New Reliable Products at Affordable Prices

Picture shows a black Ruger 9E, full-sized 9mm pistol.

I see a trend catching on—top quality products to fit everyone’s budget. As more and more Americans become gun owners, manufacturers can no longer just cater to the elite few. Just because you cannot afford to drop thousands of dollars on firearms and accessories, does not mean that defending your life is not as important. This week, we have a reliable full-sized 9mm Ruger, cheap 9mm ammo, a high-end red dot sight easy on the pocketbook, Hogue’s AR-15 buttstocks and TangoDown’s redesigned FN SCAR accessories.

Ruger 9E

After the small .380 ACP pistol fad comes… the value-priced full-sized 9mm fad? Last week, we featured Kahr’s new value-priced wonder nine the CT9 and this week, brand new to Cheaper Than Dirt’s website is the Ruger 9E. Announced just about a month ago, Ruger’s 9E full-sized, striker-fired 9mm pistol is nearly identical to the more expensive SR9. To save customers money, Ruger decided to cut machining costs with the production of its 9E by putting less slide serrations on the steel slide, eliminating the visible loaded chamber indicator—which some see as an improvement—and shipping the gun with one magazine in a cardboard box.

The desirable features are still there—such as the reversible—flat or arched backstrap—accessory rail and ambidextrous controls. The Ruger 9E has a fixed rear sight and a raked-forward front sight to prevent snagging when drawing from a holster. An ergonomic glass-filled nylon grip frame fits in any size hand nicely and due to its less machining weighs a whole ounce lighter than the Ruger SR9. Holding 17 rounds of 9mm, Ruger’s new affordable 9E is perfect for the budget-conscience target shooter or for those looking for a nightstand self-defense handgun. At the price, I see the made in America Ruger 9E selling very well.

Specifications and Features:

Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: 17 rounds

Barrel: 4.14,” 1:10” RH twist

Grips: Black, glass-filled nylon, reversible backstrap

Slide: Alloy steel

Sights: 3-dot

Length: 7.50”

Height: 5.53”

Width: 1.27”

Weighs: 27.29 ounces

9mm Prvi Partizan Ammo

picture shows a blue box of PPU ammo in 9mm.
One of our lowest price per rounds for 9mm is the Serbian-made Prvi Partizan ammunition.

You got the new nine, now you have to feed it! One of our lowest price per rounds for 9mm is the Serbian-made Prvi Partizan ammunition. This no-nonsense load is a 115-grain full metal jacket bullet with a velocity of 1145 fps, perfect for target shooting, training and practice. Unlike competing foreign cheap ammo, it is brass-cased, non-corrosive and reloadable. The appearance, quality and packaging are just as good as any of the large ammo manufacturers. For the price, Prvi Partizan shoots just as well as other affordable ammo.

Picture shows the side of a Sightmark red dot sight.
Without the high-end price, you get many of the same high-end features in Sightmark’s new Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot sight.

Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Red Dot Sight

I see no need to spend hundreds on a quality red dot sight, especially for those of us who are not operators, law enforcement or big-time competitors. One that is reliable, durable and bright enough to see your target works just fine for target shooting and defense. Without the high-end price, you get many of the same high-end features in Sightmark’s new Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot sight. For example, the red 65 MOA circle dot reticle with a five MOA subtension, protective hood, shockproof up to .50 caliber and submersible up to 40 feet. The Ultra Shot M-Spec goes from day to night with six daytime brightness settings and six night vision compatible settings. The durable, casted magnesium alloy body is lightweight, adding only eight ounces to your rifle’s setup. One CR2 battery will run up to 1,000 hours. It mounts to either Picatinny or Weaver rails and has digital control switches. Accurate out to 100 yards, the Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec red dot sight is perfect for varmints—the two-legged and four-legged types. Finally—a dependable red dot sight you can afford.

Picture shows a new, skeletonized AR-15 buttstock made by Houge and covered in OverMolded black rubber.
Made in the USA, Hogue has priced its AR-15 buttstock competitively.

Hogue AR-15 Rubber OverMolded® Collapsible Buttstocks

To compete with the Magpul MOE stocks, Hogue comes in with a hybrid reinforced polymer and Hogue’s famous OverMolded rubber collapsible buttstock for the AR-15. Available in a few muted colors, the comfortable stocks include a soft rubber buttpad that absorbs recoil. Coming in both MIL-SPEC and commercial buffer tube options, the Hogue OverMolded collapsible AR-15 buttstocks fit tight on your rifle and features rubber contact points eliminating rattle. Multiple points on the stock give you plenty of options to position a sling. The skeletonized design not only gives the Hogue AR-15 rubber OverMolded rifle stock a slimlined appearance, but also cuts down weight. The buttstock only weighs 8.3 ounces. Made in the USA, Hogue has price its AR-15 buttstock competitively.

Picture shows three grip panels in black, FDE and OD green.
The BattleRail grip panels come in three different colors and two different sizes—6 inch and 4.125 inches.

TangoDown SCAR Accessories

After listening to the needs of operators, TangoDown’s redesigned BattleRail grip panels for the FN SCAR provide a secure, non-slip grip with its trademarked Binary texture and a more low-profile fit to the famous battle rifle. The BattleRail grip panels come in three different colors and two different sizes—6 inch and 4.125 inches. Made of injection-molded, heat- and impact-modified polymer, the slimline and thin profile BattleRail grip panels lock down tight on your SCAR, but also provide a flexible, strong surface. Once installed, the made in the U.S.A. TangoDown BattleRail grip panels not only will not slip or move, but they look sleek, as well.

Will you be picking up a new full-sized 9mm? Tell us which one and why in the comment section.

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Comments (14)

  1. How about the made in Florida USA, SCCY CXP-2 9mm with 2 10 round mags at $249 which also shoots great right out of the box?

    1. I agree with Bob, I have two CPX-2 ,4 extra mags, and have shot over 500 rounds thru each …..very reliable weapons !!!!!..I never leave home with out one concealed going on 2 years now!!

  2. Suzanne, if the headline of an article is touting “affordable prices”, then price information should be in the article. To leave it out is just sloppy journalism.

    I understand your logic about the price changing, but you could still safely cite the price as “around $300” or something along those lines.

    We should not have to click on the “shop now” button for the price to be revealed . . .

  3. 440volt,
    When doing product spotlights or reviews, it is my practice to rarely mention a product’s price, as prices sometimes change.
    The definition of a bait-and-switch is “the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.” If you click on the red and white “Shop Now” button under each product, the link will take you to that product—not one more expensive or an alternative to that particular product. You can see the price for each item there. The Ruger is $300—in my opinion, that is a very affordable price for that pistol.

  4. I like Ruger products, I own a couple, but I fell head over heels for Glock the first time I shot one. Just added another to the “family”. It’s a 9mm long slide 34…sa-weeeet!! All my compadres with their Rugers are more than happy to let me shoot theirs…so they can shoot MINE!! LO7L

  5. I enjoyed this article. At first I thought it was going to simply review the Ruger 9E so I was pleasantly surprised to find other products of varying types listed as well. The red dot site, the Hogue buttstock, even the cheap 9mm ammo – all were nice to read about, plus the review of the 9E did a good job of explaining exactly how Ruger cut manufacturing costs allowing for a cheaper price tag. All in all it was a good, well-written article.

  6. I have not seen affordable guns and ammo in over twelve years. The Ruger SR40 that I have now was affodable only because I won it in an gun give away. Don’t get me wrong. I really like this gun and I also have other Ruger weapons. When four hundred plus dollars of a weapon called affordable? I would like to have more weapons and train but, realistically who can afford too.

    1. Click on the CTR logo that says “Shop Now”. It takes you to the page on CTD’s site for that item. The Ruger was $300 I believe.

  7. The headline of the article touts “affordable prices”. Then all the price info is left out. What’s with the bait and switch?

    1. Click on the CTR logo that says “Shop Now”. It takes you to the page on CTD’s site for that item.

  8. You can keep your favorite Glock , Sig, Hekler and Taurus. For lookss, dependability, and accuracy I’ll take American Owned and American Made Ruger every time. I have SAs, DAs, and auto loader and love them all. Gun snobs that haven’t tried Ruger don’t know what their missing

    1. I prefer HK, and Sig but have Taurus, S&W and Springfield. They are all good but some a little pricier than others.

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