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Reader Comments From Previous Weeks

21 State AGs Argue 4th Circuit Ban on Modern Sporting Rifles Unconstitutional

The answer lies in the events that led up to the National Firearms Act of 1934, which was a direct result of the so-called ‘Business Plot of 1933′ in which several powerful businessmen of the day sought to recruit retired Marine General Smedley Butler to lead a coup against FDR. Butler instead blew the whistle on the traitors.

Whether the ‘plot’ itself may have been a false flag operation is debatable, as Congressional hearings were conducted but no arrests for (obvious) treason were made. But immediately after those hearings FDR and the Democrat-controlled Congress sought to limit the average citizen’s access to military-grade weaponry. via the NFA of 1934, to include automatic weapons. Rather like the so-called PATRIOT Act was instituted.


Range Report: Ruger SR1911 10mm

Great review. The 10mm seems be the forgotten caliber that will not go away. A 5″ 10mm has been on my wish-list for years. It would be great if someone would start producing a compact 1911, as small as possible (maybe 3-1/2″ or 4″) with a shortened mainspring housing yet still retain the bushing for us “older” 1911 people.

Sure there is a Glock, and yes this is a round that needs training and we all know there a .40 but I think that this an area of the 10mm market that has long been forgotten.

To clarify, I am a 1911 of 35 years because most of the plastic guns and double-stacks are too big for my hands and after 35 years of carry the 1911 has become second nature, shortcomings and all.


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part II)

Bought my M1 Carbine from DCM in 1961. Receiver is stamped “Winchester” and I still have the rifle. Became familiar with the M1 Garand through high school ROTC. Was issued the M1 Garand in June 1958 at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. The DI’s made me believe that with a bayonet attached I could break through a brick wall with that M1. It’s been 59 years but I still see that 18 year old Marine in my mind’s eye.

~Johnny Reyes Jr.

M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part II)

I have a surplus Inland made M-1 carbine bought from CMP and I love it. It’s the most fun gun I have ever owned. Because the deer in western Louisiana run rather small compared to eastern and northern deer, so the M-1 loaded with a good soft point will take a deer easily within a hundred yards.

~Burton Edwards

September 1 is Here! This is How the Texas Gun Laws Have Changed

Since Texas enacted our concealed carry law in 1995 with it going into effect in January 1996, each year seems to have brought changes to the law that have resulted in more freedom to those who choose to live the armed lifestyle. Now…..If we could just get rid of the ridiculous, ineffective restrictions on places were we can legally carry, we’d be in a much better position to curtail the criminal shootings we continue to see in those so-called “gun free zones”. None of the those “gun free zones” has ever made a lick of sense, since the only people who abide by those restrictions to refrain from carrying there, are the law abiding carriers. The crooks and criminals will continue to carry where ever they choose, since by definition they don’t obey laws. We also need to put more pressure on our legislators to pass a Constitutional Carry Law, that results in unlicensed carry, whether concealed or open. Of course, for those who may venture outside the state, the option of licensed carry should still be available in order to conform to any reciprocity agreements that might exist.


September 1 is Here! This is How the Texas Gun Laws Have Changed

Okay, I agree, having lived in Texas, it is relatively easy for those who are able to legally a firearm to get a CCW. My wish would be that Disabled Veterans, again, those that are legally able to possess firearms, could get a little extra help, especially those on limited incomes. What this ‘extra help’ should be, I will leave up to the lawmakers.

~Dark Angel

Range Report: Ruger SR1911 10mm

Original LOADS for 10mm from NORMA, 200gr FMJ @1,250fps, and their 170gr JHP @ 1440fps, and 165gr JHP loafing along trying for 1600fps,, (Norma specs verified on PACT chronograph, with personal handloads clocking at 180gr Hornady XTP @ 1,350fps, (NOT quite max but you have brass life) , FIRING these loads from 1911 is REACHING 41mag specs FOR REAL, and doing so in 9-shot 1911 single stack pistol is pretty good deal. Want more go for Glock 20 with extension on mag for 17-rounds without mag change, 18 rounds if you start ONE UP.

CURRENT load data for 10mm has been REDUCED from original Norma load data (have copy of ALL Norma load data with variety of bullet weight, using Accurate No 7 powder) Yeah favorite all round gun, Detonics 45 in old day, currently Kimber 3″ , always in 45acp.


CANNOT GET IT DONE IN 9, OR 18, OR 5 (carry Kahr with five rounds 45acp is NOT risky, or undergunned. JAHOWEHO


M1 Carbine: The Classic Warhorse (Part III)

EXCELLENT article but one that has me trying to find a way to properly kick myself in the backside without hurting myself too much.
I came across an all original Rockola version carbine many moons ago and enjoyed shooting it. Being without a good paying job at the time it was pretty much all I could afford at the time. I bought it from an aging friend knowing little about the gun and at a price that would make your jaw drop given it wasn’t a Blue Sky import or other amalgamation of parts of unknown quality.

Then came along a better job (after going to a good Tech School…Take THAT, Four Year Colleges!) and with a better job came an increase in pay and discretionary cashola.

Then came the craze for all things AR and trinkets with which to adorn it and it was infatuation at first sight! (Actually, that infatuation became a long-term Love but that’s another story for another day) But I kept my little Rockola with oodles of magazines, a genuine bayonet, proper oiler(s), (yes, plural but don’t ask why. I think they had babies), add on cone flashhider(s) (yes, plural AGAIN! What was WRONG with me?!?), proper Web slings (there’s that plural AGAIN!!) and other doodad’s too numerous to mention.

But I fell into some kind of time warp since ALL components were verified as being original and NOT cheap copies and imports but, best of all, I wasn’t taken to the cleaners buying all of those goodies from the chap I bought them from.

He just wanted to know it was going to s good home and would be properly and we’ll cared for (It was).

While the little blaster wasn’t a one-hole tack driver, it was easily well within what was considered to be accurate for what it was designed to be. My then pre-teen kids liked it because it didn’t kick like my M1A or any .30 caliber bolt rifle so it did get a good workout.

But as previously stated the AR craze came along, the kids grew up and they, too, became enamored by the AR bug, the result being the little carbine was relegated to the back of one of the safes, infrequent to see the light of day.

Then came along a friend and fellow employee (new to the company and at the bottom of the pay totem pole) who was very nearly of Lilliputian dimensions who was trying to assemble a small collection of guns with which he, his equally diminutive sized wife and pretty tiny youngsters could shoot without being set on their derriere’s and not put them into the poor house.

Well, HERE is a guy and a fine family who not only cannot afford Uber high quality (read expensive) guns, who have a NEED and, because of their own lack of size dimensions, absolutely fell in LOVE with the Little Rifle, and I got to thinking.

Self, sez I to me, these folks are good people who deserve to be protected by QUALITY firearms and have a genuine NEED for the Little Rifle, so I put forth a trade deal. They would “trade” me a reasonable quantity of current day script for the USA and I’d “trade” them the Little Rifle and all of the accoutrements I had assembled for it since I had acquired it.

These folks were fairly ecstatic over but not in possession of my asking price (which, BTW, was the same as I bought it for and about 1/3rd of the commercial asking price) so I allowed them to make payments while I retained the Little Rifle until it was paid off.

Long (!!) story almost at an end, we were finally able to conclude our “trade” and we became fast and lasting friends. I felt good that I hadn’t taken advantage of someone in need just because I COULD (sadly, today so many people lack morals to help others without a price tag attached and who will argue that being a capitalist isn’t bad but taking advantage of a fellow human being is just Okie Dokie with them. HTF can they so much as LOOK at themselves in the mirror is beyond me! And the .22 LR Hoarding SOB’s are in the same category IMO) and the gun went to a Good Home where it resides to this day.
My point in all this is that while I absolutely enjoy all things AR related, I recall wistfully that Little Rifle, the Rockola carbine and wish I still had it. Especially now that I have a Fiancé with MS and suffers from lack of upper body strength and the same affliction of her hands and arms.

I really believe she would do well with a Little Rifle such as I once owned. But in our “Golden Years” (Golden my ASS!! What a cruel description!) it makes little sense to continue to be on the prowl for yet another gun.

That said, I think it is past time I complete my AR pistol project since it MAY be just the ticket for my Sweetie and much easier for her to wield if faced with a SHTF situation. But I’ll definitely need to convince her it would be in her best interests to put on some ear protection BEFORE firing a 10.5″ barreled .556mm “pistol” or suffer the ear-splitting consequences.

To those thinking about acquiring an M1 Carbine, I highly recommend you do so. They ARE fun guns to shoot and even hunt with if stoked with the proper ammunition. And with that same ammo, they can be called upon to serve as a Personal Protection Device when the circumstances warrant it.
Considering it has a bit more Oompf than many handgun cartridges, it would seem to be a No-Brainer as long as the situation and surroundings dictate their judiciously applied implementation.

Good Luck and God Bless.


SDF Video: Army Combat Veteran Loses Guns 2A Rights for 1,567 Days

This cop should of been fired. We fount in Iraq to stop this kind of police force against their people. And here in the US there are so many cops like that. And they ask way they are not respected. The arrest people because they just want to prove that they have this power. Which they miss use. Everyone should stand their ground on this.

~James J Bates

21 State AGs Argue 4th Circuit Ban on Modern Sporting Rifles Unconstitutional

I agree that judges should be removed for violating our 2nd amendment rights, they should be striped of their pensions and do some jail time. Let us not forget that the legislatures that create these illegal and onerous laws have taken an oath to protect the Constitution, They also should be tried for treason, jailed and striped of all pensions and privileges as well as paying damages, court costs. I would like to see a few class action lawsuits filed against these law breakers.


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