firing system and Remington didn’t issue a recall back in the late 60’s early 70’s when it was discovered there was a problem. Always have the firearm pointed in a safe direction is the moral of the story. Many people have been killed or injured by this problem with their firing systems. Sad to hear. Ray Anthony

  3. @ dedhed…..Sounds like the first logical reasoning I’ve heard/seen on here in a long time. BUT,,,,,,More and more, it seems to heading into a losing battle.

  4. Submitted my paperwork for the recall on 12/19/14. Immediately received a response indicating a box was being shipped. No box as of this morning so I called Remington. Remington has no boxes in stock and they are on backorder. When asked how long it would take she replied that they have no expected date for delivery of boxes. She did inform me I could buy my own box and they would send shipping labels.

  5. All of the Remington haters in here have to realize over 5 millon 700’s have been sold since developed. If you take all negligent discharges (ND) into account it would add up to .001% of ND’s per weapon made. That’s if the culprit was Remingtons problem. Not other people blaming it on the weapon not themselves. Now all you haters need to do your research, because MSNBC and the so called expert during the episode has since retracted there statements in the court of law after Remington took them to court. Bet you all didn’t know that. By the way mine took 3 weeks to return after I took my timmney out and put the x mark back in. Thanks Remington for the great customer service and the discount to your website.

    1. Oh good! Thank you for your intelligent commentary!

      Now tell us all why Remington is doing this recall and explain why there has been more complaints over their trigger groups that all other manufacturers in this country combined.

    2. Sorry, I learned along time ago there is no reasoning with liberals. So I’m not going to try. All I ask is to do some research before jumping on a bandwagon.

    3. “Liberals”? You’re just making an ASSumption and don’t know the first thing about me. Among the various shotguns, handguns, and rifles I own there is one Remington 700 in 7mm Rem. Mag. that I replaced the trigger group in as soon as I acquired it because I have been hearing about the problems with their trigger groups for over 40 years! On top of that if you’d have bothered to read any of my other comments moron, I had the misfortune to actually witness an accidental discharge of a left handed 700 in .270 Win. this past deer season.

      The individual this happened to had just purchased the rifle from a supposedly reputable dealer who told him that it had already been “checked out”. I was actually watching when he flipped of the safety to unload the rifle as we came back to camp. At NO time did his finger go near the trigger at all! Fortunately he had the rifle pointed in a safe direction at the time. But the point is that this NEVER should have happened AT ALL!

      Stuff that up your pipe and smoke it!

    4. Thank you for belittling me as your just proving my point. If you would also do some research before belittling me and others on here you would realize that 700 trigger assembly’s that have had shade trees gunsmithing done to them are the only ones documented to have this issue. That is why it is always important to have your smithing done by a reputable, qualified gunsmith.
      I’m sorry to hear about your buddies incident, but dollar for dollar I bet that 700 has had unappropriate work done to the trigger. Now you can argue against this, but just like me or anyone on this blog you can’t prove otherwise.

    5. Belittling you is easy since you were speaking in complete ignorance. Now it also appears as though you enjoy telling patent lies.

      It has long been known that the “connector” in the older 700 Remington trigger groups can become out of alignment for a variety of reasons. If you knew half as much as you’d like the rest here to think you know, you’d have at least known that much.

      As far as proving anything is concerned, I have no need to prove that which was already known, likely before you were born.

  6. There’s a whole other issue, getting facts from CNBC. They have been exposed on the Remington scandal for providing incorrect and misleading information. News is tv, tv is business, and they mean to profit. Check recalls and lawsuits vs, Chevy, ford, dodge, Boeing, Toyota, black and decker. Big business is always a balance of cost of liability vs, cost of recall. Profit plain and simple. I own a 700 that needs the recall, it has never misfired, if it did, it would be down range and the only issue would be having to shoot something else for the day. I will be installing a Timney replacement soon as I am re-configuring it anyhow.
    As a Marine scout sniper told me, “I am the weapon, the rifle is my tool. I command my tool to take a life, but I am the one responsible for my actions. I am also responsible for my tools. Should they fail me, I have only failed myself.” He also shot a Remington 700.
    I’ve fought beside tougher men than most will ever meet, none the less ever become. Remington has produced countless rifles, if they truly produced shit, my brothers would never carry them into the fray.

    1. Now go ask your Marine scout sniper buddy exactly how many bone stock Remington 700s they use. Ask him precisely what modificatiions are made to the weapon by a USMC armorer before they are ever issued for training or use in the field.

  7. Nothing new here with Remington. They have produce unsafe rifles for years and have hidden the fact that they had these problems. Truthfully, they do not produce a quality rifle in the Remington or their Marlin line up. Safety should be their first concern and the notification of the owners of the problem rifles should be instantaneous.
    Sure, some of their rifles shoot well ,but at what cost?.

  8. The first thing done with these weapons is to replace the trigger assy. There are several wonderful replacements out there.

  9. Remingtons recall is a lame attempt to fix a stupid mistake that they have problems admitting to. The typical turnaround for your fixed trigger is 12 weeks and all they do is clean the trigger and install more glue. Save your time and get a Timney Trigger its so much better than the factory issue.

    1. Frank, When UPS picked up my 700 it landed within two (2) weeks to the date all fixed. Remington customer service has been great with me, no complaints here, only thanks.

    2. this appears to be the most prudent option because if you no longer have a Remington factory trigger, any future recalls won’t be applicable anymore. As it is now, there is nothing to say that some one doesn’t complain that their rifle accidently discharged with the repaired or replaced trigger from Remington and start this process all over again in the future.

      I have never had a problem with my 700 5R Bench rifle, 24 inch bull barrel. I have always simply dropped one round in the chamber when I was ready to shoot, closed the bolt and shot it. It never went off by itself and I never touched the safety. Because of this I have done all kinds of tests to rack the bolt, put it on safe and take it off and see if it drops the sear and throws the firing pin. Nothing. I have to a limited degree banged the butt on the ground and did this some more. I have not been able to get it to do anything on its own. Gun was unloaded of course, but if the firing mechanism goes off you could hear it and the trigger would have been reset. I pulled the trigger after each of these tests and only then did the sear unlock and the firing pin do its thing on mine. If it was a hunting rifle, it would already have a new Timney trigger in it by now. But I am looking into a Timney trigger anyway.

    3. Loading one round at a time is just fine for bench rest shooting, but it is impractical for hunting. The solution most of those who own an unmodified older 700 use is to only load the magazine and not carry the rifle with a round chambered, thus making it safer all the way around.

      But when a legal game animal is spotted and a round is then chambered in anticipation of a shot, what happens if say the animal suddenly bolts or becomes obscured. Now you have in your hands a rifle in your hands that may or may not fire when the safety is switched off to unload the weapon! Not a pleasant prospect at all!

      Replacing the factory trigger group with a quality aftermarket choice is the ONLY option for making these rifles truly safe……..outside of never loading them at all!

  10. Didn’t the model 700 always had a issue with accidental discharges? Not just the trigger but the safety as well. Would wipe my ass with that rifle. Would probably shoot it off. Use it as a boat anchor, just make sure it’s unloaded.

  11. Its funny some people are saying Remington is a good company because of this… I wonder what they’d say if they knew Remington sold these defective rifles with the knowledge of them malfunctioning. Remington’s ceos should be shot in the face. Countless innocent people are dead because of Remington’s profit margin but plz keep saying this company is good… Do your reaserch before you buy a gun

  12. just be happy to have a gun, get it fixed before the government takes it away from you .you never know when you”ll need it.

  13. I’m shour Remington will take care of the recall after all they are a vaery good company I should know I owen a Remington.

  14. People who are panicking over this is way beyond anything. Recently Springfield had a recall for the XDS 45 acp pistol that had a problem with it . When you fed a shell into it, there was a possible chance that it would fire without pulling the trigger. I sent mine in and I never got bent out of shape about it accidentally firing. They fixed the problem. Those who have a pistol or rifle and never have cleaned it should never own a weapon. Kind of like my brother….. He had a Colt 1911 45 acp and he could not pull the slide back due to the fact it was so dirty…. His biggest problem was he didn’t know how to take it apart. Having a 1911 while in Vietnam I showed him how to break it down…. Boy was it dirty. I would of never fired it with the shape it was in…. After cleaning we took it out and he was pleased for how well it shot….. There’s no sense getting all worked up over a recall…. The company will fix the problem… With all the 700 rifles out there, it will take some time to fix them and get them back to the owners

    1. You are comparing apples to oranges. Springfield is a reputable company with excellent customer service and response to manufacturing/design problems.
      Remington on the other hand has a track record of over 60 years of documented problems with their trigger groups on more than a few different rifles!
      Is there something about that you don’t understand?

    2. Been looking into Timney triggers from the start of this. Did you have yours installed by a gunsmith or do it yourself, was it relatively easy?

    3. Well written chriscg. These people don’t know about Remington yet but they will. They would never have recalled anything if it wasn’t for the documentary of them refusing to fix they’re rifles, that video of the mom who shot her son when the gun went off by itself when she was taking it off safety, I wonder if lonewolf would get bent out of shape if his gun went off by itself and killed a child… He said it was no big deal that guns go off on they’re own!

    4. Seriously Manny! The woman was pointing a loaded rifle at her child and took the safety off……..then it accidentally went off because of the manufacturer being irresponsible?!! If she had practiced proper firearms handling, it would have “fired” in a safe direction. people these days just can’t seem to take responsibility for themselves anymore. It’s sad. But I guess that’s how things really are right? Spoons make you fat, guns make people kill people, and laws and signs stop criminals.

    5. Well said Ben! She shouldnt have had the gun pointed at the child. Guns dont kill people, people kill poeple.
      GUN SAFETY! Pactice it people!

    6. And that makes it A-OK with you that Remington has been selling rifles with defective trigger groups for decades? That the weapon will sometimes fire a chambered round when the rifle is taken off safe?
      Nice……….only that should NEVER HAPPEN AT ALL!!!

      That idiot Ron below compared it to a drunk crashing his car into you asking if that was the car’s fault. Of course it isn’t the car’s fault and the comparison is silly because the people who have had this problem weren’t drunk!

      I’d also like to point out that if you are speaking of the woman I think you are, her son was behind something and couldn’t even be seen! She had NO idea he was even there you asshat!

      Like I told Ron buddy; try knowing what you’re talking about before you flap your yap!

    7. Ron, you can’t argue with idiots. I read more of the comments on this blog. Some of the posts are from idiots, the kind that make people want to take our guns away. These idiots may have to think hard to get that concept but I wonder if any of them drove cars or trucks with those defective air-bags or key starters and said as long as your carefull……… schmucks.

    8. Bob, is that your name or your occupation?

      Examine your comments regarding the defective airbags and such. The automotive industry uses bean counters to see if it is more cost effective to risk lawsuits or fix the problems………..just like Remington!

    9. You folks are morons. I don’t care what situation you put that weapon in, if proper gun safety is used not a single person would be dead or injured. Rule 1 never point a weapon at anything you do not wish to destroy
      Rule 2 treat every weapon as if it is loaded and follow rule 1
      How do you fault Remington for idiots and morons using their product. If a drunk driver crashes into you is it the cars fault? Millions of these weapons have been in service with the military and LE for years. It is the inexperienced a$$hole wanting money for their own stupidity. Shame on all of you that whine and cry. None of you deserve to even own a firearm!

    10. The only moron here is you pal, and your imbecilic comments concerning the police and military using these rifles proves it!
      First off, as has been said here MANY times already; these trigger groups are ALREADY KNOWN TO BE FAULTY!!!
      Secondly, the police and military do NOT use the exact same factory stock rifles sold to the general public!
      Try knowing what you’re talking about before flapping your yap!

    11. The only point here is the one on top of your head genius as exemplified by your imbecilic non sequitur comparison with cars and drunk drivers.
      If you had the slightest clue as to what you were talking about you might be dangerous.

    12. Thank you Manny.

      All one really needs to do is a little checking to find out how long this problem has existed and how many known incidents there have been to k now the truth.

      EXCERPT: “But internal documents obtained by CNBC show that in 1948—before the gun went on the market—Mike Walker himself proposed a design change to prevent the trigger’s internal parts from falling out of alignment.

      Other documents show the added cost for Walker’s “trigger block” came to pennies per gun, but with the rifle already over budget, officials decided against making a change.”

      Here’s another, and this excerpt is even more frightening!

      EXCERPT: “Between 1992 and 2004, defendants have acknowledged receiving 3,273 customer complaints of Remington rifles with Walker fire controls firing without a trigger pull, which is an average of approximately five unintended firings per week for 13 years,” Ramler wrote. “… the actual number of unintended firings is much higher.”

      That some of the brain trust here can’t see that there is a very definite problem here is beyond me.

  15. Rem. has been aware of the problem with their triggers (not just the x-mark) for decades and have refused to correct it. My 6mm’s bolt lugs had less than 10% contact. I won’t buy another Rem.

  16. Wow, dude! What a paranoid schizophrenic. Why get out of bed? Why drive a car on the road? Why shop amongst people who could be just like you? Are you mentally challenged or what?
    There are a lot of people out there too stupid to own guns and don’t take care of the ones they own. How many times I’ve heard some idiot say, “I have never cleaned my gun or rifle”.

  17. With over a million rifles to be returned and fixed at no cost to the customer this is going to put real pressure on Remington to rush these in and out as cheaply as possible which raises serious questions. What is the risk of having your rifle damaged or lost in this process. If you get it back that it doesn’t shoot as good as it did before? What will they do about that? What is to say that the trigger fix they do now isn’t subject of yet another recall 6 years from now and start this ridiculous process all over again? In their rush to get all of these fixed they could screw it up big time and cause more problems. I have heard absolutely nothing about the present day company and their customer service that would make me want to give them anything to “fix”.

  18. This post by Woody is confusing … Remington had already announced this XMP recall months ago. That’s old news.

    What happened last week was a proposed and HUGE general recall of ALL Model 700s for potentially faulty triggers. Remington has proposed the general recall, but it has to be approved (apparently) by a judge or the judges overseeing the lawsuits currently in litigation.

  19. I will never buy or own a Rem. gun after one came apart in my hand,with Rem ammunition.All I got from them was the money for the rifle & they keep what was left of the rifle. Happy Trails Rem.

  20. I sent my 700 in for the trigger recall & got it back in less than 2 weeks. They had said 12, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    1. You obviously beat the rush. Most will not get theirs back nearly as fast, and many will end up not getting their rifles back for up to a year or longer based on previous recalls.

  21. It is not just 700 triggers. Call Remington’s customer service line and be treated to a menu of numbers to press depending on which recall you are subject to. Sent back a brick of their recalled Thunderbolt .22 LR as directed, with receipt, and was refunded HALF the purchase price weeks later. Lost me as a customer for good.

  22. I have purchased 2 remi 700’s and on both I went into it knowing that the stock trigger is garbage. Any serious shooter knows this, its nothing new. Remi’s are great because there are so many optionable parts for customization. By the time your done its not stock anyways. Now if there was an issue with the bolt or somthing of that nature then kick remi to the curb and look at other brands.

  23. I received a notice and ran my daughter serial number on her Remington 700 and found it was subject to the recall. They send me a box and a shipping label; but to put the gun in the box I would have had to remove the scope and remount it when I got the gun back. I asked whether I could send the entire rifle with the scope attached or get compensated for the removal of the scope and the cost of remounting the scope. Remington said they would not cover the expense of scope removal and remounting the scope, so I did not send them the gun. Why should I incur the costs of remounting my scope for their screw-up? Remington at one time was a good gun manufacture and customer care was superb. Not any more, they do not give a rats-ass about their customer base. There are too many other good manufacturers out there now; I would not give Remington a second look now days if I was in the market for a new firearm.

    1. Why would you risk your daughters safety. You can easily remove the scope and any good gun shop will bore sight it in at no charge. One needs to range sight their gun periodically, your daughter is worth it. Happy hunting.

  24. To sell a gun with a bad trigger to some one else is just WRONG. No questions. How would you like it if some did the same dirty low life thing to you?

  25. have not had a remington that had this happen. haven’t had a Rem since grade school.. but that said : keep your guns clean.. it is not hard

  26. Sent my 700 in for “repair” in August and they told me 4 to 6 weeks. Checked after 6 weeks and they told me 13 MONTHS. Told them I needed rifle for a hunt in October. They said sorry but would do nothing to speed up. I said “send my rifle back”. Installed Timney trigger. Keep the time frame in mind when returning rifle or plan on spending $125 + for new trigger.

  27. This recall has been going on for a while now.
    Remington has had numerous ongoing problems with their products.
    Look at the recent recall of their R-51 pistol that all the gun magazines gave high marks to before it was released to the consumer, only to see it immediately recalled.
    The big problem with the 700s is that there are so many of them out there.
    And,,,, even more worrisome, I have had several, mostly on line, unscrupulous gun shops try to sell me one so they can get them out of their inventories.
    So, ask for the serial number and check on it with Remington before you sign on the line and plunk down your hard earned dollars.
    As for me, I’ll stick with Winchester and Ruger products.
    ,,,,, JC

  28. I will take the situation into consideration, I will however never send my firearm to Remington due to a recall, I would never get it back, IMHO it’s probably another paid ploy to remove firearms from the population for a given period of time. I would rather have a good gunsmith replace the trigger with a better model trigger assembly. That alone is worth the extra $$$ spent on the upgrade.

  29. I’m with Mr. Zeak. The problem is the trigger mechanism gets gummed up with dried-up grease and grime. Cleaning with a solvent and using a spray-on graphite dry lube is the best thing you can do for your Remington M700 trigger.

    1. No, it really isn’t.
      The best thing you can do is to replace it with a Timney Trigger group. But why should anyone have to need to replace a factory trigger on a new rifle just to feel they can use it safely is beyond me.
      Like I said earlier, Remington has had constant problems with their rifle trigger groups for 60 years now. I own a 700 in 7mm Rem mag that I got from a friend of mine. It is superbly accurate and I fixed the problem myself. But I would not buy a new rifle from Remington for any reason.

  30. Golly gee, what a surprise! The company that has had more problems associated with their factory trigger groups since the late 1940’s than any other gun maker is having even more problems? Oh my, what a surprise that is………..not!!!

    I saw another older 700 have an accidental firing this past deer season when the young man who owned it clicked his safety to the off position to unload it. Fortunately for the other three of us present this man had the rifle pointed i n the safest direction possible and no one was injured or worse!

    It’s well past time that Remington pulled their heads out of their arses over their constant trigger propblems!!!

  31. I was a gunsmith for 30 years an cleaned many of this triggers. The grease or lube that was on them got hard like glue. the sear would stay down and not return to the upper level or not return all he way. If these were disassembled cleaned in a go solvent oiled they worked as new. I have seen some that the kitchen hack gunsmith worked on that was unsafe. but most was the lube they used.

  32. Ask the R51 recall owners how they enjoy the Remington recall process. Remington has kept their money and their firearm with minimal to no communication about the repair status. Many have been without their firearms and money for close to a year now.
    I would be hesitant to send anything to them.

    1. I have a new Remington 700 BDL that has the smooth trigger. This rifle is still in the shipping box with all paper work inside. I will ship it to them and ask that Remington make the necessary repairs and return it to me ASAP.

    2. Why don’t you take the serial number, call the number in the article above, and find out if it is on the recall list? It seems quicker and easier.

    3. Isn’t it against the law to sell a defective rifle? The shop should have sent it back and never sold it to you.

  33. Okay, first off, back in the late 70s – or early 80s I had an 870 go off right next to me for absolutely no reason, and nobody believed me when I told them I didn’t touch the thng at all, and if I remember right, the safety was on on that one too! Damned thing blew a hole in the floorboard to boot! Now, since then I’ve had several Remington 870s including the sweet little black Tactical version (we just called ’em sawed-off shotguns back before everthing in America went Military) I just bought a while back with NO problems. The point of all this is I just checked and my new 870 has one of those smoth triggers. What should I do?

    1. Don’t send it in to Remington go and buy a new trigger first people are saying they are sending these guns in and the company is keeping them for more then a year we think it’s a plot to take your guns or a scheme from the government

    2. I have never had a problem with a Remington shotgun. Bu my first question would be; Why were you riding around in a vehicle with a round chambered in the first place?

  34. For those of us who are comfortable with our gun smithing skills and know our limitations, I would remove the trigger, clean, inspect and re-install.
    This or just replace it with a Timney or Jewel trigger.

    The only Remington rifles that I knew discharged without the trigger being pulled were those that had their triggers adjusted incorrectly by someone who should not have been performing the adjustment!

    1. The older 700’s were notorious for having accidental discharges when there was a round chambered and the safety was switched off. The rifle would sometimes fire even though the trigger had not been touched. As I said in a earlier post, I witnessed this during the past deer season here. Thank goodness it was pointed in a safe direction at the time!

      The problem on the older models is due to an internal “connector” that controls the sear rather than simply blocking the trigger itself. If the connector get’s the least bit out of alignment the rifle may fire when the safety is switched off as when simply unloading the rifle. This problem has been known since the first 700’s were produced and tghere are well over 1,000 documented cases of this happening which resulted in several accidental shootings and more than a few deaths.

      Remington has never openly admitted there was a design problem.

  35. NBC CNBC CBS ABC MSNBC CNN BET VH1 and several other channels could care less about the 2nd Amendment and our rights to bear arms to protect our self and family. Gives us the rights to protect our self from any form of tyranny from the corrupt government we have now….. These news channels have relatives that are in politics and they are told what to say, no matter what….. Today there are more people in favor of gun ownership then gun control…. Take the gun away from the legal citizen who obeys the laws, then the criminals will be the only one with guns…… These CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY LAWS >>> Esp when it comes to gun control ……… No form of gun control will ever be able to control the crooks and murderers. NBC and CNBC are controlled by the idiotic buffoon liberals. Do you think they care about us.???? N0 ??? They are more concerned about controlling us… which they want to do..

  36. One of the reasons I’m partially deaf today is thanks to one of these Remington rifles. Had hand loaded a few varmit rounds and was cycling them through the rifle to check headspace, etc. Had run about 20 rounds, and then a discharge, inside my shop. One hand on the fore end, the other on the bolt. No touching the trigger. Closed the bolt, BLAM! A .223 discharged in a closed room without hearing protection is like getting whacked with a board. You can’t hear a thing for 15 or 20 minutes. No other injuries from the event, sold the thing off.

    1. Silas, I am going to post this in the interest of safety and please don’t consider it as a personal attack on you. First I am not a gunsmith, I am a shooter and hunter who reloads my own ammunition. I never Repeat never, chamber a live round in side a house, garage or anyplace indoors. 2nd If I need to verify head spacing issue I will either strip the bolt to remove the firing pin or use a cartridge that is completely inert but built to the correct dimensions as the live ammunition. I was raised my dad to never use live ammunition indoors period.

    2. I have to agree with Don: use snap caps if you want to test something and know your gun will not discharge. Every time you chamber a live round, expect that it will be discharging and not necessarily when you want it to. Keeping your finger off the trigger is good, but it is not an assurance that the round will not fire.

    3. Silas Longshot I realy dont believe that one round going off had any thing to do with your partially being deaf. Just saying

    4. I was taught to how to check the safety of the trigger by a military shooter who knew the both the rifle and the testing process. If this is done properly (and it does NOT require live ammunition) to check function and passes this test I believe the trigger is safe.

      I installed a Jewell trigger and had to increase the pull weight slightly after this test but I now feel it is quite safe after it passed the test. Each trigger is going to be slightly different and should be tested regularly and definitely after ANY work has been done involving the bolt or trigger!!!!!! I have no problem with that.

      My guess is that most people would be somewhat hesitant to subject their rifle to this test but I don’t feel that any harm is done to the rifle and I feel quite comfortable with the safety of this rifle once the trigger is properly adjusted AND TESTED!

    5. Just a good old boy, never meaning no harm, but he’s been running from the law since the day he was “BLAM!” A fool and his hearing are soon lost. Glad to know that I bought both of my Remington’s back in the late 80’s and they are as solid as a 1960 dollar. Way better engineering in those days and as smooth as a rifle costing more than a new car, these days. The junk they produce now-a-days might as well be made in a toy factory in China.

    6. You sold it off? No offense, but if the rifle was unsafe, why would you pass that problem on to another human being. You’ve probably thought about it since, but what if some little boy or girl gets their head blown off? We all need to think about how our actions might affect folks down the road.

  37. @CherokeeScot: what does your ill-informed racist rant have to do with a rifle recall? Never mind, as I am sure it’s Obama’s fault according to the Conservative Corporate Media that you swallow. Jesus Haploid Christ, people like you make gun ownership almost embarrassing.

    1. Tom i saw no racism in CherokeeScots posting. But yours deviates even further into the sublime. The model 700 built in the 60’s is very much a better action than what is built by Remington today. i dont have the recall trigger system in which they speak of but i have sold, traded and even given those newer Remington’ s to others. I hope the people who now own Remington can go back to the quality that Remington used to put into all their guns in the past.

  38. Well I guess if I had not taken the time to program out of my Direct TV listings NBC CNBC CBS ABC MSNBC CNN BET VH1 and several other channels I might have heard about this attack on a Company that is an American Icon. But I have no need to hear what they have to say, by the grace of God I am still capable of making up my own mind and decerning for myself what the truth really is.
    Now as far as the 700 recall, I have 2 that weapons that are in fact part of that recall and just getting through to Remington and scheduling repairs is harder than getting in to see the President. I decided to err on the side of safety so I went out and bought Timney Triggers and replaced the entire mess. Problem solved, now if we could just replace the news media that easily!
    Merry christmas to all!

    1. Yeah, it’s always a good idea to base your decision making on ignorance and rely entirely on a media source that is nothing but a propaganda outlet for extremist views. So much for the well informed electorate the framers imagined. Count me as one gun owner who wants to separate myself as far as possible from “folk of your ilk.” BTW, I don’t seem to recall anything in the bible about firearms whatsoever.

    2. Now what’s funny about YOUR post is that you think the Founding Fathers wanted an informed and educated electorate. LOL. They knew they didn’t have one which is why they formed the Electoral College to represent the uneducated and uninformed. Farmers didn’t get the news paper every day out in the hinter lands of the States. So the States assigned representatives to make “intelligent” decisions they couldn’t possibly make. Strange….we still have an Electoral College that decides for us….our votes do NOT count….the Electoral College can vote for whomever they wish. For the record….David slew Goliath with a projectile. LOL

    3. Rob: Do you listen to the liberal media for your enlightenment? Study real money, then the counterfeit is easy to detect. Not the other way around. Also, who needed firearms when the jawbone of an ass was sufficient for the task at hand. We need more men like that today. For now I’ll settle for Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) on manhood, over the politically correct liberal media. Note, more people have been killed before saltpeter was discovered, than with firearms.

  39. Wow, how about the news about the blacks decapitating the white couple. I am yet to see that one on the news.
    I suppose it isnt newsworthy.
    Thank GOD we have the internet to be able to get unbiased, factual news usually with details that allow you to determine what is truth and what isnt.
    You know the print media used to be called news papers. At such time as they began to ‘modify’ the news, they began their own demise. The broadcast media is now doing the same thing. If they think they can just come online and open a new outlet, unless they change their names, nobody will bother looking on their sites.

    1. What?? No riots? At least not like the ones when O.J. was acquitted. Oh, that’s right, there weren’t any!

    2. True “journalism” is DEAD! It is up to the people themselves to search out the truth from the lies, including the lies of omission and spin that is to be found on the internet The internet has made possible the dissemination of truth lies and truth, lies and spin where before journalism had devolved into just lies and spin.

      The PTB/NWO minion that passes for our Government does NOT like the internet as they have achieved most of their goal of the “dumbing-down” pf the people usnig the media (MSM) and the “public” Government Schools of Propaganda and Indoctrination and they have even done so using the people’s OWN money..

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