Reader’s Choice Awards: The Ultimate List of the Best AR-15s of 2015

One year and over 300 comments later, you “voted” for your favorite AR-15 manufacturers by commenting on five Top Ten blog posts related to the best AR-15s. To the most affordable, to the nearly impractical, 60 brands made the list. Some of them were only mentioned once, while others clearly came out as winners.

Starting with a list of honorable mentions—those receiving only one vote—followed by the least favorite to the most popular AR, here are the Shooter’s Log readers favorite AR-15s for 2015:

Honorable Mentions:

Received two votes

Reader Jeffrey says: “DPMS 3G2 should be on the list. Great gun to compete with as well as being a great home defense weapon.”

Received three votes:

Reader J Roberts says: “Hands down JP Enterprises AR-15 (own two). Best competition/professional ARs made!”

Received four votes:

Reader Greg Jones says: “Got the H&K a couple of years ago. Freaky accurate right out of the box. First three rounds using the iron sights, dime-sized group, ¼ inch low and left at 100 yards.”

Received five votes:

Reader Ace says: “Adams Arms is definitely overlooked. Their complete AR lineups are flawless. I own a 16 inch and am waiting for the gov’t to approve my Class 3 for the 7-inch AR. They make the best gas system on the market. Their price tag is extremely low. Got my fully loaded 16 inch for $1,200. Excellent craftsmanship and value.”

Received six votes:

Reader Frank B says: “Precision Weapon Systems (PWS) piston AR-15 is the finest machine for the lowest cost I have seen… as in highest value for cost ratio. They come in different barrel lengths, superb manufacturing, shoot true with tight groups and require minimal maintenance. And they just fit and feel right in my hands like no other one ever has.”

Received eight votes:


Reader Isaac says: “FN Herstal has had a stellar reputation in the firearms industry for well over 100 years. They have been supplying the U.S. military with M16s for quite some time, since the late 1980s I believe. They are the people who make the custom Browning Superposed shotgun. They own Browning and Winchester. I think it is pretty hard to keep them off the list.”

Received nine votes:


Reader John B says: “I may date myself here, but Bushmaster wrote the book on “made for the common man” customized AR-15’s when they introduced the Varminter in the 90’s. Much as Kimber did for the 1911A1.”

Received 10 votes:

Reader J.R. Roberts says: “Patriot Ordnance Factory should be in the top 3. I have run ARS from most of your top 10 list and my “go to” rifle is my POF. They have been making piston driven ARS longer than anyone. They have it down to a proven science.”

Top Seven Winners: Ranked Lowest to Highest:

Reader Dave says: “I own an LAR-15 Rock River Arms Elite Operator 2. It is, in my opinion, an exceptional rifle. It is extremely durable, accurate and a tack driver. RRA is used by the DEA. It shoots 1 MOA at 100 yards and cost me about $1k back in 2011.”

The Best AR-15 #1 Winner:

SIG Sauer's 556 rifle with foldiing stock
The SIG556 is the civilian version of the legendary Swiss-designed series 550 combat rifle.

SIG Sauer 516, 556 and M400

Votes were taken from comments on the following five articles:


Some of these surprised me, while others deserve to be here. Which top-rated AR-15s surprised you? Are there still top-rated AR-15s left out? Tell us which ones in the comment section.


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Comments (112)

  1. The mattel toy has come along way regarding improvements, so far in fact it is beginning to circle back to accoutrements, that were found to be terrible mistakes. IE: open ended flash suppressors. Hopefully all future zombie apocalypses will take place in deserts or urban areas. Think about this, you are bopping down a trail surrounded by thick vegetation, being this is a zombie rich environment, you constantly sweep left, right, up and down. Your muzzle obviously in synch with your eyes. You have just swept left when a machete armed zombie appears on right and very close. You try to put muzzle on him but, sapling has gone up inside open ended hand guard or open ended flash suppressor. Zombie is now way to close. You swing harder right, you swing so hard, muzzle comes free aND sweeps past zombie as he buries machete in your head. Things sticking off your weapon and you can get you killed in the bush. Ever wonder why birdcage suppressors replace open ended ones?

  2. Pathetic! Grown men complaining about readers choice awards. I’m a former Marine Corps Scout Sniper of 21 years. I have had the pleasure of firing 100’s of weapons, which most were ARs. I can tell you one thing, as long as the AR that I would keep close in battle would be one that is made above mil-spec. I was able to build my last AR which was part KE Arms, part 2Vet Arms, and AeroPrecision with a Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel. The statement about a momma’ boy living in the basement with a neck beard probably has a good income with nothing to spend it on but video games and high end ARs, so he’s probably smarter than you on the subject. As far as your disagreement about SIG and their (non)AR platform, call them and let them know that their AR platform rifles aren’t AR platform. See if they give a spit! A huge thanks to all the companies that build AR platform rifles, whether it’s made for a service member protecting this great country or for civilians that help protect the homeland as lll%s or for our LEOs, your work is gratefully appreciated. God Bless. SEMPER FI!

  3. And the Top AR-15 of 2015….isn’t even an AR-15? Could we have a list based on numbers and statistics not America’s votes? This isn’t American Idol, this is a list of rifles. And Bushmaster over KAC? Really?

    1. Quit trying to be the editor then, if you aren’t happy with what they are printing go start your own site so they can do the same to you.

    2. @ trav: Uh-oh, you’re going to be in Don’s sights now, who seemingly considers himself to be the official proctor of this thread, judging from his comments to Kyle.

    3. No proctor here, just tired of hearing people whine because the articles don’t read as they think they should 🙂 🙂

    4. I just think the article should be avout AR 15s, not sigs. If the title says AR 15s, I think they should be about ARs.

  4. I don’t see why a Sig556 was even mentioned here. I don’t see how some of these made it so high on the list. And I don’t know how Rhino Arms isn’t on the list… I suppose it’s because the comments are 99% mom’s basement as buck neckbeard comments.

  5. To everyone who keep bring up AR’s chambered I in 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ( .308 Win ).

    Article title ” The AR – 15 of 2015″

    All 308 win are variants of the AR – 10. NOT AR -15’s. Granted appearance are the same, but Spec.s are totally different. Nothing from an AR-15 will work on an AR -10 and visa-versa.

    Granted bringing AR-10’s into the mix isn’t as bad as naming a none AR platform as the winner. It’s still compairring apples to oranges.

  6. The Sig 556 is not an AR15…

    I would rank AR15 rifles in to three categories. The first would be true Mil-Spec Hard Use AR15 rifles like the Colt LE6920. The second would be Hard Use AR15 rifles that are not Mil-Spec, but exceed those stardards, like the BCM RECCE-16. The third would be Lite Duty AR15 rifles that do not meet or do not exceed Mil-Spec standards.

    1. It would be interesting to find out which of the mil-spec AR’s on this list that you think aren’t mil-spec? Now if you meant military issue, then your categories might make sense.

    1. Obviously you didn’t read the article since JP is on the list under getting three votes. But like a lot are saying, it’s a popularity contest, not a true “best of” vote. Most of the guys on this list that are knocking everything but the mass produced AR’s have never had the opportunity to fire a lot of the others, if they did and they were honest with themselves they would never go back to their mass produced rifles.

  7. Figgers, gun nuts favor Colt, a company that sells guns to the Army,located in a state with some of the most repressive gun laws in the country. Can u say..shoot me in the foot?? Rock River is a good gun, but it’s located

    How about you nimrods support gunmakers in American states like GA, WY, NE, TN etc???

  8. To have this article published on a gun website is just sad! The SIG 500 series of rifles are not ARs. Then to picture at SIG 556R in 7.62×39 is even more of a joke. One of two things is going on here: 1. The writer doesn’t know a darn thing about rifles, or 2. SIG dropped some advertising $$$ in his pocket. Either way, any more of this and I’ll I wont bother reading anything from CTD.

    1. Well this so happens to be a website belonging to an online store, so it’s not truly a “gun” website per say. So of course it will always be skewed towards the manufacturers that they rep. Secondly, you shouldn’t be mad at the author of the article, you should be angry at the individuals who voted the Sig as being an AR. After all, the author just tallied up the votes in previous articles. Lastly… get used to it, they always run articles like this.

  9. Two words, Daniel Defense! I see they got ranked highly, but in the AR world, I don’t see a better gun, a better company, better service anywhere. (Shout out to Caroline B.!). There is a reason the military chose them. I’ve owned two, they beat any others I’ve owned / used hands down.

    1. What about the R25 in 308 by rem. Didn’t see any thing on it at all. Please let me know that it’s not the sorest of the bunch. Thanks for the report and yes I have the 308 R25.

  10. I own a sig 556r, which i think is the one pictured. It is one of ny best guns, but it isnt an ar. Not sure how it got in this contest. But like I said I love it. And I have several palmetto state armory ar15s, glad to see them getting some attention here, they even beat anderson in this poll. If it is mil spec you proba ly cant go wrong though in my opinion, no matter which brand.

  11. I totally agree that the 556 is a truly awesome rifle, but the name of this article is “Top AR15”
    The 556 is not anywhere even close to an AR. It has more in common with an AK than an AR.
    If the Sig was the clear winner of an “AR-15” competition(again, it’s not an AR), then every other rifle on the market should have been used. Tavor, Kriss, HK etc. Somebody really dropped the ball on this to consider the 556 a clear AR15 winner!!!

  12. Well it’s partly my fault for not casting a vote for my beloved Sig 516 Patrol….I think it’s a very good alternative to the many DI AR rifles. I think it’s a good rifle that’s underrated…

  13. Aero Precision has some pretty sweet rifles. Their M4E1 looks great. I currently have their .308 M5E1 on order. If you’re in the market for AR-15 or LR308, check them out. They have daily sales for 15-20% off items. I also have a Delton parts kit on a Stag arms lower and I am very happy with it.

  14. Ask 10 different people what the best AR is and you’re likely to get 10 different answers. It really just boils down to personal preference. I like them all because they drive the anti-gun crowd battier than they care to admit…yay!

  15. Who’s the genius that thought a Sig 556 was an AR-15? I would expect this from some dumb reporter on the news but not from somebody writing for a gun blog. Smh

  16. I’d like to give an honorable mention to Ares Armor, they may not have made the list but they make a damn good product and, even more importantly, fight the good fight for the second amendment over here in California

    1. Zak, is it even possible to fight the good fight for the 2A in CA anymore? I mean what with Nazi Pileoshi, Dianne Swinestein and Jerry Brown pulling all the strings there?

  17. Well, that set of lists is just simply wrong on so many levels. First off not enough votes to matter. If I could add M16A1s to the list, I’d have to add the unissued Colt’s in our armory and H&R. Yeh, H&R for real war fighting rifles. But in the present context, there are many fine rifles available. Colt still knows how to make them. So does Bushmaster, SIG, S&W, Bravo Company, Stag and LWCI. It is really hard to screw up an AR15. Ruger did screw up with the latest offering, delivering a low end price point along with a simply crude and cheap rifle. But, that is what to expect from Ruger. They may function just fine, but they are masters of crude workmanship. Or how to make firearms requiring the least amount of finish work. I admire Rugers tough as nails guns, that just leave me cold as there is no beauty to be found. Other than form is function.

    1. What are you smoking? Have you ever owned any type of Ruger in your life? Ruger makes well built accurate firearms period. So many people seem to assume that just because Ruger has been able to manufacture their firearms so that they can offer great firearms at a lower price point that they are bad. Wake up… I own several Rugers, they are definitely accurate and very reliable. You want beautiful, go to the beach… If you want something that is both accurate and reliable, go with the Ruger…

    2. Why yes I have owned dozens of them. Several 10-22s, at least 6 .22 Standards and match pistols, 6 Mini 14s, including GBs, K77, GP100s, SP101s, Security Six, Black Hawks, New model Black hawks, Red hawks, New and old Single Sixs, No. 1s, M77s, K77-22, KP93, KP94, KP95, P95s and since I was a gun store owner I saw them by the thousands. I agree that for the most part they work and are accurate. For the most part they are ugly and many fit the hand poorly. They have a pretty good record. But they also have failures. Like the early P85s with a sleeved chamber that came apart. The M77/22 with a short firing pin, scope munts that wont fit. I was just looking at Ruger’s new AR15 clone. A good price point at $599. But it was not finished well in several areas. Lacking heat shields means a person needs to buy new handguards. Nitrated finish instead of phosphate. Stuff like that. A cracked frame due to faulty casting on an old model BH .45 Colt.
      So, Yes I know about Rugers.

    3. I agree %100. As far as not finding beauty, the GP100 Match Champion usually leaves me drooling. Maybe it’s just me.

    4. Don, I have owned many Ruger rifles and handguns. Blackhawks (both old and new models), Single Sixes (both old and new), GP100s, SP101, Standard and Mk1 .22 pistols, 10/22 rifles, M77s old and new, M77/22 (short firing pin), Mini 14 standard and GB Government models, P93, P94, P95, No. 1s and others. I owned two gun stores and saw quite a few Rugers. Yep they work and usually shoot pretty well. But I’ve seen quite a few that did not work out of the box, others P85 where sleeved chambers came apart, crack frames on Blackhawks, scope mounts so warped they wouldn’t fit. Ruger makes or made a few good and a few bad guns. Ruger knows how to make guns needing little hand fitting. The casting marks are crude.

    5. He didn’t say they didn’t work well. He said they weren’t aesthetically pleasing. He is absolutely right. Rugerr does build a very good gun, but I too agree with the fact that beautiful workmanship and paying attention to the minor details, should be part of the process.

  18. NOVESKE being hands down the finest AR platform on the market, LMT is a close second. I’m going to buy one of their 7.62 if Noveske doesn’t get theirs back on the market pretty soon.
    Never ran a Noveske. They are $$$ but definately the Rolex of AR’s. They will shoot straighter than you can hold. Nuff said.

  19. The SIG 516 is an AR-15 in my mind. The company didn’t refer to it as one so they could promote it as something different. It looks like one, has similar parts, and magpul furniture and mags all fit. Completely disassembled they have similar components, it’s just a profitable move to make your company’s parts the only ones that fit. The 516 is an excellent firearm. Glad to see it top the list.

  20. Gee, hate to break it to you, but the SIG 500 series rifle is not even in the same family as the AR-15. I don’t see a Stoner designed rifle here folks. Matter of fact, I believe that the 500 SIG, along with the FN-FNC, and H&K 33 were in direct competition with the Stoner AR-15/M-16 designs during the Army/Military trials for a new combat rifle about fifty years ago. AR=Direct gas impingement, H&K 33=delayed double locking roller blow-back, SIG 500 and FN-FNC= piston operated. If its not an AR-15 platform, how can you consider it #1, not that it isn’t an excellent rifle.

    1. Greg you are correct. I will tell you the operators are switching their uppers for piston uppers because they are more reliable today, than the original. Yes, space coatings and shorter duration cleaning cycles keep the original design reliable. But today’s special operators know better. First hand knowledge.

    2. Well, SpecOps men tested a lot of guns, and like gun people they want to try other things. I would if I had the money. But after 55 years the DI guns are still number one. The piston guns are novelties offering little over DI, except cost. If a gas tube can last close to 100,000 rounds, that’s pretty good.

  21. How is the SIG 556 the #1 AR? It’s not a AR. The fact that PSA made it so high on the list with the hit and miss QC going on over there is insane

  22. Ok, so I am confused. What determins an “AR” rifle. I thought it had to be based on the original design that was adopted as the M-16? Where as the Sig is completly based off of the 550. What parts of the Sig 556 are compatible with AR platforms other than the caliber? Perhaps im just not that familiar with the rifle. I have a Sig 516 and yeah it is most defiantly an AR. But the 556???

  23. Well done! Good methodology based on your available data sources. I criticized your earlier article but you utterly redeemed yourself with this synopsis article. Bravo!

  24. The best thing about the AR-15 platform is that is is so easily customized to each owners preference. I prefer my AR ‘s to be custom built on Aero Precision’s lower. That way each rifle can be individually tailored to its purpose. I see no reason to buy a “one size fits all” rifle from a manufacturer.

  25. The photo of the weapon you have labled as ” Best AR-15″ from what I can see isn’t an AR platform. It’s more along the line of slicked up AK platform. Similar to the “Galil” built by IMI, but with even smother lines. From the photo all I can see that may have come from the AR is the safty lever.

  26. I am a Sig Fan and own the Sig 556 SWAT patrol. Love that gun and it’s utter reliability and usability. What is even more funny to me is that the Sig they have pictured is not even a 5.56 but is the SIG556R chambered in 7.62x39mm.

  27. I own two Adams Arms COR rifles and a CORE15 TAC III. They are excellent rifles. They come with lifetime warranties. The CORE warranty is all inclusive whether you’re the first owner or the third. Both brands are extremely accurate and great value for the money.

  28. Thought this was a “best” list?…not most expensive. Cause it sure reads that way. So much variable here…
    Just cause a company spends a crap-ton of money on pretty pictures and advertising in AR-15 Magazine doesn’t make it anything but just another rifle.

    1. The funny thing is most mil spec parts are made by a small group of manufacturers. So most people go for name and maybe a small improvement here or there(which can be placed a much cheaper rifle, as well. I believe, there are four that all lowers come from.

    2. So you are saying that a $300 match grade bull barrel is no better than a $125 pencil barrel or a $250 Geiselle trigger group is no better than a stock mil-spec trigger group? Come on now…

  29. I just don’t get it. I have an american made version of the AR platform, and I can consistently shoot the bullseye out of a target at 100 yds. I read about folks claimed accuracy, and the loudest are always non-american weapons. We publicly and loudly decry anyone who would even hint at inhibiting our 2nd Amendment rights under the US Constitution…then we rush out to buy foreign made weapons as fast and furious as we can. Glocks, Sigs, H&K’s, everything but the weapons built by Americans in American factories. Pardon me all to hell, but I see this as more than just a little hypocritical. You either support America, or you don’t. If we all quit buying American products, what do you think that does to the American economy…hint…you’re seeing it now. The economy tanks, and we, America, go farther and farther in debt because of the trade imbalance. When Americans aren’t at work, they aren’t paying taxes, and they become a burden on the system. That’s how Capitalism works. If we aren’t producing and our GDP goes down, while the countries we are in direct competition with have GDP’s that are increasing, know what happens…we borrow money in the form of bonds that those very foreign interests buy up, because they’re cheap right now. America isn’t owned by Americans anymore, and if we don’t get our heads out of it…those foreign interests will begin calling in those debts, and we’ll all have to learn a second language to remain employed at all. Wake up, buy American.

    1. I live in New Hampshire… it’s a state… one of the thirteen original states after that revolution thing back in 1776… Sig head quarters is down the street a bit…

    2. And Hondas as well. both motorcycles and cars. Ridgeline pick-ups too, for all I know.

    3. Glocks, Sigs and H&K’s are made both in the USA and in their original countries as well.

      So Tim, all of the parts in every firearm you own are all made in the USA? And so is everything in your house and anything you drive? Including all the food you eat?

  30. Was always a pony guy until I got a core 15, Every bit as good as my colts and about a third of the price, also very impressed with Windham. Core 15 by far has the best warranty they call it the no BS warranty. It covers the rifle for the life of the rifle not the owner and it covers anything that can go wrong with the weapon

  31. In reality Larue most likely is the best of the lot- they do not advertise ever!
    You will never see any leads, discounts and most of time it takes months and months to even get one. Most have never even seen one. So if you cannot see it how can you vote on it!
    Again, if you have not seen one or touched one or fired one that most have
    never even heard of Larue- so how can you vote on it Bang Bang

    1. The sad part is most people that voted haven’t ever touched a majority of the AR’s mentioned. They are just going on what they heard someone say or from what they read on some forum.

  32. I have fired many of these rifles but for the price and reliability the DPMS AP4 is clearly #1. Not to insult anyone but you can tell the difference from the votes who has experience and who does not. Remember I said based on the price and reliability.

    1. •CORE15™ Mil-Spec Forged 7075-T6 Lower Receiver, Type III Class II Hard-coat anodized finish, beveled Magwell for improved reloading speed, machined chevrons in front strap, bullet pictogram safety markings
      •CORE15™ Mil-Spec Forged 7075-T6 M-4 Upper Receiver, Type III Class II Hard-coat anodized finish, M4 Feed Ramps, (1913 Picatinny rail flat top) w/ dry lube internal finish and laser engraved T-markings
      •16” 4150 CMV M4 Profile Barrel Black Nitride Finish 1:7 Twist
      •Chambered in .223/5.56 x 45 mm NATO
      •CORE15® Adjustable Gas Piston Assembly with Adjustable 3-Position Gas Settings
      •CORE15® Proprietary Monolithic, Melonite Coated Bolt Carrier, Mil-Spec Carpenter 158 Steel Bolt
      •A-2 Flash Hider
      •POLYMER M-4 Style Thermoset Molded Polymer Hand Guards with a Single Heat Shield
      •A-2 Pistol Grip
      •CORE15™ Six Position Retractable Stock
      •CORE15™ Hardcore Billet Charging Handle V.1
      •Mil-Spec Aluminnum 30rd. G.I. Mag
      •CORE15® Oversized TriggerGuard
      •CORE15™ Owner’s Manual
      •Weight (unloaded): 6 lbs. 2 oz.
      $700 at buds Think again its not even close

    2. Your opinion is definitely very subjective. If you ask me… If you think the DPMS should be #1 then you don’t know what you are talking about and you clearly haven’t handled, let alone fired, any of the others. There was a time when DPMS put together great AR’s, but that time has come and gone my friend.

  33. Ok, this list read like Best Sports Car for 2015, and the 1st. Place winner was a Toyota Camry. Great car, just not a Sports Car. The Sug 556 is not an AR-15 platform. Therefore, the top vote getter should be Colt.

    1. Obviously you have been hiding under a rock. Check out the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter, the RRA LAR-PDS Side Folding Stock Kit or the Ace Folding Stock.

    2. The website says the Law Tactical Folding Stock is for storage or transport only and must be in the unfolded position in order for the weapon to fire.
      I’ll correct myself by saying that if I want my AR15 platform weapon to fire, the stock shouldn’t be folded. 🙂

  34. I have an IO AR-15 Sportster that has a Colt M-16 upper. The first time I shot a bunch of rounds at the range something happened that I never saw shooting more than a thousand rounds with an M-16 in the Army and later in the Air National Guard (well over 30 years ago).

    Roughly, one in ten rounds would not eject properly. Most would turn 180 degrees and be facing backwards. when I would remove the magazine and pull back on the charging handle, the brass casing would fall out.

    Some of the time the spent casing would only get halfway out the ejector port, usually spinning around and pointing into the ejector port. Pulling back on the charging handle would free it and allow the next round to feed properly.

    Anyone seen anything like this before?

    1. The gas rings on the extractor assembly may need to be adjusted; this was a condition that I saw a number of times during my 24-year Army career. Remove the extractor assembly from the bolt carrier group. Just above the taper on the end opposite of the extractor you will see the three gas rings. Each ring has a small gap; ensure these rings are offset from one another – I usually arranged them 120° offset from one another. If the gaps are lined up it forms a gas port which decreases blowback pressure, which then causes improper extraction of the bullet casing.

  35. For sure the sig is not an ar rifle. How stupid. I actually was interested to see who one to be let down a non ar won the ar contest!

  36. Love Sig Sauer but it is not even an AR 15 how can it be number one???? That’s like voting on 1911s and a DA/SA winning the contest. ???

    1. Gregory, FYI, I have a Colt 1911 Combat Commander that is DA/SA that could win a 1911 contest. Colt commissioned Seacamp to make a couple thousand of these models.

  37. I think the Sig 556 holding the #1 rank is spot on. It has been the most underrated rifle for years. It has a highly reliable piston system, eats any type of ammo using common AR magazines, superior accuracy, folding stock, an excellent trigger, better iron sights and so much more for around a $1,000. How can you go wrong? I’ve had a SCAR, LWRC, Tavor, ACR and several others filter through my safe, but only the Sig 556 remains. Definitely my go to rifle!

  38. Who the hell let this article even get published? There are many things wrong with the whole article, one it is being based on comments from other articles, um wtf does that have to do with the price of ammo in Zimbabwe? That and the author places a rifle on top that isn’t even an AR variant. Who let this idiot publish this crap??? Come on people at least do some basic proof reading before putting crap out on the Internet and calling it truth!!!

  39. Never been a fan of the AR-15/M-16 platform. Too many weapons are out there that are as good or better. And at better prices. I know that there are those out there to whom price is not a consideration, but to some, $1500-$3000, is not an option. There are $500-$800 rifles that are just as reliable and just as accurate.

    1. Most of the AR-15 rifles that I see at my local gun shop are between $500 to $800. My latest AR from PSA has an FNH-made CHF barrel, Midwest Industries free-float hand guard, Nitride BCG, Magpul stock, grip, and trigger guard. All for well under $800. Maybe you haven’t priced an AR for a decade or so…

  40. I wonder how long it will take the Ruger fanbois to swarm this post complaining that their favorite brand didn’t make the Top 7 list. Then again, at least we’ll be spared the Glock lovers and haters ripping into each other.

    As for why the SIG 556 topped the list when it’s not really an AR-15, that’s simply what happens sometimes when you let “the people” decide something that isn’t a multiple choice question.

    1. Easy now… I’m one of your so called “fanbois” but I don’t think Ruger belongs in the top 10 of AR’s.

      The problem with lists like this, especially since you have such a low vote count, is that most people tend to show favoritism towards the firearm that they can afford and that they bought. Most of them have never even seen and or fired any of the others that they knock.

  41. Okay then, how about doing the “Best List of AR-10″s ?!

    I choose the SIG 716 Patrol, in 7.62 X 51, compatible with .308.

    Not cheap junk by any means, but not too expensive either. Quality stuff

    1. The DPMS G2’s are way better than the LR-308 models. The Smith is way better than the LR-308. I think my recently bought PA-10 is a lot better than my LR-308T. Wanna buy a slightly used LR-308T?

  42. If all of the above listed were voted one way or another, the best, I would like to a list of “Just Complete Garbage” category.

  43. @ Mitchell I thought the same thing as you, Now I’m curious just what features define a AR 15 ,I have one of the top ten

  44. Not surprising. Hell, I’ve never owned a SIG product that EVER gave me a lick of trouble. Just a damn good company, no matter what they’re makin’ and selling.
    I’ve had a SIG Mod 226 9mm for close to 20 years that eats any kind of ammo without a hiccup, shoots like the dickens, and has never, ever failed to function perfectly. I also own a Mossberg MMR that I bought new for $499 and it has never misfired either, however I only use American Eagle or USA military surplus in it. I do clean and lube it after every shooting session tho. I once had a 5 shot 100-yard 3/4″ MOA with it, and 1″-1-1/2-inch groups are common. Got a deal on an Adams AR15 with a gas piston for a tad over $600 and am still checking it out. It’s now had over 400 rounds through it, and still don’t look like it needs cleaning. It ain’t misfired yet either, but it doesn’t group as well as that Mossberg. Might be the chrome barrel tho. Still-its doing 2-1/2 inch groups. And I think the groups are coming down the more I shoot it. By the way, I use translucent Lancer mags in my AR’s, and am convinced they’re a really great mag. I had a Pmag that split right down the sides on me when I dropped it on concrete in -20 degree weather up here in northern lower Michigan.

    1. @ Mitchell.

      Depend’s on what Characteristics Define an AR-15. Is it the “carring Handle” on the Upper Receiver, the 5.56x45NATO or .223Remington caliber ammunition, the Solid Stock, etc. What are your Parameters in defining a AR-15. Because at least HALF of the Rifles Mentioned, don’t fit the Bill.

    2. Generally speaking, the major parts (such as upper receiver, lower receiver, BCG, barrel, foregrip, stock) are interchangeable from one AR-15 to another even if the manufacturers differ.

      The SIG 556 has essentially zero parts that are interchangeable with the offerings of the other manufacturers. Not even the magazines are compatible.

    3. The Sig 556 can use Magpul and other brand name magazines. It also “compatible” with other manufacturer’s parts altho certainly not all parts. You have a certain definition for AR-15 which is clearly different than the people who voted. Nothing wrong with that but there is no reason to spout inaccurate info about the gun. I suggest trying one out, it is an impressive weapon and very reasonably priced.

  45. The Sig 556 and 556R are good, solid, dependable ordnance. They are my go-to guns at the front of the gun safe always ready with fully loaded magazines in them and one in the chamber. The less crap accessories on them the better.

  46. its too bad that some of the smaller companies that build custom arms didnt get a chance at this… i have seen some of these that out perform and out shoot the big guys seven ways to sunday. .

    1. The problem with the smaller companies Richard is pricing. Most of the guys on these forums knock any AR that cost over $1500 which unfortunately covers most of the smaller companies. That and the fact that most of the smaller companies aren’t represented in most gun stores so they aren’t up on them. So they will never get a lot of votes.

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