Remington Debuts 2020 Digital Scope

Remington Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Looking for a new rifle optic that immediately improves your accuracy? The Remington 2020 Digital Optic System may be your answer. This system bundles numerous devices and technologies together in a single device allowing you to accurately fire in any conditions at distances of up to 500 yards. Looking through the Remington 2020 Digital Optic System, you see a Heads-Up Display (HUD) over your field of view. The HUD visualizes system information as well as variables effecting accuracy.

Remington 2020Created in collaboration between Remington Arms and TrackingPoint, an applied technology company in Austin, Texas, the Remington 2020 Digital Optic System revolutionizes long-range accuracy by combining digital optics and target tracking technology into a seamlessly integrated shooting system.

The Remington 2020 Digital Optic System allows you to designate the location of a shot and have an internal ballistic calculator generate a firing solution that accounts for range, ammunition, and all environmental and system factors. You can then adjusts your point of aim to bring the reticle on target. This is accomplished through a shooting sequence referred to as Tag, Track and React (TTR).

The sequence begins by aligning the dot in the HUD with the target and pressing the “Tag” button located atop the scope, which locks a digital tag on the target up to 500 yards away.

The ballistic computer calculates a firing solution—Tracks—for all the factors effecting that shot and the blue reticle instantaneously offsets to indicate actual point-of-impact for that shot. This firing solution is updated 54 times per second, which allows accuracy even on moving targets.

When the blue reticle is aligned with the tag, it will turn red, indicating the point of aim is on-target. The shooter can now make the shot, or React.

Remington 2020 Digital Optic System Heads-Up Display (HUD)From the moment the “Tag” is placed until a preset time after the shot is taken, the 2020 records both audio and video, through a built-in microphone, to internal memory. This generates an mp4 file, which can be downloaded via Wi-Fi to any Apple iOS and Android tablet and smartphone.

The system’s integrated Wi-Fi server that allows for streaming of the HUD to any Apple iOS and Android tablet and smartphone. This provides opportunities for spotters to guide, teach, coach or simply see what the shooter is seeing and doing.

The firing solution accounts for a number of inputs and an unprecedented number of factors affecting the bullet’s flight and eliminates the need to adjust turrets, estimate holdover for range, wind, or lead on moving targets.

The 2020’s hardware houses a number of elements that automate the process. The only information that is manually input by the shooter is wind.

Toggle controls allow adjustments to zoom, focus and move from advanced mode to traditional mode if that is preferred. There are two batteries providing up to three hours of continuous use that can be changed without powering down the unit.

The Remington 2020 Digital Optic System is currently available in 30-06 SPRG, 308 WIN, 223 Remington.

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  1. I don’t know; like a lot of the other guys responding to this article, I can certainly see how the MP-4 could be used against the shooter, but on the other hand, it could also be useful as recorded hindsight to assist in analyzing your shot in retrospect, and to be able to download digital footage of your hunt, right down to the kill shot from the perspective of the scope with all of the pertinent information as well, is pretty cool. But also like everybody else, I’ve gotta believe all this Tech isn’t going to come cheap. And yet, with all of the information necessary to assist in making your shot literally right in your face, if the retail price isn’t too outrageous, I’m in. But also like a lot of other people, I would like to see one capable of much longer ranges, because let’s face it, 500 yards isn’t really long range shooting.

  2. I saw a demo video of the Tracking Point rifle the other day. That rifle is manufactured by the company which created this technological marvel of a scope and is sold integrated into the rifle itself. In response to “AR Shooter’s” question about “does it pull the trigger itself?” The answer is pretty much a yes. Once you have tagged the target and are ready to make the shot, then you squeeze the trigger but the gun does not discharge UNTIL you move the X into exact position. At that point, if you still have the trigger engaged, the computer releases the firing pin at the perfect moment. Regarding the comments about price, the Tracking Point Rifle/Scope combo is $27,000. In that video they mentioned that the Remington would be out soon and that their version was expected to be in the $5,000-$6,000 range. In response to another comment regarding the Remington’s stated 500 yard range cap, the Tracking Point demo had a 12 year old girl consistently hitting an eighteen inch gong at over 1,000 yards. It sounds like the Remington might be dumbed down a little to let Tracking Point maintain the Super Long Range market for those with more money than common sense OR with billion dollar tax payer funded budgets.

  3. I think this is great for Police and Military mid-range jobs. It enhances accuracy thereby reducing the likely hood of collateral damage, and also providing an extremely accurate depiction of exactly what the shooter was seeing so that the politicians who come in afterwards cannot hold things against you. As a civilian tool it can be used to introduce new shooters to mid-long range shooting using the available apps, allowing the spotter to see exactly what the shooter sees helping improve their accuracy. Even if all the electronics fail on the device it is still a 3-21x scope. I would still prefer a Leupold for personal use but I can definitely see the allure for this in numerous situations.

  4. Ryan, ROGER THAT! The next thing probably to be added to the gadget will be GPS tracking and time date stamp. (IF such is not already installed)

    Hell with the WIFI, it is possible that “live action” and real time video could be(or may be) actually going on allowing the REMFs to Second guess any action(s) taken in the way the situation goes down by any operator, Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, or anyone else! Both Prosecutors and Defense lawyers would LOVE to have such to use in any Civilian trial! Not to mention the media getting access to it, and can edit to use as they see fit!

    Do I like what the tech is capable of doing? Well yes in a lot of the capabilities,….Do I fear what it can do to ruin a troop or operators life and career? HELL YES!

  5. This has a lot of very innovative proof of concept tech in it. Practical for anyone, anywhere? Not even close. Lose the wifi and recording bs, extend the battery life a lot, triple the range, and cut the size and apparent weight by at least half and they might have the best new optic on the market. Assuming it isn’t too fragile to be actually used.

  6. Roy, DITTO! Older shooters eyesight can USUALLY appreciate a little help with optical sights. HOW-SO-EVER I do know of older shooters that have no issue with iron sites.

    I have to agree with your question: “HAS TECHNOLOGY GONE TO FAR?” Adding various rails to the M-4…to allow more “GEE WHIZ-BANG GIZMOS”. Some may be helpful, but let the batteries go dead and you have a lot of things…become useless added weight… what does the troop, airman, soldier, Marine, operator, do then? The time it takes to realize NONE of those “GEE-WHIZ-BANG GIZMOS” no longer work? OR at best only work “half a**ed? Will the media eventually get a copy of the mp4 and be used to condemn the American Military? Lot of questions need to be asked an answered. how such could hurt the operator or troop using the weapon. Certainly a civilian court would want to see the mp4 file……..hopefully such data would never be used to condemn and crucify our troops and operators! Again the device is only good to 500 yards…what do our troop do when the badguys are outside their range?

  7. Sweet!, but give a Leopold Tactical any day. Has technology gone too far? I think so.
    First our vehicles with all that electronic gadgetry and now our weapons. To paraphrase
    Mr. T: ” I PITY THE FOOL that has to depend on high-tech gadgets to be able to hit his target”.

  8. Since when is 500 yards “long range”??? What is the memory/purpose of the mp4 file? For civilian purposes what it is REALLY useful for ..other than proving /disproving “bragging rights”? Training purposes and police and military uses sure. Even the FBI agent Lon Haruchi could have used one…instead of missing his shot by 3 feet at 100 meters or so….but claimed he could hit a dime at 200(or was it 300) meters. Such mp4 would prove or disprove his intentional shooting of a woman holding a baby…

    Can one quickly or otherwise, exchange a/the memory card/disc?

    Just remember the MURPHY FACTOR…the more complicated it is…..there are more things that CAN AND WILL go wrong…ESEPCIALLY when you need it most.

    All the GEE-WHIZ-BANG gadgets wrapped up in one nice tidy neat little package, what is next a heads up display right out of SciFi movies that will be able to do everything but tell you your own name?

    I like the concept of it. it MURPHY and sturdy enough to be “troop proof”?

    What do users do when the need is beyond 500 yards? Especially in military situations.

  9. who said shooting is a sport with variables that operator needs to compensate for . does it pull the trigger ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  10. This looks interesting. The ballistics function is like having a spotter and the scope adjusts itself for the solution. I’m sure it will be crazy expensive and the audio/video and Wi-Fi bloatware won’t help the price any. This scope is made for governments and CEO’s.

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